FIFA 11: Goalkeeping in OTP and Demo News

Posted August 17th, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Today EA Sports announced that Online Team Play in FIFA 11 will expand beyond the 10v10 that had been featured previously to now a full 11v11 by including goalkeepers amongst the user controlled players. “Be a Goalkeeper” as it is being called will also be available in career mode.

Be A Goalkeeper is a completely new way to play—instead of thinking as a player out in the middle of the pitch, you have to think and react as the goalkeeper. Experience the thrill of the one on one battle, making the great save from a free kick, punching balls safely out of danger, the pressure of the corner, and most importantly, keeping a clean sheet. Be A Goalkeeper features three levels of accessibility with varying degrees of AI assistance—assisted, semi-assisted and fully manual.

The demo is slated to be out on September 16th. It is expected to include six teams: Barcelona, Arsenal, Inter Milan, Bayern Lverkusen, Lyon, and NY Red Bulls. Further details on the makeup of the demo are not yet known.




  • Anonymous

    11v11 online team play sounds fantastic. I wonder how matchmaking will be for this game. finding 22 people 11v11) to team up for a game could be a bit chaotic, especially if you don’t know the players you are playing with. But none the less it is a great achievement. NOW CAN WE GET THAT IN MADDEN NOW???????? LOL

  • Alex

    i like being able to be a golie in career mode, ive always wanted that, but goalies online is a BAD IDEA. One awful goalie can ruin the game for the other 10 on his team

  • Anonymous

    not to mention would be incrdibly boring most of the time. I would wonder what camera angle would be used for a goalie. If you use a behind the back or POV camera then the goalie could see the entire action on the field in front of him. But if they use a camera angle that focuses on the ball action then the goalie will have a problem of not knowing where his player is and a shooter could take a long range shot on goal with the goalie not being immediately in view and thus would be late in reacting to the shot.

  • Never had any issues with 10v10 in FIFA. Works out surprisingly well.

  • Anonymous

    What do you think about playing as a goalie in online play. I would expect it to be incredibly difficult.

  • Lonnie

    looking forward to the demo but why do they always give us the red bulls lol..never play with them…sorry red bull fans

  • Anonymous

    LOL: I was wondering the same thing and I am from New York. I would have thought with Landon Donovan on the cover, the LA Galaxy would be a good choice. Also, why no MAN U?

  • Anonymous


    New vid out for Elite: Nothing spectacular, but it is new.

  • Cheez

    i dont think it will be so bad unless no one wants to play goalie and it happens to just keep being the last guy who assigns himself a position…then hopefully he doesnt quit.

    but if its fun and people enjoy it, youll get people who will be able to play. as a goalie myself im actually really interested in playing it for 11v11 although i dont think i would enjoy playing my whole Be A Pro with it.

  • Alex

    i wish they had Chelsea or LA in the demo

  • Whaaat

    will 11 on 11 create massive lag in standard head to head games like m11?

    • I havent had any issues in FIFA 10 vs 10 in the past.