Madden 11 Monumental Comeback in OTP

Posted August 14th, 2010 at 8:34 am

Last night I got together with Fred and CoreySA to run through a couple games of Online Team Play in Madden 11. The memorable game of the evening included a comeback from down 28-6 late in the 3rd quarter. Though we felt like we were playing decently on both sides of the ball the opposition kept converting third downs. It took us a while but eventually we decided to dial up the pressure and what resulted was a 36-11 swing which included three INT-TDs (all by defensive lineman) and a 42-39 victory.

In addition to the initial OTP impressions in the online play write-up here are a few more observations on the mode:

  • It is a bit difficult to get a full game going. It seems that people trickle into the room slowly. By the time a sixth has come in someone has left and the cycle continues. Don’t know if this is because few people are playing the mode or if something is wrong with matchmaking/joining.
  • I just don’t see many people achieving the boosts naturally they’ll probably end up needing to be paid for if desired. Still don’t think I’ve gone up against anyone who’s been boosted, though our opponents probably think we did something crazy to turn that game around in such dramatic fashion.
  • As mentioned previously the RB is covered up by the coordinator text box which can make the assignment difficult to discern. The position is also hampered by being initially controlled by the CPU on routes. In many cases we found our desire to stay in and make a block was not possible due to this. It would start the player moving and took the control completely out of the user’s hands and a critical block would be missed.
  • It’s a shame there are no lifetime records or stats. Despite the feeling of accomplishment in this game especially there was still essentially nothing on the line. So the potential to have people disrupt games or just quit could be an issue come across.

  • Very nice comeback indeed. I think the video would be more dramatic if we could hear what you guys were talking about with each other through the headsets assuming that you were using them.

  • Yeah we were communicating throughout.

  • CoreySA

    I think it involved a lot of cursing at the beginning, but quickly turned into a mixture of jubilation, screaming and laughing. lol

  • CoreySA

    The one thing that went unnoticed is that sometime in the third quarter, I remember you saying we were going to comeback…in the back of my mind I laughed lol. Modern day Nostradamus.

  • scott

    yeah, that’s realistic

  • Anonymous

    kind of idiots were you playing? A lead like that and still throwing the football

  • It would have been very entertaining to hear all that lol

  • Joe0552

    Great video Pasta. Nice win. I have found a couple of things with Madden 11. I do not use Gameflow to pick plays, i find it picks the same plays over and over again. Now I am playing with the Raiders and it seems their offensive play book is really lacking. Also, as you’ve pointed out, the game is in serious need of a patch. Play action pass is horrible, offensive blocking is not that realistic and I had to turn the “break tackles” for the CPU down to 10. Again I’m sure if I played with a higher rank team I would find it easier but what is the fun if there is no challenge. After they fix these problems the game will be fine. Most people are down on Madden this year but I think the public has to realize this is as good as it’s going to get with this development team.

  • Ruffnready

    Pasta, what level were you all playing on? good game by the way.

  • This was All-Pro. Had to manually turn fatigue on though cause its defaulted off for some reason (which we found out the hard way with Chris Johnson burning us in the first game).

  • Yeah they didnt run very often. Also started off the game with an onside kick (which they recovered LOL).

    The first game though was worse. They went for it on 4th down pretty much in every situation even when in FG range.

  • Timmy458

    Nice comeback, gotta love the Doritos play of the game LOL.

  • kdarnell

    i just got madden 11 yessterday. overall i love the soundtrack..not so much for the menu but its perfect for in game sounds. player movements great, catch animations as well. only thing is, EA needs to tune down the amount of broken tackles ny the computer. its insane, pierre thomas will break 3 tackles in the back feild, run straght through the dline, then gain anoth 40 yards..this is every run. same with the receivers. and i wanna know why tony gonzalez cant catch a simple pass over the middle but my 5th string 62 rated reciever can catch a one handed sideline grab in double coverage? Overall, i give the game a 7.5/10 it would be an 8.5 but the franchise presentation is the EXACT same

  • Anonymous

    they should make the camera angle like this in regular games. i can’t see jack in the flats if there is a man is there or not. kinda like madden 06 on the ps2. i can’t stress enough how bad i hate madden 11 on D this year!!!! pass rush is none existant unless you use a 43 nano. and pass D is so horrible. PASTA do you know if EA is going to address this?

  • Griggie1969

    great comeback i luv da online team play awesome

  • Mykal94

    Unrelated, but I need to get this off my chest. EA either hates the Jets, or coincidently does things to knock them. Shonn Greene only an 80 (and worse than LT). Insane. But what I’m really angry about is the Madden Moments. The Jets are in four of them. Only problem is that all of them require you to take control of another team and beat the Jets. And in at least 3 of the 4 (Pats, Bills, Chargers), the Jets actually won that game. I’d be fine with beating the Jets 4 times if only I could have one where I take control of them. It’s absurd.

  • Sdot



  • That game was only fun because we came back and won. The first 3 quarters were annoying lol. It’s fun playing with people you know. Now if you could get more guys from the site playing to have a full 3 vs 3 sim-style game, that would be even better

  • Clickclackcaos

    for all the people that complain about records and what not, get a life because in the real world your madden record really doesnt count. enjoy the game while you play it and when they fix the records,if, they fix it, then thats a plus

  • OTP is the funnest feature in my opinion

  • Haha

    Shonn Greene did not do much last year. He had a nice postseason but I hardly think he has done enough to be over an 80. We’ll see what he can do as the starter now

  • Mykal94

    I see your point. But from what I’ve seen, he’s better than LT. He had 5.0 YPC last year, granted that was as a spell back. Anyway, I’m expecting his rating to go up some after the first couple of updates. As the starter, I see him being around an 85.

  • kdarnell

    alot of the ratings are also due to hype…like matt ryan is an 86 and if you look at stats from last year, he and matt cassel had pretty much the same season. cassel threw for about 200 more yards but ryans pass precentage was i think 3% higher. but cassel’s i THINK a 77 and ryans an 86…btw im an Atlanta fan

  • Haha

    Yeah reputation is the biggest factor in rating. They are not objective at all. There was a point in Madden 09 I think when they refused to rate Michael Turner above LT even though Turner was waaaay more productive. Plus, young and up and coming players don’t see dramatic stat boosts that they often deserve whereas struggling established stars don’t see the dramatic decrease that they should get. Let’s use last year as an example. Chris Johnson was better than Peterson last season but until the second to last update or so he was still rated below him. It’s all in the hype (not surprising considering EA is the biggest hype machine in all of gaming).

  • Yomomma

    “was a 36-11 swing which included three INT-TDs (all by defensive lineman)”

    That sentence alone tells you everything you need to know about Madden. SOME ARCADE BULLSHIT. There isn’t 3 INT-TDs by D-lineman by every team in the league combined in an entire season yet you had 3 in one quarter.

    LMAO @ MAdden. God this game is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Player ratings, especially early, mean very little. Once they release roster updates many of these things will be “corrected”. I agree that Green should be rated higher but everyone spends too much time looking at the overall rating. You have to look at ratings that matter like carrying, speed, acceleration, catch, etc. LT may do other things better than Green, such as run block, pass block, catch, etc. Those other areas impact the overall rating…

  • BigDaneAyMane

    The Jets are 4th best team overall in the game and that’s mainly to the hype they’ve built themselves so I disagree with you.

  • Ryan

    3 int td returns by d-lineman being unrealistic is true. But look at them.

    One was the qb being sacked but throwing it any way. That’s human error.

    Another was the qb not seeing that the de dropped back in zone and the qb threw it right to him. That’s human error.

    I didn’t see the third but I’m sure it was due to human error.

    Remember, the people playing this game are not trained nfl level qbs. They will do stupid stuff and that’s why we see ridiculous stuff in this game. The ai can’t account for every stupid thing people will do in this game, and it shouldn’t.

  • Anonymous

    3 INT-TD by Defensive Lineman, now I KNOW I don’t need to pick this game up