Madden 11 Gets Madden Moments Live

Posted July 26th, 2010 at 4:19 pm

EA Sports has announced a new feature being introduced in Madden 11 known as Madden Moments Live. Those of you unfamiliar with Madden Moments they are setups of noteworthy events from the previous season to play through while attempting to achieve the same outcome. Madden Moments Live will bring in some new ones now on a week-to-week basis via downloadable content.

Like other “premium” features there will be a cost to get them using the “coins”  (earned through playing online or through purchase) to obtain them. It’s really hard to judge whether the value will be there since we don’t have a full understanding of how many coins translate to dollars or time spent. However this is something that can easily be bypassed or for those who are into MM they may find extra enjoyment out of the new ones. The coins are also being used in Madden 11 to secure online scouting reports or play Madden Ultimate Team.

While this is yet another encroachment into the heavy use of DLC (past the Online Pass buffer too) at least in this instance it is added content being provided. Madden Moments was a cool feature when it debuted even though the moments utilized the latest rosters and not the rosters from those games which hurt its value somewhat. MM Live looks to solve that issue by bringing in recent games where the rosters will fit. Continue on to check out the video on the feature and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Tom

    I was hyped for the feature until I realized that 2k's “Nba Today” is free:(

  • John

    bullcrap alert

  • Awesome! another feature I won't use.

  • If EA makes us pay for these, they better include older lineups. If 2K can go the extra mile and secure logos and lineups for a load of 80-90s NBA teams, EA should be able to craft lineups from last year. That said, if EA makes us pay for these I'm likely not going to bother…

  • Pfff

    sounds like absolute crap.
    but hey, if we give them more money they'll make better games right?

  • Not the same thing at all though. NBA or MLB “Today” was just about having accurate lineups in place for games that day and playing the games of the day. Madden Moments are more like the Jordan Challenge, where there is an objective to meet based on what happened in a particular game.

  • Csmoomey

    Good idea but not all for the coins to pay. I'm fully aware that you get 20,000 if you Pre-Order. I guess I'll have to pt my blood, sweat, and tears into it to get 3,000 coins to get he first Madden Moment.

    Hey does anybody know when and if they'll release this years set of Madden Moments. Can't wait for demo F*ck 2K5!!!!!

  • Sean

    Ok so Pasta, are there tactics on how to gain coins? Is it all through online?

  • As far as I know you get them for playing online games. They haven't specified how many you get per each game though which makes me think it won't be a lot. Otherwise its just paying for them.

  • daley7199

    If this were a 2k game this would be the main feature being hyped up and all the little 2k fanboys would be giving that “OH FACE” (Office space reference for the ignorant). But since this is Madden and an EA game I am sure there will be rampant complaining.

  • daley7199

    pre order gets you 20000 coins, so there's a start.

  • daley7199

    It sounds like to me like the Madden moments will be more current than classics. Since they will be coming out throughout the season i would think they would be madden moments from this season and the lineups would already be intact.

    As far as classic Madden Moments I highly doubt you will get any rosters nor for that matter will you get the correct players number and that will be due to legal matters. A specific years Team like the 92 Cowboys cant use #8 as the QB because it is known that #8 is Troy Aikman and that would be illegally using him in the game even though its just his number. Madden has always done this in the past with its historic madden teams.

  • daley7199

    See, I told you 2k fans were stupid. They cant understand the simplest of explanations. Seriously Pasta, why do you even bother with these clowns.

  • RuffShoud

    This vid is funny. Its a BIG Glitch in NCAA 11! Fixable, hopefully but funny.

  • Sdwalls

    I wonder if achievements are going to be tied to these recent madden moments…if so then maybe…i luv me some achievements!!!!!!

  • Sean

    Yes I was well aware, thanks though Daley

  • deepen03

    well same with NBA and MLB Today.. except you make your own objectives in the games.. It's like previewing the games that are going to be on TV.. Madden Moments is after the games already took place.. so very similar. But I agree that this should be free.. EA has no right to charge people for something that simple.

  • Not feeling it. I'd like to just pick up and play as I please. Not have to suffer through online misfortunes or waste my money.

  • vikings fan 85

    from what i read is that you will earn points for playing online ……kinda like ult. team last yr.

  • JBreeze

    lmao was the 2k jab realli necessary? nobodi is even bringing it up like tht..smh….anyway the madden moments seems cool but im still not buyin…most likely i'll buy madden in 2015,16 when they have everything fixed up nd they've taken the time 2 seriously listen 2 the community.

  • chubbz0727

    do these evil ass dudes not get that the game is already 60 fucking dollars???? since you have to pay extra just to make the game enjoyable what are we really getting for the 60 bucks besides a shity watered down football game wtf ea STOP!

  • If you would've posted that over on Operation Sports, you would've gotten banned.

  • tunes522

    i call horseshit…

    how about taking the time to put something in the game that people really care about…umm, i don't know…let's say ONLINE FRANCHISE enhancements!!! how hard can it be to put in some contracts and free agency so we don't have to do all of the damn work in our OFs…or how about a playoff that actually SEEDS teams correctly…oh, i know…wait…because you can't CHARGE more money for that…i got it…sorry, i was confused…