NCAA 11 Gets Online Dynasty Related Update

Posted July 22nd, 2010 at 7:47 pm

EA Sports has released an Online Dynasty related update for NCAA Football 11. The changes made are due to some issues that were being had with accessing the OD website during peak hours or with old data being displayed. That should now be resolved. I have not however heard of any changes in the works for censored words within Dynasty Wire stories that have no business being censored. Hopefully tweaks will be made soon.

The 20 minute wait time to advance each week in Online Dynasty has been removed while in the off-season. That is something I had been hearing about from many people as having frustrated them. Now gamers can advance at a much quicker rate making it feasible to go through an single player Online Dynasty and in turn receive the benefits that come with it such as the website functionality.

  • Fze

    good news on the wait time removal. that was killing me

  • Amen Ra

    NCAA is the Shit!!!!

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  • Guest

    Does this fix the “Transfer Failed” problem that's preventing me from playing OD?

  • Kdoggpi

    now i cant even play an offline game or dynasty great update

  • Griggie1969

    They need to come wit a patch

  • Jbonax

    Anybody having the same problem i'm having with NCAA 11? When the QB initiates the fake handoff to the RB on a PA dump pass, the QB then runs backwards down the field about 50 yards before he throws the ball???? Anyone else seen that?

  • UM_Gophers

    Good stuff been gaving some problem online period haha. I hate hen I support my gophers 24/7 and my oppenet is Florida, Ohio State, Alabama,teams like them. Record tot too bad 9-10

  • Yeah thats a well known issue.

  • Brian

    Anyone else having problems with fumbling? Played a game with FIU vs. Rutgers and there were at least 10 fumbles (no exxageration). Also playing with lower prestige/skill teams…receivers CAN'T catch the ball, no matter how good of a throw. It just bounces off their hands.

  • Jbonax

    Thanks for your reply. I'm just avoiding the PA plays altogether.

  • skihawks

    Are you using Penn State? That is the team, from what I have read, most associated with this issue. I played the CPU, who was Penn St, and it happened.

  • skihawks

    Still experiencing the 20 minute delay on PS3…What gives?

  • Sdvasdvasdv


  • 65South

    Hey Brian. If you're playing offline, try adjusting sliders. I had tried my best to stay away from sliders previously because I knew once I got started I wouldn't be able to stop searching for the perfect set. But yesterday I told myself I was going to try a certain set and roll with it. Low and behold, I had the most fun playing a game in NCAA11 this year, heck maybe even on NCAA nextGen period. Players made plays when they were supposed to and didn't when they weren't. No superhuman CPU play or HUM for that matter. It just felt right…and great!

    I didn't think it could happen, but this game just got better for me!

  • WHAT!

    is there a update for unifroms

  • I'm having a problem with rtg when a fumble happens the teams fight for it and neither ever recovers it.

  • And I think the slowed down game speed makes it lag.

  • HamburgerHelper666

    Has anyone have teh issue that in some games ur players names arent shown but the opponents are. but in others it works just fine? it makes me very angry, and pasta u wont like me when im angry

  • JTone24

    Is anyone having an issue today in OD advancing after a game? The commish played his game and everything saved, but after i play my game, it ends then when it is exiting the game it continues to say “online dynasty is unavailable.” I continued to click re-try and it would not work, the only way to get out out of it was to exit and the game i played was lost. anyone know whats up or got any help? thanks

  • Queenzfinest121

    Im having this same problem

  • JTone24

    Im hoping this was just a one day problem, im getting ready to try again, guess we will see…

  • JTone24

    it happened again…REALLY frsutrating

  • Born

    Does anyone know if you can get invites to conferences in online dynastys

  • Biller_24

    i am having same problem

  • Corey Batson

    Alright my name is corey batson and I love this game and all, but it just to simple for the college atmosphere, what happend to the coaches, you could at least have the coaches present, and what happend to the infractions where you could disaplen players, and plus its less teams on here , 09 had more teams then 11, can we run our own training camps in our franchise at the end of the season, I fill it was much funner with all this, Email: