Recent NBA Elite 11 One-on-One Footage

Posted June 25th, 2010 at 11:49 am

At the cover athlete announcement party earlier this week those in attendance got a chance to try out NBA Elite 11. Out of that has come a video which shows the game in action  presenting extended stretches of play with Lebron James going up against cover athlete Kevin Durant.

The quickness and responsiveness comes through at the same time displaying a lack of momentum and weight along with a sense of frantic action that doesn’t always fit within the context of what is taking place. One has to wonder if Elite isn’t shaping up to be a game that centers on the individuals (ie take Lebron and just do a bunch of dribble moves to get to the hole) as opposed to playing as a team. That would seem to be a reasonable expectation at this stage.

As mentioned previously all that has been put on display to this point has been through one-on-one which has certainly raised concerns about how everything will mesh in a full game environment. It appears right now EA is either using the one-on-one as a way to teach the fundamentals of the new controls or they are avoiding showing the game in full form for strategic reasons. Continue on to check out the video and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • bat

    good thing that's just the wii.

  • NELL86

    2k wasnt that much better lol they have alot to make up for this year after 2k10

    • Clickclackcaos

      lolz +1

    • brandon

      live was ass this year. and not nice beyonce ass, i mean lumpy, hairy, stank whoopi gholdberg ass. and yes, i’m a 2k fanboy

  • NELL86

    Why people keep trying to clown live like 2k10 wasnt the worst hoop game ever made i dont care what yall say live 10 was better then 2k10

  • Prince Oochie

    Enough of the one-on-one. I sure others much like myself would like to see some 5-on-5 gameplay. My biggest worry is that the new “freestyle” system or whatever they will be calling it now will be too overpowering and/or take away from the team game altogether. The last thing I want to see is two users going one-on-one with their star players as eight other players watch because the one-on-one game is more rewarding than the team game.

  • optimusp76

    Well it looks the same to me and i cant tell sense it looks like 2k's defense the player just sliding off the player, and the control format is still a question to me because they should do the physics in a ability of the player not change the control format so i am still worried bout it i mean it looks good but it don't look good so till i get more info i am still not sure you have to remember this is EA Sports They lie all the time bout a product hype it up and then it comes out and it crap remember they do Madden and Madden gets worse every year so thats my opinion Prime out

  • Timothy Daley

    That was a pretty non informative demo. Since the game is 3-4 months out this presentation will likely perform and/or look anything like this. Who ever is playing this, they look more like they are trying to show features instead of playing true 1 on 1 which makes the game look sloppy and downright awful. Besides that, it looks as if its being played by a couple of newbs.

    Bottom Line if you play live then you will like this and if you play 2k then you will just flame it. Nothing new here.

  • Timothy Daley

    correction……..”not perform or look”.

  • Timothy Daley

    Yeah just like 2k claims to have a quality product each year but its always broken out of the box. They all lie moron only you 2kfans don't seem to understand that or even care for that matter.

    • MGOATJ

      Your ryt TD, there are all liars! but you are the most moron of all time coz your on the side of 2nd rate basketball video game and you beleive in it. haha dont play video game play basketball haha

  • Que?

    Considering these guys' ability to stop on a dime in real life i dont see the momentum issue. LeBron changes course like a superhuman to begin with.

  • Marky90745

    Another fail attempt by EA.

  • guest

    as devs on operation sports have said this is a video of someone who doesn't know how to play and should be disregarded

    Thats the video that should've got posted

  • skihawks

    My impressions exactly. I like the fact that the canned animations have been removed. It appeared that the players responded really well to the controls. Can't wait til the demo so I can get a feel for the controls and responses for myself.

    Also, LeBron looks huge compared to Durant….

  • no

    That looks awful. Like all the moves are missing a bunch of frames from what you'd expect to see. Not at all smooth.

  • Supersonic

    Im not buying this game because they a Oklahoma City Stern player on the cover.

  • MoneyMayweather

    its one on one game chill.

  • Tcnumba10

    It's funny to read posters trying to support the video when clearly it looks unpolished and unimpressive. Some ppl have already made up their minds when either hating the game or loving the game, but truth be told, this game footage isn't that great. The animations still look unatural, not smooth and unrealistic. Also looks like alot of sliding going on + some absence of collision detection during the action. I don't really see the Back-Breaker “real time physics” implementation that they've been pushing this year.

  • pats fan

    This looks terrible. Looks robotic and the player models look like live 2006 for n64

  • pats fan

    i mean ps2 not n64. my mistake

  • Prime? What are you doing off of Cybertron? We have a battle to win and the War for Cybertron awaits us. Transform and Roll Out!

  • optimusp76


  • deepen03

    the game is an insult to the game of basketball. EA just failed bigtime. Early stages or not, if a gameplay video shows up, they better be ready to show the finished product, or atleast something close. This looks like PS2.. I think NBA 2k5 on ps2 looks better than this shit.

  • KA1Z3R

    This game better get fixed up quick. I'm seeing LeBron running into Durant and just doing a run in place against the body of Durant, people seem to warp all over the court do to the speed and fast pace. If it's just LeBron's speed then I'm not going to play this game online because I don't want unskilled Cleveland players warping around my defense with LeBron.

    I honestly have nothing good to say about this game so far unless the physics engine actually works. If this game doesn't get a lot of its early demo problems fixed and fixed well, I'm going to 2k for the first time.

    Wow, I'm changing my traditional games all over this year. Live/Elite to 2k and Madden to NCAA.

  • shimoda
  • optimusp76 here yall check me out this is prime

  • Mac

    1:15-1:20 is all kinds of fail.

  • guest

    dont bother posting the real video let the haters hate lol

  • WTF is this? are u serious? 2k for life until they show me something maybe next gen they should just stop the live/elite series this is garabage

  • Timothy Daley

    it is unpolished you moron. Its and early build. we are months away from release. Get a clue all you retards. This video isn't for critiquing the final product.

  • “Lack of Momentum” is not a good way to describe a new “Physics” engine for a game. It's sounding more and more like EA simply tacked a BS Physics routine on the existing animation based engine. If so, this will be a major bust,

  • man you live guys gotta buy this game. i play 2k but ima buy this one so they keep making it. i love 2k but i dont want it to be the only game in town (see madden). competition is good. 2k sports is already dumbing the game down this year in preperation for the live players jumping ship (easier dribbling). remember what pasta hinted at.. if this game didnt do well they might stop making it.

    but yeah it looks like they took the same game and added a different control sceme. Glitchy as ever


  • guest

    quit jumping to conclusions lol. This video is nothing to judge the game by and I honestly don't see why pastapadre posted it when there are clearly better longer vids out there……

  • Eroberts511

    this looks like virtual hell

  • Panthersboi321

    ewwwwwwww this game plays like older lives lol woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • Dat Kid

    GTFOH Live well Elite has officially fell off the map


    Man i have an advice for you, seriously, if you want to play new and exciting play NBA JAM. Becoz I think your not a sim baller, arcade is your game. Atleast, ea still gets your money. Backbreaker have euphoria but the game still lacks fundamentals. So dont get hype for that engine, if you dont have right animation the engine will be useless. Dont be blind my man. Watch the video again. On 2k depense i think you should read all articles about nba2k11. i dont want to discuss all of it but one thing for sure they have a counter to ea real time physics. Do your assignment before you post… haha dont play video game play basketball haha


    Suuuurreee! if you wanna think that way. Keep dreaming. Wake up on October 5th. Sweetdreams man….


    yeah, listen to timothy he knows all, he have an insight, oh wait he doesnt have, he's also waiting for the info, you are the f@cking retards when you release a video expect to have a critics on it. you crying retards….reality bites….


    ronnie2k twitter (2k Dev) : Wow that looks awful. And you were worried. (talking about this footage)

    Classic! haha dont play video game play basketball haha

  • guest

    Lmao what a joke this site is. Why did pastapadre decide to post this crappy footage instead of the real gamespot one………

  • Tyalray

    They should have a wingspan trait on the new games, we got some many players like leonardo b. and kevin durant with such a wingspan advantage.


    Man, there's no big difference about that 2 videos except some ea guy explaining the control and it doesnt have an actual 1 on 1 action like in this footage. it means this is the actual gameplay ea proclaiming to be innovating, total control and a basketball player wearing roller skate. haha dont play video game play basketball haha

  • Guest

    Is it me or does this video no longer work?

  • Joshfarcone

    I love basketball… and basketball video games. 2k10 on PS3 and PC has consumed me this year, bypassing Live10 after playing it and seeing it was just polished Live09, which had gotten old *(obviously Live10 has stuff like DNA and everything). But I figured I was now a 2k gamer with the huge bias people have here online: like u have to choose which game to play.

    This year i am gonna get Elite 11 and 2k11, and NBA Jam! haha

  • CT11

    its saying the vid is in private :/ i have to add the person, but i cant see the youtubeaccount it was on..if any1 nws send me a msg on youtube plz renton42598055

  • Mr. Templeton

    Wow…really! People tend to forget how disappointing 2K was. It was a virtual lead pass fest, even after the patches. One hundred points scored in the game, 80 of them in the paint and the other 20 free throws. I got on the NBA 2K hype train back with NBA 2K7, but the improvements made in Live '09 and Live '10 restored my faith in the series. 2K11 better have something big in store because right now they're the Madden of hoops. All bark and no bite….

  • Lol

    lol, is that wii?