Follow the Pastapadre Online Dynasty

Posted July 17th, 2010 at 5:28 pm

While it remains unfortunate that such a limited number of people could be included within the NCAA Football 11 Pastapadre Online Dynasty that doesn’t mean everyone else is out in the cold completely. I’ll be doing some tie-ins with the site as the dynasty progresses…at the moment we are currently just in the set-up/preseason phase. The Online Dynasty website dedicated page to follow all the stories, results, and stats can be found by clicking here. Also keep an eye on the forum for any announcements regarding openings as they become available.

For those of you who have started in on an Online Dynasty what do you think of it so far? I’ve already found I much prefer the process of recruiting being done on the website. The only issues I’ve encountered so far were with the site not displaying the dynasty and kicking me out of it on the first night and with the censorship settings which have completely wiped out stories from the in-game side and deleted words that shouldn’t be removed (such as “sophomore”). Leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • MauriceBThomas

    I accidentally deleted my game highlights from the dynasty site, then i uploaded them from the console (xbox360) to ea sportsworld. Is there a way to get them back on the dynasty site?

  • Jack Lemay254

    did you just use html to put the pictures in your articles padre?

  • Yeah I just used simple HTML on images I self-hosted to put them in to that story.

  • Dotcom2224

    I love the idea of the web based recruiting but its too slow and cumbersome for me, I find it easier on the console still. Flash would be cool instead of navigating through a bunch of different pages for each call.

  • Ninomarley

    nothing to do with online dynasty… *love the the work padre* question why no white helmets for the gators?????

  • Telly Savales

    Because the University of Florida did not approve their use in the game. That information was released when the demo was last month.

  • The formatting stuff is ridiculous, I can't believe some of the words it's editing (sophomore being one of the more ridiculous). In fact, I read multiple places that the name “Eric” is being censored. I've also had a couple of articles show up on Xbox as “Insert Row '0'…” I did notice that the Dynasty Central site is in beta, could this make any difference?

    Have you heard anything related to a fix for this Pasta?

  • Ninomarley

    thanx telly… little disappointing though

  • russellATHLETICS

    why aren't you playing on Heisman?

  • JackMeoff

    Anybody notice that in that Dentyne ad in the upper right corner there's a black dude making out with a hot white chick. Don't imagine that's going over well with those racist rednecks in Mississippi and Alabama. Good, screw 'em. Hey Hillbillies, black dudes be screwing white chicks. How you like them apples?

  • Mr619akaRBush25

    Hey Pasta, are there any more spots left or do you have an additional OD that you're going to host in the near future?

  • Great pic of Dion! I love the picture feature and the fact that you can upload them to the ea website and save them off in a folder on your PC. I've got a bunch of the games I've played so far in my Dynasty on my Facebook page.

  • VSm00th5

    Pasta any word on if Roman Caesar is doing rosters?

  • Josh

    Pasta, I would love to follow your Dynasty, but I am already following one and it looks like EA wants me to pay to let me follow more then one. Sorry.

  • mvpevy

    Hey Pasta, are you having problems with NCAA freezing up?

  • Hasn't happened to me. Any particular situations? What console?

  • Never really been a fan of Heisman, felt like it just cheats to make the CPU stronger. I prefer lower difficulty, generally one down from the top so here All-American, with altered sliders to make it play a little tighter.

  • I'll be checking into it this week.

  • WillRadie

    Loving the Dynasty site. I dont mind so much that my stories arent showing up ingame.. I dont intend to follow the Dynasty stories from the console anyway.

    Looking forward to a great Dynasty.

  • WillRadie

    Ha! “Beta” means little these days. TeamBuilder'10 never removed it's Beta tag.. It might still be up.

    Not knocking it though.. more often then not, releasing something that probably isnt FULLY ready (thus Beta) is still better then nothing.

  • WillRadie

    Doubtful… Check back a few posts… They are now charging to run more then 1 Online Dynasty.

    Kind of surprised they wouldnt comp some obvious website, this being one of them.

  • jmbrew420

    They sure do, but in real life they are screwing the really fat ones. How you like them watermelons?

  • Floridagatorfan

    At first I was not a fan of the idea of having recruiting giving points for every pitch and telling you how far away you are from other teams, thinking that it was not realistic, but I have enjoyed it much more.

    It is a lot quicker and more streamlined. The visual changes of the dynasty modes are nice as well.

  • Mavfan21

    Waiting 20 minutes to advance is a GIANT beating and buzz-kill. Went back to offline till they add more servers or whatever their deal is.

  • BU1B22

    took the words right out of my mouth! me and my buddies had to make another online dynasty just to find something to do instead of waiting 20 minutes. kind of sad.

  • mvpevy

    Hey Pasta,

    What i have had problems with is that after a game is over (offline dynasty) the game will freeze while it's loading to go back to the menus just about everytime. If not then, then it freezes when i click on say recruiting or another item in dynasty. Also had froze on me a TON of times while im editing players in Team Management. I hope im not the only one here. Can they patch this?

    BTW I'm on my second copy of the game too and i'm still having these problems. I hope it's not my XBOX 360.

  • Etmoore85

    WHY? Is there a 20 minute wait in between weeks, whats the reasoning? anybody know?

  • WillRadie


    Replied to the wrong comment.

  • WillRadie

    If you plan on adding images.. 580 is a good pixel length of the picture width… anything more will distort the page.

  • Arod_111

    360 and usually when u enter the lobbies or just screwing around in the main menu

  • Jack Lemay254

    where, or how did you get the pictures, so you could host them?

  • Unfortunately that sounds like a 360 problem dude. Sorry.

  • There isn't…

  • I'm not sure what kind of problems you guys are having – do you mean week to week? My brother and I are in week 7 and haven't had this problem pop up yet at all.

  • Thanks Pasta

  • From what I read it sounds like Florida's white and LSU's Gold helmet weren't approved by their respective universities.

  • I've also found the recruiting to be a lot faster and a lot more fun.

  • SFGiantsFan

    my psn is niner212. any1 have a league to be in? looking for all american or heisman

  • Ninomarley

    your right… in the demo LSU had there gold but for the game no… i dont understand that…

  • Ninomarley

    it said it was released when i did the share thing… excuse me… sleep is something i need

  • Chaos884

    More than likely a 360 problem, buddy. I had two that started to do the same thing and soon enough they died. So….be prepared.

  • on the PS3 of NCAA 11 how the heck do I turn off the vibration on the controller. Also I am getting error messages that say. Unable to download content, game stats wont count am I the only one?

  • JackMeoff

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  • Just trying to help

    I get that message every game I play on 360 as well.

  • jmbrew420

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