NCAA Hockey Could Join NHL Series

Posted May 27th, 2010 at 8:28 am

EA Sports and the NCAA could be close to announcing a licensing agreement that would introduce college hockey into the NHL series. Paul Kelly of College Hockey Inc. has stated that the NCAA has been in talks with EA Sports for some time now and are close to reaching that agreement. Along with college teams a deal would also include Canadian major junior teams.

Recently the inclusion of the CHL was announced for NHL 11. It is unclear whether adding an NCAA component would be possible in the time remaining for NHL 11’s development. So while a deal looks to be likely it could be that college teams end up debuting in NHL 12.

  • Luke

    They need to remake NCAA Baseball as well

  • Doesnt work as a standalone game. Once EA gets back into making an MLB game having an NCAA license and adding that to their MLB game could help separate it from the competition so I could see that happening.

  • Could be interesting… And, I don't see it being much of a pain to include in NHL 11. EA Canada got around the patch certification process last year with their tuning sets, and since EA Sports, in general, looks to be building a much stronger DLC-for-pay system, it's feasible that they'd build all the graphics, and data and plus the title if people want to pay for it.

    If this does go through, it would just about cement the NHL series of games as the dominant, long term game for hockey fans. Now that online play in the EASHL (or its future variants) has done well, broadening the available teams and player pool only serves to broaden the number of games sold.

    The only question remaining for me is how well integrated the CHL, NCAA, Euro teams, and NHL will be. NCAA players do move to CHL teams for exposure and playing time as over-agers, and Euro players also play in the CHL (although on a restricted basis). Player movement between leagues, for realism's sake, MUST be allowed.

  • Amen Ra

    Won't help out game sales 1 bit. Who fucking cares about college and junior league hockey. NHL is a dope ass game but I don't think is that big of a deal. Not here in the US

  • victor

    wont help out game sales? thats what youre worried about? im happy to get additional content in the game.

  • Badluck

    dont play the game but it sounds pretty cool
    and should add to their dynasty/franchise mode and the superstar mode

  • Steve

    I think they should apply this to basketball as well. NCAA Basketball couldn't make it as a stand alone game either, but would be an excellent way to boost NBA Live or “NBA Elite” (If they make the name change).

  • Amen Ra

    Yeah you are right about the content vs. sales and I somewhat misrepresented my first post. My point was that no one cares about these leagues enough for it to matter in the game. Many people know about baseball's minor league and so that extra stuff works in the Show, but I don't think people are aware of lower level hockey players here in America. therefore this feature is somewhat of a waste and should have been spent more focused on additional game-play elements.

  • Good point, even if it was just a NCAA Tournament structure.

  • NHL is actually a strong seller in Canada and Europe. So while those leagues may not matter much to us, it does to people over there.

  • Amen Ra

    Perhaps you are right

  • def

    Love it !!

  • skihawks

    YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! I went to a D-I school with a hockey program and watched Michigan State's hockey team growing up. Not a bad deal if it is included on the NHL disc since college hockey is more regional than most college sports…

  • okafor43

    They will start this crap and drop college basketball…? I can't even name you the top 5 ncaa hockey teams!!!

  • Tk42OnE

    And, even though I am a serious NHL fan, I was planning on skipping NHL 11, only because NHL 10 was so similar to NHL 09.

    With the addition of NCAA teams in NHL 11, I will rethink that decision.

  • shaun

    As if EA cares about your willful ignorance to an entire sport…

  • shaun

    This makes drafting and possibly Be a Pro all the more interesting..

  • fsrwc5

    I think this will be great for the development of a much deeper dynasty. Scouting prospects will become much more realistic which is exciting.

    Now teams that have high level prospects in junior hockey or in college, will be able to play a dynasty for a couple of seasons and instead of overpaying for a free agent you will be able to develop players.

    I think adding college hockey, and juniors is a wonderful idea. The more leagues the better is my take on the matter. The gameplay is already better than it has ever been, so having more teams cannot hurt one bit.

  • JohnZapp


  • lonnie

    wow! ncaa hockey! (sarcasm) back at the beginning of the year pasta said EA was going to make a new game…i said ncaa hockey and everyone laughed at me and pasta said that would not happen because EA was not going to make any more ncaa games other than football…ok,so this is not the new EA game and it won't be a stand alone ncaa game .. but …i guess i was on the right track…anyhow i can't wait…LOVE IT!

  • Digby

    no one watches hockey, so I can't see this helping NHL 11

  • def

    the Dev team has enough feedback from the fans of the NHL series to think this is a good idea , otherwise it wouldn't be happening

  • skihawks

    The Duke Lacrosse team has a secret code in Tiger Woods 11…Hookers for everyone

  • Koach Vonner

    This is a horrible announcment. NCAA Hockey? I wanted the college baseball series to come to the next gen? I would rather have NCAA Track and Field before Hockey!!!

  • JohnZapp

    dude nobody watches ncaa baseball. get over it

  • David Backes

    Would that mean my WCHA boys Minnesota Gophers and Minnesota State Mavericks? being a former Mav would be awesome to play the huge Mav-Goph rivalry

  • David Backes

    Gotta say growing up In minnesota I agree that this would be amazing Go Mavericks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Backes

    Are you joking in Minnesota it's huge that's why it's called the hockey state. In Canada and Europe they have massive sells for just plain NHL series

  • David Backes

    Huge hit

  • David Backes

    would that mean my WCHA teams would be included. Sorry to repost just wanted to become a member.

    -David Backes GO BLUES!

  • 42Blues_DavidBackes_18Mavs

    This would be great I could see me and Wagner playing this 10X longer then NHL. Would it mean WCHA (Minnesota State,Minnesota,North Dakota, Minnesota-Duluth, Denver, Bemidji State…….)?

  • 42Blues_DavidBackes_18Mavs

    hprrible news? I would greatly appreciate college hockey, plus hockey is greatly appreciated in Canada and Europe nations

    _David Backes

  • 42Blues_DavidBackes_18Mavs

    Good Joke

  • 42Blues_DavidBackes_18Mavs

    Love the intensity, being a former college and now nhl player will be interesting to see how they make this happenlike WCHA, ECHA, I don't WCHA and ECHA will be in it but I will keep my fingers crossed

    -David backes Go Blues!

  • I am surely gonna play this. This is really Huge hit. We can say that it is superb announcement. I would greatly appreciate college hockey. This makes drafting and possibly Be a Pro all the more interesting..

  • do it right

    Im really pumped about the possible addition of ncaa teams to nhl 11. but if they do it i hope they do it right. do it like ncaa football with the recruiting players and being able to con tinue on from one season to the next.

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  • Why? No one cares about the NCAA. Maybe limit it to a US version of the game and save some disc space for leagues that people care about.