NCAA Football 11 Team Ratings

Posted June 16th, 2010 at 8:14 pm

Here is the complete listing of team ratings in NCAA Football 11. Each team is given a grade for overall, offense, and defense. (Update) Looks like I did miss a few schools in the As, I apologize for those omissions.

School – Overall – Offense – Defense
Army D+, C, C+
Auburn B, B+, B+
Ball State D, D+, D
Baylor B-, B, C+
Boise State A-, A+, B+
Boston College B, B+, B+
Bowling Green D+, C-, D+
Buffalo D+, C-, C-
California B, B+, B+
Central Michigan C+, C, C+
Cincinnati B, A-, B-
Clemson B+, B+, B+
Colorado B-, B-, B-
Colorado State C+, B-, C+
Connecticut C+, B-, C+
Duke C+, B-, C+
ECU C+, B-, C
Eastern Michigan D, D, D
Florida A-, A-, A-
Florida Atlantic D, C-, D
FIU D, D+, D+
Florida State B+, A-, B
Fresno State C+, B-, C
Georgia B+, A-, B+
Georgia Tech B+, B+, B+
Hawaii C, C+, C
Houston B-, B+, C
Idaho C-, C, C-
Illinois C+, C+, C+
Indiana B-, B, C+
Iowa B+, A-, B+
Iowa State B-, B, B-
Kansas B-, B-, B-
Kansas State B-, B-, B-
Kent State D, C-, D+
Kentucky B-, B, B-
Louisiana Tech C-, C, D+
Louisville C+, B-, C+
LSU A-, A-, A-
Marshall C+, B-, C+
Maryland B-, B, B-
Memphis C, C+, C
Miami A-, A, B+
Miami (OH) D, D+, C-
Michigan B, B+, B
Michigan State B, B+, B
Mid Tenn State C, C+, C+
Minnesota B, B, B
Mississippi State B, B-, B+
Missouri B, B+, B-
Navy C+, B, C+
NC State B-, B, C+
Nebraska B+, A-, B+
Nevada C+, B, C
New Mexico D+, D+, C
New Mexico State D, D+, D
North Carolina A-, B, A
North Texas C-, C, C-
Notre Dame B, B+, B
Northwestern B-, B-, B
Northern Illinois C, C, C
Ohio C-, C, C-
Ohio State A, A+, A
Oklahoma A, A, A-
Oklahoma State B+, A-, B+
Ole Miss B, B+, B+
Oregon State B+, A-, B+
Oregon B+, A-, B+
Penn State A-, A, B+
Pittsburgh B+, A-, B+
Purdue B-, B, B-
Rice D, C-, D+
Rutgers B, B+, B
San Diego State C, C+, C
San Jose State D, D, D+
SMU C+, C+, C+
South Carolina B, B, B
Southern Miss C+, B-, C+
Stanford B+, A-, B+
Syracuse C+, B-, C+
TCU B+, A, B+
Temple C, C+, C
Tennessee B, B, B+
Texas A-, A, A-
Texas A&M B+, A-, B
Texas Tech B, A-, B-
Toledo C-, C, C-
Troy C, B-, C
Tulane D+, C-, C-
Tulsa C+, B-, C
UAB C+, C+, C+
UCF B-, B-, B
UCLA B-, B, B-
UL Lafayette C-, C, C-
UL Monroe D, C-, D
UNLV C-, C, C-
USC A-, A, B+
USF C+, B-, C+
Utah B, B+, B
Utah State D+, C-, D+
UTEP C, B-, C-
Vanderbilt B-, B, B-
Virginia B-, C+, B
Virginia Tech B+, A, B+
Wake Forest B-, B, B
Washington B+, A-, B+
Washington State C+, B-, C+
West Virginia B+, A-, B+
Western Kentucky D, D, D
Western Michigan C-, C, C-
Wisconsin A-, A, B+

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  • miner maniac

    They never talk about UTEP or the new renivations in the staduim or there alt. orange unie they used to be big when they won the ncaa 66 championsip with Don Haskins started 5 african amarican players beatin UK or uteps mascot padirt pete

  • Falcon

    Air Force is C C+ C

  • Mpscott2

    How could you miss the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS??????????????????????????

  • Jack_shappa

    Where's Wyoming?

  • Lindsay Jordan

    hell ya there missing schools. wheres the maine black bears there a D1 school an there not in it