Madden Rookie Screenshots: NFC

Posted May 6th, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Those of you who follow on Twitter and Facebook were able to check out screenshots of some of the rookies in their pro uniforms over the course of last week. Those are still up and can most easily be found on the Facebook album (make sure to “like” it while there!). These screens go beyond that group, offering up different shots of the same players and screens of others who were drafted. To see the previous AFC set of images click here.

I tried to grab as many as possible in Madden 10 by using the NCAA 10 draft classes. It was a lengthy process throughout made worse by delays in announcing player numbers. Mike Iupati is the lone player missing from this batch that I would have liked to have included. Continue on to see the screens for the NFC rookies and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • yardz23

    looking forward to locomotively running with Tobey 🙂

  • Eric

    Brandon Graham is 54.

  • The Clausen pic looks to have the glitch or whatever it was that caused facemasks to be messed up on rookies. Hopefully that gets fixed because idk why but it always bothered me while playing franchise mode.

  • ray

    where is patric robinson's dreads or tyson alualu's long hair? I hate how thier attention to detail sucks. clay mathews has long hair but in madden he didnt have long hair?

  • Sean_McG

    Lol, care to explain why Patrick Robinson doesn't have dreads?

  • NoFro904


  • NoFro904

    hair net maybe??

  • Mitch

    This is madden 10 screen shots remember so players will look better in madden 11 lol

  • I dont think Madden has dreadlocks.

  • 2kfan

    Madden has dreads i have dreads on my created player its only for darker skin players it looks like a wavecap but its dreads

  • …..

    there is a face that has the polamalu hair. i think it's the fourth skin color. the portrait of the guy is like a bald samoan looking guy but when you choose it, it has the long polamalu-esque hair

  • nhiverson

    how about a pic of #93 Tysonnn Alualuuuuuuu for my Jagsss

  • mysticmanjrf

    What the hell happened to Gerald McCoy's arms? He only weighs 295 compared to Suh at 307.

  • phil

    Well NCAA doesn't have dreads. So if these players came from imported draft classes, they can't have long hair

  • Slim

    where is the 49ers other pick The guard we got Mike Iupati

  • NoFro904

    yea theres a certain face you can pick that has dreads. on madden 10 that is


    Hey look seahawk fans, your helmets are still wrong!!!!

  • wow

    That's in the AFC idiot

  • wow

    That's AFC, idiot

  • Meezy

    what sucks is that if we don't like how the players look in madden we cant even change their face or skin tone! SUCKS! For example the pic of Anthony Davis on the niners he almost looks white. Um Anthony Davis is pretty dark! Lol This will always piss me off about the game! I hope someday they make it so u can change players faces! Especially rookies because sometimes they get it SOO wrong! lol

  • jmoney

    When I draft my NCAA class on Madden 10 some of the players have dreads. I know Dez Bryant always comes with dreads.

  • Joey

    In Madden 10, the players do have dreads. Everytime i draft Dez Bryant, they put dreads on him. and it looks as if he has em on this screenshot too

  • Jabby95

    Why the fuck does this look like Madden 10?