Madden 11 Player Ratings: Top 10 WR

Posted June 21st, 2010 at 4:50 pm

I’ve been trickling out some player ratings on Twitter and Facebook since E3 and now will post up complete Top 10s for each position over the coming days. I’ll continue to drop other random ratings in those places though so make sure to follow there as well. To start off the top 10 rated wide receivers in Madden NFL 11 (actually top 12 due to ties). As always leave your thoughts in the comments!

Andre Johnson (HOU) – 98
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) – 97
Brandon Marshall (MIA) – 96

Reggie Wayne (IND) – 96
Randy Moss (NE) – 95
Roddy White (ATL) – 93
Steve Smith (CAR) – 92
DeSean Jackson (PHI) – 91
Calvin Johnson (DET) – 91
Wes Welker (NE) – 91
Anquan Boldin (BAL) – 91
Chad Ochocinco (CIN) – 91

  • Prince_modest

    Percy Harvin is actually overrated as a reciever; he doesn't run good routes and it's known truly as a reciever. Yeah he had the most yards, but that was because he can catch a 7 yards curl route and turn on the burners that doesn't make him a great reciever. He won the rookie of the year and didn't really deserve it. He was all hype. His touchdowns came on short goal line curls and quick slants. He had the 2 special teams touchdowns but that's special teams. Hakeem Nicks was far far a better reciever than him; even Austin Collie too. With Brett Farve audibling out of run plays intp pass plays Sidney Rice became an Pro Bowler, Adrian Peterson numbers fell, and strangely people think his no longer the best back in the league. Chris Johnson is deadlier than him, but not better than him, and Minnesota became a pass first time and eventually he costed them in the NFC Championship game, but all in all Percy Harvin isn't even a true reciever just like it was an issue in Florida so is it an issue in the pros. People have just over-hyped him to make it seem like he is but he's not. He just has alot of speed to make it seem like he is.

  • big time jags

    where is Mike sims-walker (jax) and mike thomas

  • Cody

    One I'm not trying to argue or get nasty on the Internet cause I find that dumb
    I would like to voice my opionon though however you won't change my mind and I probally won't change yours
    I dint care about what you said bout the Vikings cause I'm a giants fan but Percy is my fav player I consider him a playmaker his rout running isn't the best by any means but still better than you described and will only get better after his rookie season his speed is excellent his acceleration is one of the best in football you can google it if you would like he is stronger than ppl think he put up 225 19x at the combine he lead the league in broken tackles for wide recievers 9 more than the next guy he averaged 9 yards per carry wich is right below what he did in college so I would say that's not a coincidence out of his 6 td catches I can think of a 51 yarder 23 yarder a 31 yarder witch wouldn't be most just quick slants and his return tds were good to you kinds pushed them aside but if everyone could do that they would but they simply can't plus he had 5 over 40 yds hakeem nicks will probally put up bigger numbers and I hope so I'm a giants fan however I live Percy cause as a playmaker he's exciting to watch and anytime he touches the ball it could be a touchdown and if you think he was problematic not just being a reciever or running back in college I would say go watch those games and ask a few gator fans and they'll tell you no once again not being nasty just wanted to voice my opionon on it

  • Prince_modest

    I'm a Giants fan too. I've been one since 1986.

  • Cody

    I was born in 86 I'm what I like To call a 3rd generation giants fan my 2 year old baby girl i have saying go giants lol but Like I said I like Percy as a player but also I hope nicks puts up bigger numbers

  • Smsixx

    Thank god Calvin Johnson got some love…I think him and Jason Hanson are the only Lions players rated over 90.

  • redskins21

    hey pasta do u have santana moss rating?

  • cin

    sidney rice??

  • Trossano31

    yeah calvin johnson is way better than roddy white or steve smith

  • Phil

    welker iz overrated because he iz only a slot receiver

  • T.O. Show

    What about T.O. He's a beast. It's the T.O. show!!!!!! He is the best in the NFL Whoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kkeil33

    Where's Greg Jennings!!!!!

  • cowboys IT

    Miles is going to be one of the great ones

  • Guest

    wheres GREG JENNING???

  • Joseph

    Jennings is better than Boldin, Welker (who thrives off of all the focus on Moss), and maybe Jackson (who i think is underrated). he should be a 92-94. It seems to me that this isnt the only area where the ea team has messed up. Overall, I'd say they did a pretty lame job on the ratings; but if the new gameflow and locomotion features are as good as they're claiming then it'll deffinately be worth it!

  • smdh@madden

    i love how desean jackson is a better wide reciever than sidney rice

  • Cooltexan128


  • Lilfink595



    Do you have jeremy maclin?

  • jbh2004

    whats is crabtree and josh morgan rating?

  • Eweezy31

    calvin johnson, jennings also is so under rated n miles will be a 95 next year bet

  • Greennmon5

    WHERE IS CAHZ SCHILLENS, he will be there this year, haha

  • Prince_modest

    After looking at the Giants player ratings, why is Steve Smith still stuck with 87 speed? So Patrick Willis is fater than him. He should at least be 90 speed. He burnt the Raiders speedy corner Christ Johnson (96) speed and he burnst Champ Bailey and Terrance Newman too.

  • Jbruck55

    wheres NYG steve smith? should be in that low 90 range i think, or his route running stat should be a 99 lol

  • nflmylife

    miles austin not on the top ten are you fucking kidding me? better than boldin, shits on ochocinco(overrated), better than wes welker, roddy white who the fuck is he. over 1,300 recieving yards and your not top 10 damn shame.

  • anthony

    steve smith on nyg is da bomb last

  • Lionfan

    nobody is concerned about the underated calvin johnson who if he gets a offensive line could break records

  • WWW

    Where's Sidney Rice?

  • Mr Dreamteam1011

    wtf fuck man randy moss is not under rater or over rated but dam he below brandon mashrall randy moss iss a beast and look below him come on

  • Tcf92

    Welker is definitely not overrated he just plays in the perfect system for a wr with his abilities and if he's only covered by linebackers like y'all try to say u think all these coaches would be smart enough to put a corner on him after they see his numbers and if not apparently they shouldn't be coaching. Calvin Johnson will be a better receiver down the line but hasn't proved that he is yet. I do agree though that miles Austin should be in the 90s and I hate the cowboys but romo should definitely not be any higher then what he is if anything lower with the team he has and if he's as good as people say where is his superbowl ring r even a NFC championship ring instead nothing

  • charles514

    can you get steve smith from the giants and austin collie and pierre garcon from colts please

  • Mackag23

    man fuck all yall megatron is the best wideout in the leauge so all who keep sayin steve smith, roddy white, miles austin can eat a dick u faggots

  • Jmancaldwell

    brandon marshall shouldnt b on their it should b steve smith from the new york giants larry and andre should but they should b lower bc they r always the top 2 wes and reggie should b the top

  • air max


  • no sidney rice you gotta be kiddin!!

  • Unknown

    What is Santonio Holmes rating?

  • Falcons_fan

    anyone who says roddy white is overrated is dumb go back and look at the pass 3 years he was thrown to by JOEY HARRINGTON and still manage to put up a 1000 yard season and he has put up more fantasy points and touchdowns than reggie wayne roody white is underrated and greg jennings is alright hes not better than white i say he should be a 93 atleast but not better than white

  • Nduverneau18

    uh desean jackson???