Manage Your NCAA 11 Dynasty Online

Posted June 9th, 2010 at 1:26 pm

One of the biggest disappointments with NCAA Football’s Online Dynasty mode the past two years has been the lack of a web presence. That appears to be changing with NCAA Football 11 as the game will allow for users to manage their schools though the EA Sports World site. It won’t be just limited to viewing stats as there will be the ability to recruit, write and read news stories, work to schedule games, and more.

In addition to the basics in managing online dynasties on the web all saved highlights, and not just from the user’s team but others involved in the dynasty, can be used for news stories. Check out the full article going into greater detail over at ESPN.

One of the biggest things is that you can do all of your recruiting on the Web. Everything you can do to recruit players in the game is now online. You can search for players, look through all their details, check their ratings, add them to your board, move them around your board, and even make phone calls. Basically, you never have to do recruiting on the console again if you don’t want to. We took everything and moved it online, and actually some things are actually easier to do now.

This is a pretty big addition and would appear to remove some of the tedious nature out of Dynasty by allowing for the recruiting to be completed on the web instead of the console. What do you think of all this? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Cam

    Yes! This just made my season.

  • Ron

    I like it. Recruiting can be a pain sometimes. Not a big change though; not one of the reasons that I would go out and buy this game. As long as they get the emotion of college football down it can be a solid game. My biggest problem with the game is that there isn't much excitement, and this goes for Madden as well

  • Amen Ra

    That got damn NCAA has got they shit together!!!! I haven't seen one announcement by them that I thought was bullshit being played up as hype – unlike Madden. NCAA may not have the best graphics or gameplay but they give gamers the very best in meaningful features and franchise customization. Hell it even looks like they improved graphics and gameplay this year, so in my eyes this series is rising up the ranks. Fuck Madden it's about to be on the level of The Show and NBA 2K10.

  • That's big news there, but wait, it was last year too…

  • Drock450

    Yeah, this is awesome. I love the recruiting aspect of NCAA and would spend way too much time doing it. That was holding me back from buying the game (g/f would kill me if I took all the TV screen time for that). being able to manage from a computer just sold this game to me.

    Please tell me Madden 11 does the same!!

  • Vikeman72

    This is going to revolutionize sports gaming online. I always wondered why Halo or Gears could provide online info for their games but not NCAA, NBA, or NFL.

  • Erich

    what do you mean? the only thing you could see on the web last year was that week's scores.

  • Very good news here I feel. Helps with people in Online Dynasty's in different time zones keep pace. Stats and highlights all online would help league engagement and keep people engaged. I am wondering out loud what else we want from Online Dynasty? They say more aggressive recruiting from CPU teams. Check. Maybe to get fired from a school for not doing well. Besides that … I don't think much else. Release date is one month out. Hoping for a few more features to be the icing on the cake.

  • 65South

    This would be pretty freaking sweet if it works correctly. Two things though that make me a bit skeptical…1. My experience with EA Sports World has been that it's slow, poorly organized and clunky. 2. After the hype EA did for Madden and all it's online features and server side upgrades (complete b*llsh*t) for online franchise last year, it was pretty piss poor in my opinion.

    If NCAA can pull this off it would be a massive success. One thing I disliked the most was the amount of time I had to take recruiting first when I just wanted to get to my game for the week. But if this works out the way they have planned and they add an app for the iPhone, I have no idea when I'd get anything done on a daily basis, LOL.

  • soupmama


  • Last year they claimed online functionality like this early, but then backed off on it.

  • ryan

    Pasta Pasta Pasta…PLEASE RESPOND

    It seems Nebraska is on it's way to the Big Ten. This could start an avalanche of changes, with the extreme being that the Big 12 will cease to exist. If the changes take place prior to this upcoming season, will the conferences in NCAA 11 be accurate?

  • Koachvonner

    I just want them to get to the point where you can keep your online dynasty on the console or online. There is nothing more frustrating than playing game in Dynasty mode then having to go to your computer and put in all the stats on league daddy. Why can't it just go to the server like Madden?

  • Mattdahlin

    This is not going to help me get work or school done…

  • HustlinOwl

    Damn only if EA didnt fuck me over with NCAA Basketball, I could continue to support this series

  • Mattsa_tx

    This is just awesome!! I think any OD commish is going to love this!! I had my own site for my OD but now, I don't have to do that anymore. Big props to EA for this one!!!!

  • Minnesotavikes18

    The changes wouldn't go into effect for this coming season, so probably not.

  • I think it is 2012 that the changes would take effect?

  • ryan

    Oh ok my bad sorry for the urgency. ESPN makes it sound like it is all happening right now. I guess there is nothing to worry about then. Thanks for getting back to me so soon.

  • Amen Ra

    Damn man you just dampened my enthusiasm. Can't disagree with shit you said …

  • BonesMahoney

    Does this mean it will be like Madden where you have to wait an hour each time before you can advance it again? That really gets annoying when you are in 2 or 3 person dynasties/franchises.

  • i am doubt that it won't come into effects.

  • Wow, that's great news. I am sureany OD commish is going to love this. I agree that this would be pretty freaking sweet if it works correctly.

  • Alex

    this is too late to back off of a feature

  • LOL, date on article posted above is 6-10. Not that I think they'll back off, just sayin.

  • Cal Bears

    Pasta- dp you know if this will be available before the game actually comes out like teambuilder was last year. I think it would be cool to be able to set up a dynasty all the way so all you have to do is go buy the game and play the first weeks game. also do you know when the new teambuilder is coming out?

  • Qiqi6688

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  • SOBAY310

    I almost shed a tear when I read this. I can't wait!!!

  • exciting news, this season will be splendid.

  • Chief_Leafy

    not a big change but something to look forward to cause im a big online dynasty player … Xbox Live Tag – Chief Leafy