Confirmed: UFC 2010 Requires Code for Online Play

Posted May 19th, 2010 at 4:35 pm

Earlier this week word started leaking out that THQ would be including a unique one-time use code in new copies of UFC 2010 Undisputed. This code provides access to all online play functionality. If a used copy of the game is bought or if the game is rented, one would have to purchase a code through the marketplace.

THQ still has not commented even on the existence of this code program, which means amongst other details we are still left to wonder if there is any sort of trial period like EA Sports will be offering (looks unlikely) or what the cost will be to purchase a code (probably $10 or $15).

(Update) With the news no longer able to be concealed THQ has released a statement which can be found in full at Destructoid. The statement contains some odd wording including “additional” and “second-time buyers” which raised my antenna that we may not know the true extent of this code program yet. According to the statement the cost will be $5 but no mention of a trial period is made which likely means none will be offered.

  • AndyDX123

    Will the code be avalible on the Marketplace of xbox live.

  • soupmama

    Oh i'm sure they'll have a way for those who rent/borrow or buy used to get their hand$ on the feature….. for a price

  • AndyDX123

    Ok because i was just wondering, because if i can download the code on the marketplace thats no problym for me because ive got a cret card plan on there, Im renting the game…thats why im worried

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  • alex

    i heard rumors that thq actually thought about making it so the only way to play online would be to buy a new copy (friend at the company). guess they figured better to make money off the used copies though in the end.

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  • oscar

    thq trying to be sneaky with this is the thing that bothers me more than how theyre doing it.

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  • ulquiorra

    lol hell yea they should have put Sotiropoulos in this game as well as a few other people like mark munoz

  • mickey

    whats the code

  • reinaldo oliveros

    hey guys i need help i have the ufc 2010 for ps3 i get it new with the lisence to play online but for some reason when i put the code its not working to play online anyways so if is some problems with the lisences or a way to fix please help me out

    • I’m pretty sure a lot of people are having trouble with codes. Dont know if it is just your code or a game wide issue they are having with codes not working right now.

  • Hearing problems with codes are widespread. Make sure you are using the code on the instruction manual for online play access, and not a Gamestop code for extra fighters.

  • Airthief36

    I bought it new and you cant even input the F@#king code. scroll along the bottom says visit their site to figure it out.. went there, and there isnt a god damn thing mentioned about it!!! WTF!! I bought the fucking game. I have the damn code. IT DOESNT EVEN LET ME INPUT IT.

  • ShrekGriffin

    So I rented this game to play a couple of matches with my friend online. For once I'm Glad I did not buy this game. I like to buy games that only seem worthy of keeping. Other than that I rent. If companies want to start nickle and dimming people then they are greedy pigs. I will not play this particular game, or any other game that chooses to dime you rather than making a video game that is actually good. So basically you cant miss what you don't play and I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of taking a moment of my precious video game time, let alone my money. I hope more gammers feel the same way and boycott the game.

  • Anto Corcoran

    Where do u enter the code ???

  • Lil Pooh

    yall should tell us the code because i dont have one.

  • EmilyGurl2518

    the online is amazing. i just don't like that when i want to play online when i bring the game by a friend's house who doesn't have UFC i can't play online. we get tired of playing each other and the computer. i don't want to drag my ps3 around just to play other people online.
    other than that i give the game it's props. it's a good game. better than the last one.

  • Dave_gibbo_86

    where do i put the code in

  • Treeman_28

    ok i have bought the game.. where the hell do i type in the code?

  • Shonk

    I realise that publishers are trying to do something about second hand sales
    but there is no way in hell i will ever buy a single game with this feature

    I own over 230 retail xbox 360 games
    and 183 Arcade games

    I have 5 xbox 360's around the house and there are 4 active gold accounts in the household
    if they think im going to pay $60 for the game then 3x$10 for the other accounts they are dreaming

    I will just not buy games that try this bs

    Remember this thq when trying to do this sort of thing you lower your new sales

  • Ghostfrog

    Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Does anyone not realize that not everyone can shell out 60 bucks, (hello, not even including taxes) for A game????? Totally an asshole move on game producers/developers, whoever regulates the online charge. Give me a break. Most greedy and ridiculous shit I've ever heard of. So if you don't pay $65 for our game, then you can't play online…What a joke.

  • This feature has pretty much ruined UFC 2010 for a lot of people. The online feature stinks and it is made worse because a lot of the codes radomly don't work

  • Mirkman20

    I bought it Used in “Like new” condition 4 40$ 4 the PS3. At the online menu, when it prompts you for the code it sends you straight to the Playstation Store to “Purchase” the add-on(code); that was really throwing me off for a while, but when you get to that screen, you have to select one of the really small boxes at the top that reads:”to redeem code”. From there just put in the 12-digit code on the back of the instructional manual and it should work. (All of you who know better don't laugh- for the longest time I couldn't figure out how to redeem the code; I guess its a good thing the previous owner hardly played the game.)

  • Drake_kieler

    sombody stoll my fucking code

  • Abrahamvilla

    what is the code and where do we tye it in

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