Drew Brees To Be Announced as Madden 11 Cover Athlete

Posted April 21st, 2010 at 7:20 am

EA Sports will be making the official announcement tomorrow that Drew Brees has won the vote to be on the cover of Madden 11. This has essentially been the forgone conclusion ever since the promotion began which put Brees up against Reggie Wayne and Jared Allen. Those two never stood a chance with Wayne being too under the radar, Allen being generally disliked and carrying a record that includes three DUIs, and Brees coming off a Super Bowl victory and at the height of popularity.

On Friday Brees will be on Live with Regis and Kelly to promote the announcement. Typically this appearance corresponding with the cover reveal has been done on a late night talk show. Last year it was Jimmy Fallon, the year before David Letterman, and the year prior Jimmy Kimmel. Being in New York for Draft festivities limited the options to shows based in the city. Fallon is on break this week and Brees sat down with Letterman back in February so both those options were eliminated. (Update) Brees will appear on Letterman to do the Top 10 list tomorrow night.

  • flanman

    Good Vikes get first crack at the curse!

  • travis

    no surprise he deserved it especially out of those three

  • hellothere923

    I think this is bad news for Saints fans considering the “Madden Curse.” It seems like most cover athletes either go downhill (Daunte Culpepper) or get injured (Donovan McNabb, Troy Polamalu last year). If you are superstitious, this curse is from God. Logically, it may be just a sign that Madden covers usually feature superstar veterans (mostly quarterbacks) who have proven themselves but unavoidably face injuries of aging. Either way, Drew Brees being a superstar (now has the highest season passing % in history) who is a veteran and has struggled with injuries before, I don't think it is good for New Orleans. But I guess it's great for Brees – fame, more money, sign that he's popular and marketable.

  • Keith.

    Nobody gets more from their marketing department than EA. It amazes me how they've turned a cover announcement (about which I could care less) into a media event. Wish they spent as much time improving their game as they do marketing it.

    In-game saves and a ball that spins the right way better make it in this year.

  • MannyxLFx

    I knew it he should of got MVP last year but its ok

  • Hector

    Drew Brees. Reppin Austin, Texas

  • AmenRa

    Whi gives a damn about the fucking cover athlete. The real question is whether or not Online Franchise will have trade logic and salary cap and whether or not Offline Franchise has been improved. i'm willing to bet the answer is no to both of these questions. Let's not forget these fags held out on that wack ass Online Franchise last year until the end. It's obvious they put out smokescreens to get the little kids saying shit like “sick” “cool” “wicked bro” and delay dropping the negative bombshells that really matter.

    I guess I can't talk too much shit, because the hype machine worked well enough for them to increase Madden Sales last year. A lot of clowns bought that garbage last year. It may have been lauded by fanboys, but personally I don't know a single person who still plays Madden.

  • koach vonner

    Are you kidding me? Everybody still plays this years Madden even if it does take an hour to get through a whole game. This was the best Madden on the Next Gen. Especially compared to NCAA last year. This was the only football game too play. Madden did well last year. Bottom line. They did a lot to change the game and gave the community a lot they asked for. Not everything, but a lot. You gotta remember the guys working and creating are human just like me and you. We all make mistakes on our jobs at some point.

  • Osten

    he'll be a perfect fit on the cover. good guy and very deserving

  • kisch

    With how good Madden 10 was I cant wait for Madden 11! Brees is the right guy for the cover too

  • i already knew that out of Jared Allen and reggie Wayne u knew who would win

  • Sorry Saints fans…LOL

  • FlyingNorseman

    I disagree that Drew Brees was the logical choice, but I don't agree that Jared Allen is generally disliked. Your analysis would benefit from being a bit less biased. I get the impression from some of your comments you don't like the Vikings, which is fine, but it detracts from your role as a reporter.

  • FlyingNorseman

    Oops. I meant I agree that Brees was the logical choice.

  • travis

    other then Vikings fans who likes Jared Allen? hes a piece of shit

  • TMO

    good, obvious choice

  • FlyingNorseman

    Hmmm I liked him before he became a Viking. Perhaps I am just better able to separate my feelings as a fan from reality.

  • deepen03

    well there goes the Saints 2010 season.. the Madden Curse is ready to strike again.

  • Dre2778

    Off topic Pasta, what was Dennis Dixon Madden 10 ratings and what do you think his new ratings will be since he may win the starting nod over Leftwich and Batch for the Steelers staring job since Big Ben is one for at least 4 games. And do you think he would be able to help them overcome this problem until Ben is able to return.

  • drewbrees9

    Me being born and raised in New Orleans and being a Saints fan my whole life…I am EXCITED that there will be a Saints player on the cover of Madden! They've fought adversity plenty last season so this is just another thing that will be tossed into the pile of things the Saints have overcome. Can you remember NFL Live saying that no team that's lost to the Bucs in the regular season has been to the Super Bowl…no team to lose its last 3 games has won a Super Bowl…and the list goes on…who cares about the so called Madden Curse…yes I see everyone who has suffered from the curse but Brees has overcome playing in San Diego lol and tearing his shoulder apart…if New Orleans can thrive after Katrina then Drew Brees can thrive next season on the football field while being on the cover of a videogame. Brees is a class act and deserves this.

  • dirtybirds233

    well you know that if drew brees has one bad game people will automatically say, “MADDEN CURSE!!!” do i think it's real? kinda sorta but idk there's somethin about brees that tells me it wont affect him

  • Bl4ziNBuLLd0G

    this was obviously set up. I mean really, who is going to vote for Reggie Wayne or Jared Allen? they obviously wanted Brees as the cover athlete and tried to give the public a vote so it looked like they cared about their opinion. if they didn't care and really wanted fans to determine the cover athelete, they would have put him up against Peyton Manning and Chris Johnson or Darrelle Revis.the vote would be much closer. who in their right mind would pick Jared Allen or Reggie Wayne over Drew Brees? he just gained a shitload of popularity by setting records and bringing the city of New Orleans
    their first superbowl and is one of the best QB's in the league. They might as well just handed him the cover instead of trying to get all of this promotion on doritos bags and the web. now don't get me wrong, i love madden. but this was just another promotional stunt.

  • Certainly. I don't think EA ever had intentions of bringing out Madden 11 with Allen or Wayne on the cover.

  • me

    me neither i think this was rigged from the jump

  • …….

    “Are you kidding me?”………are you serious?
    “They did a lot to change the game and gave the community a lot they asked for. Not everything, but a lot”…….that was “a lot” of words you used there…….I wished some of you guys who give Madden credit can explain why the gameplay has changed and improved because for the most part it has not.

  • DrZin

    Hmmmm . . . tell me more about this curse . . .

  • boog23

    wasn't Jared Allen just on Tmz for cussing out some guy..so yeaa didn't expect him to get the cover.

  • SkolVikings69

    Yeah… If you haven't noticed, the “Temporary cover” they have on gamestop has Drew Brees on it. lol. Seriously, check it out. Maybe they thought darkening it would actually hide it… Anyways, I was real excited to hear about Jared Allen in the beginning, but the chances are slim that he would win. My only hope is that enough Saints fans with it out for the Vikes will be voting for Jared. But Jared Allen eats the Curse for breakfast…

  • CardLover

    Why, Drew…WHY….? You are my sole favorite quarterback, since Kurt left.

    I hope healthy and productive Fitzgerald last season indicates the end of the curse (though Polamalu was cursed).

    Argh….I'm nervous. It's either drop in production or an injury. I hope none of that happens to classy Brees…Boy, I wish Judas, I mean Favre, was a cover guy.

  • NoFro904

    Well there goes his season.
    Mark Brunell Will be starting by week 4..
    i think hes still with the saints

  • FlyingNorseman

    Yeah, the guy called his fiance a cunt, so I would have done the same thing.

  • Dominic

    The Madden Curse is on its way but in a Mild form because when Favre was on the cover with two covers it got confused and the Jets were already cursed so it didnt know how to curse them and Favre so if you noticed Favre did get injured but not enough to take him out of playing like the curse did to every other player, and usually when the curse does come it injures the player for the season and then the next season he comes back and does really well, so now if you look at the curse it has be broken a bit, Farve had an alright season with the Jets and didn't play for Greenbay so the curse to Favre was that he would go to the Jets a team that he liked but really didnt want to be on however the way the curse usually is Favre would have had a terrible injury happen to him that season ending his record of games started but it didnt happen so now when you look at Larry and Troy only one of them got injured and Troy, and his injury did keep him out for a while but not as long as usual, so I would say that Brees will get injured at some time but not really that bad however New Orleans is not going to have a good season, the curse is trying to switch from player to team so watch out Saints but with a name like Saints they do have a chance to break the curse completely. Last two seasons Jets and Steelers did not have a great season when a player from there team was on the cover, no playoffs. Look for the Stealers to do good this year.

  • Bl4ziNBuLLd0G

    there are things called periods. they look like this …. trust me they help

  • ABinx56

    Darrelle Revis should have been part of the vote. Not saying he would've won but each of the other AFC/NFC Championship teams were represented. At least we don't have to deal with the curse, though!

  • Dustinct

    Too bad the curse was kind of proven wrong when Larry Fitzgerald didn't get injured eh?

  • MaddenGod

    he did get injured but it wasnt serious. he hurt his arm or something.

  • jimmyjj

    the curse doesnt just mean you get injured u have bad luck too just look at ray lewis murder trail

  • terrell

    Man i hope he dont get hurt this upcoming season

  • Sanfordandrew70

    I beleave madden 11 shall be better than both madden o9 and madden 10 but madden 10 does not have the option of training your franchise. i hope you will make the option of training your players on your franchise