Pastapadre Online Dynasty Owners

Posted July 6th, 2010 at 2:34 pm

Here is the initial list of owners in the NCAA Football 11 official Pastapadre Online Dynasty. It was a difficult process to complete as there were so many sign-ups and only a limited number of slots. What this means though is anyone who wishes to take part should stick around in the forum to keep an eye on any openings and also the large pool of people who want to participate in a dynasty are welcome to set some up and we’ll make room for any those requested. Check out the PP online dynasty forum for more details.

1 Pastapadre: Rutgers
2 Jerkfacefave: Pittsburgh
3 Terrorblaze: UCLA
4 Radie420: Notre Dame
5 AzureEffect: Tennessee
6 KcKing2: North Carolina
7 B_Wigglez: Miami
8 Sobay310: Colorado
9 floridagatorfan: UCF
10 Jesse Tha Great: Michigan
11 CUFreeze: ECU
12 dougiefresh2323: Texas Tech

  • SOBAY310

    Sweet, can't wait!!!

  • Really Sad

    What a shock that over half these are the good ole pasta suck-ups LOL…PATHETIC!!!

  • 901legend

    hi, pastapadre y am i not able to post anything in your forum i tried to join like at least 10 times. my username is 901Legend

  • That Guy

    hi… i have taken sign ups on the ea forum and i would like to know if you want to make it an “official” OD. thanks

  • That Guy

    also… can i join the waiting list for this online dynasty

  • B_Wigglez i don't know who you are but you have to crush everyone in this dynasty. ITS ALL ABOUT THE U!

  • What? lol

  • All set now.

  • As a rutgers student, NJ resident, and big fan of rutgers football, I am just wondering what made you pick the Scarlet Knights from the banks of the Raritan River?

  • Rtran19

    love the pic! represent cincinnati bearcats 2 times big east champs

  • LHR witness

    13 LHR witness: UNLV. right? lol

  • No particular reason, it came down to being a Big East team and they were the most intriguing to me.

  • AzureEffect

    Thanks Pasta…Glad to represent my home state of Tennessee….Look forward to doing some write ups too…

  • JesseThaGreat

    Thanks again Pasta. Your friends list is full. MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zdot


  • That Guy

    Can i play? GT: Spenzahouse 29

    I will play with anyone

  • WillRadie

    Ha… I cant believe I missed this post… It was literally the only post I missed in the past week.

    Looks like a solid group… I played with and can vouch for a few of them…

    Is it Tuesday yet?

  • WillRadie

    Pasta, we gonna be using a named roster? Or do I have to keep an eye on the blind side for RE #98

  • WillRadie

    nevermind.. just saw the post with the answer.

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