NCAA Football 11 Demo vs Final Build

Posted June 21st, 2010 at 1:00 pm

During E3 I mentioned that the build that made up the demo for NCAA Football 11 ran nearly two months behind the essentially final build that was on the show floor. EA Sports has now released detailed information on what changed from the demo to the final version of the game. Below are just a few of the items addressed, make sure to continue on for the entirety of the extensive list and leave your thoughts in the comments!.

  • Front four defensive linemen will generate a better pass rush. There are many contributing factors to this that have been tweaked. CPU defensive linemen will rush the pass more aggressively and will not get thrown to the ground as often when “losing” to the blocker. Defensive ends will also do a better job of getting off their blocks at more appropriate angles to help contain a scrambling quarterback. Additionally, you can always tune the pass rush to your liking using the AI sliders if you still feel it is lacking (or overpowered) in the final product.
  • Pass defense has been greatly improved, both in man and zone coverage assignments. They will do a better job defending crosses, slants, and the flats in man coverage. Also, deep zone assignments have been improved to defend against the deep pass. Like the pass rush, you can further tune this to your liking using AI sliders.
  • Improved lead blocking by pulling linemen and fullbacks on tosses and sweeps.
  • Fixed some issues that caused receivers to drop catches they should have made. Again, this is also something that can be tuned further using AI Sliders.
  • Quarterbacks will no longer stutter when scrambling and crossing the line of scrimmage.

  • On Xbox 360, the Reese’s Perfect Play of the Game will not always be the final play. As some of you have already speculated, we temporarily save off highlights to the hard drive during the game so you can view them later, however this is not something we are able to do in the demo.
  • The CPU team will now decline penalties.
  • A major issue was fixed where the sound would cut out and eventually cause the game to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where place kickers were getting subbed out for (usually) quarterbacks on kicks.
  • Fixed issue where the commentary would occasionally sound garbled on Xbox 360.
  • Dual Stick Ballcarrier Control has been improved, making R-Stick moves look and feel more responsive. Also made some visual improvements with turning and leaning animations.
  • Fixed several situations where the wrong team was celebrating after a big play.
  • Playcall will not suggest going for a 2 point conversion when it shouldn’t.
  • In general, we made defenders a little better at getting off blocks. This helps in defending against outside runs and quarterback scrambles as mentioned before.
  • Fixed several camera issues on kickoffs, including the one where the camera would not follow the ball on the ground.
  • Fixed a broken play where the quarterback would get stuck in his handoff animation and just run backwards away from the line of scrimmage.
  • Fixed FB Fake HB Toss play so the quarterback will not toss the ball behind the running back.
  • Improved head tracking for ball carriers, receivers and defenders.
  • Fixed some issues with auto replay cameras where it was too low to the ground and was not focusing on the correct targets.
  • More general tuning was done on option plays to make them run smoother.
  • Fixed an issue with playcall where it was not remembering the last formation you called.
  • Fixed an issue where receivers couldn’t make a tackle quickly after an interception.
  • Removed an exploit that would allow for “Rocket Catches”.
  • Fixed an issue where the CPU Ballcarrier would continue to cover the ball during long runs, even if no defenders were near.
  • Defenders will now be able to press receivers when they are in preplay motion.
  • Fixed an issue where defenders would turn the wrong way on curl routes.
  • Fixed an issue where defenders in man coverage would make a bad direction change after pressing the receiver.
  • Tuned some out-routes out of the backfield that were too effective against man coverage.
  • Fixed an issue where linebackers would stutter in pre-play and would get stuck.
  • Fixed some issues with players bumping into each other during preplay adjustments.
  • Fixed some issues where defenders would get caught offsides a lot against the no huddle.
  • Fixed the issue causing a delayed whistle in post play.
  • Fixed an exploit that disables bump and run after a play is flipped, causing coverage to go back to normal.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to consistently recover onside kicks.
  • Adjusted CPU AI for kick returns so that they will not attempt to catch kickoffs that are headed out of bounds.
  • Improved CPU clock management so they will call a timeouts properly to set up a late field goal.
  • Fixed an issue where the Read Option would not be executed properly from the hash marks.
  • Numerous Commentary Fixes and Additions
  • Various other tweaks and tuning to improve general gameplay.
  • sroeland

    This is the first year I will buy NCAA and not Madden after picking both up every year since the Sega Genesis days. Very excited for NCAA 11.

  • jonathan

    first comment! i'm so ready for ncaa this year, they did a lot to improve it. if only they added cbs/abc presentation. or maybe nbc presentation for notre dame games. but overall the demo was really fun and i'm glad that they put so much effort into this years game. i feel the exact opposite for madden

  • noodles

    whats up pasta just wanted to no if both madden and ncaafootball are adding the half sacks and assists tackles your site and what u do for gamers

  • Keith.

    They want us to believe they fixed all of this in a month? Sorry, but with their track record, that ship sailed a long time ago for me.

    Personally, I wish they used the extra month to add in-game saves, or multiple gameplay camera angles, but that's just me.

  • Jupebox

    Do you know if the framerate is better in the final build? The demo seemed a bit choppy. Also, is there a slider to slow down the gameplay? Thanks.

  • Aaron

    not sure….but in college football alot of teams run at a quick,sometimes hectic pace…thats what i love about college football

  • Jessedro747

    Is Lee Corso in game?

  • KA1Z3R

    Love what all they've done with this game. Especially all the changes to DYNASTY! You know the mode people actually play (hint madden)

    I was going to buy this game for the first year instead of my annual Madden before the demo, now there's no doubt that NCAA is the right choice. I'll try the madden demo to give it one last shot. But NCAA has done a lot and now they've fixed up all the odds and ends with the programming it would seem.

    I'm gonna say $60 well-spent for me

  • LHR witness

    Did anyone else notice that in the demo the read option gets blown up every time by Florida? because the Defensive End would go after my Runningback, so i would keep the ball and the D-End would right away turn back and lay me out for a loss. this happened like 4 times.

  • Timothy Daley

    Can someone please tell me what a “rocket catch” is. I've been playing Madden/NCAA forever and still have no idea of what this exploit actually is.

    I also have concerns over the “fix” which prevents receivers from dropping passes they should have caught. I hope the doesn't mean that receivers won't drop the occasional catchable ball. All receivers drop easy passes once in a while and if this fix removes that possibility then the game will be garbage. Just as long as they dont over do the drops it will be fine.

  • Haha

    I was more concerned about defensive backs dropping sure interceptions. They make CBs and safeties look like they're ok JV. I know they don't want an unrealistic amount of interceptions so they have to limit it with drops, but most of the time when the ball is thrown right to the CB, he's gonna catch it. If a guy makes a terrible throw, bad CPU catching should not bail him out. That's just my opinion. Overall it looks like an awesome game and I am 100% decided that I'm buying this instead of Madden

  • BobBubols

    I assume you didn't read the very first paragraph.

  • KA1Z3R

    it means it fixed it based on catch rating. If a dude has like 75 catching he'll still drop passes so don't worry friend

  • KA1Z3R

    based on catch rating they'll make the interception and since most DB's are like in the 50's or 60's it still works out

  • Haha

    I know that the ratings are supposed to mean something, but the AI for defensive backs just makes them drop gifts. It's been a problem basically forever in both NCAA and Madden, but by now I thought it would be fixed. It's just frustrating when you have defensive backs drop what would be extremely easy picks, maybe even pick-6s, so frequently

  • Hawkeye4077

    That's a long list! The biggest thing for me is that they fix the cpu pass defense. The slants and crosses were a joke on the demo. If they fix it so that you can actually get a decent challenge from the cpu so that you can play offline season mode, that would finally make up for the last 5 years of unplayable EA football games.

  • Impressed with how much they were able to fix already. I'm sure there will be a patch within the first month of release, but still… Like what I'm seeing from NCAA this year.

  • Jupebox

    Does anyone else notice jerky or stuttering in the NCAA 11 demo? It just doesn't seem to play as smooth as some other games. Am I going crazy? I'd love to hear if you notice it, too. I'm hoping it is fixed in the final build, but no one has said anything about that.

  • taylor

    pasta do u know if there will be more uniform choices than in the demo?

  • juan

    i thought rocket catch was when the receiver jumped/floated in the air to make the catch.

  • taylor

    thats in all demos bro, all demos have bugs, but yeah it wont jolt and skip

  • Amen Ra

    The constant reference to sliders let me know that they haven't fixed shit

  • Amen Ra

    You can eliminate this problem with User catch. Get some fucking stick skills man and quit letting the CPU do your shit for you

  • Thats Me

    Thats not true ! I've been playing both ncaa and madden for years and even if the guy has a low catch rating he still will catch it as long as hes strong and has a good catch in traffic stat. Well i guess your somewhat right but the fact that RC is still in the game makes me sick . Playing someone who's good at it like myself can be very annoying. i dont like doing it but to play at an good to elite level if you don't do it , you'll get killed .

  • KingJ21

    Im happy that they fixed all that…..but happy they finally added were they make cpu decline penalties

  • Shadowman….

    Keith hates EA products, but continues to come to the sites to read about them, then make his dumb comments!!!!..get a life dude!!!!

  • incinerator

    That's alot of fixes. I think i would actually trade all those fixes for an EA football game where the players don't glide around and have some actual realistic animation movement. You know, when a right handed QB runs to his left out of the pocket he should actually run and then adjust his body accordingly to make a strong throw. Unless he's throwing on the run to a player running towards the same sideline as him and it's a throw of 15-20 yds or less. Players in real life backpedal maybe a couple of steps in the pocket in either direction. They don't make scissor step glides from the center of the fucking field to the fucking sideline. They need to take the “sim” tag of both of their piece of shit football games.

  • skihawks

    It really isn't that surprising since most demos are of early builds. That EA published it is pretty incredible.

    EA did the right thing to get the demo out early. Not only were they able to show a huge improvement over last year, they also were able to utilize the demo to obtain feedback to fix some issues…Almost as good as a beta….Nice.

  • skihawks

    It is a game….You want to see these things, turn your TV to the NFL Network and watch replays of real games….

  • Davis Brian80

    I noticed you said these items were fixed on the XBox 360. Were they not fixed on the PS3 or were they not present.

  • Ruvolo99

    does mean you cant do the rocket catch on the final product because I can do it all day on the demo? someone let me know. it say “removed an exploit that would allow for rocket catchs”

  • Ruvolo99

    can you still do the rocket catch on the final copy?

  • Brianfdas

    good contest

  • With tuning files and patches I expect this game to be very good on day one or soon after.

  • NotreDomer

    Will they get rid of the c walk in the final game? it back in the demo

  • Skyflame21

    Any chance that they have the “SPEED BURST” as an ON/OFF switch? I hate that all players run at full speed, defenders seem to over run plays way too often. Also, please tell me that the “WIN BUTTON” is only available in Family Play. The fact that you can just hold down the “A” (on 360) and your player will to his assignment flawlessly is a sham. Those are my two major gripes. Thanks for the help.

  • Mycaddy313

    @Thats me I can rocket catch but I do not in the game. I disagree saying you cant be good without rocket catch but it is true yo cant make it to elite status. I do nto rocket catch or nano blitz in general but if it is a close game in the 4th quarter and I need to score or stop my opponent on a key drive I will do it but I wont do it the 1st 3 quarters and I still win 80% of my games againist other players. I think that makes me a good player.

    @Ruvolo99 I think they are taking it away in the final cversion which is good. I think it shouldnt be inthe game but of course ppl want to find a way to gain an advantage and not paly fairly

  • Mycaddy

    @Amen your name is exactly what I wante to say to your comment amen. Playing in dynasty I have db's with 20 picks a season and multiple dbs with over 10 picks. most are user picks. Just practice and get skills and stop letting the cpu do the work for you

  • The_Rick

    I didn't see the one on there that I found in the demo.

    When you go no-huddle, it remembers whether you flipped the play but doesn't display it as such. So if you flipped a play, then ran no-huddle, the play diagram would be backwards costing very valuable seconds while you flip the play at the line of scrimmage.

    Hopefully they also got to that one.

  • Reinise123

    i have noticed several glitches, some listed above, and my game has gotten stuck at the loading screen 3 times in a row, but never before or after that. i did download the update..idk what the deal is

  • guest

    @jupebox. No the final build is the same. I'm disapointed. The framerate in this game is choppy. It basically drops every time there is a lot going on on screen. EA had their framerates spot on in 2010. The new locomotion just made the framerate choppy which is a bad trade off imo. I'll stick with the smooth game.

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