NBA 2K11 My Player Adds Press Conferences

Posted August 30th, 2010 at 3:40 pm

Quite a bit coming out today for NBA 2K11 and here is another new nugget of info. There really hasn’t been much of anything said about improvements to My Player mode until now, with 2K Sports revealing the addition of post-game press conferences. “In NBA 2K11 you gotta take the podium for your own post-game press conferences. But watch what you say, your answers can earn you admiration or get you run out of town. Will you claim all the glory or will you praise your coaches?”

It remains to be seen what sort of impact press conferences would have on the career trajectory or playing time. In past games attempting something along these lines really didn’t mean much or it turned out to be too limited in scope and options. However it is at least a good sign that the mode is being worked on as it was pretty flat last year. Bringing in anything to spice it up with off the court elements is welcome.

  • good riddance

    Can’t believe you are ripping on little big planet. That game is tha shit. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Like I told you before skop if the comments have any affect on basketball then they become useless. Why would you make a comment to piss off you coach if you know it means less playing time or piss of your team so your team chemistry will be off. All that crap sounds good coming out of your mouth but think it through. Completely Useless. I really don’t think its going to amount to any thing other than just window dressing. Serves no real purpose other than to just add something new. Like I said before as long as they fixed my player mode this is Ok but if my player mode is still broke, then WTF are they doing adding this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Dude you are easily amused. Really seriously this is fluff. I don’t get jacked over fluff. I don’t know how long you have been gaming but really. This is nothing to get excited about. Its just not that big a deal.

    Tell me the online is fixed then that is a big deal. Tell me My player is fixed, that is a big deal.
    Jordan in the game that is a big deal. A presser after a my player game. Please. Think it through man. How in depth do you really think this is. You have played games before. Right?

    Basically you are so in love with this game that you just get excited about everything. Its not a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    NO i wouldn’t because I don’t rate fluff. I don’t give a crap about fluff in a game. In fact I usually have a smart ass comment about those who rant about stupid crap not being in a game. For example all those who complained constantly about a certain players visor on his helmet not being the right color or the this player not having a towel on his belt. Its completely rediculous to ME.

    So if Elite added this shit, I wouldn’t care. I certainly wouldn’t be bragging about it. I don’t even brag about the features the game actually has now. The only thing you will hear me talk about is Gameplay and Online. The rest is just fluff to me.

  • Anonymous

    STUPID? Really? Am I supposed to be offended by that remark. You clearly don’t know what simulation means. The game of basketball is a simulation. I suppose next you want the sim locker room so you can shower all the players too. LOL

    Give me a break kid. Have a little more class. Obviously Pasta didn’t make his point with YOU.

    Have higher standards and stop falling for smoke screen fluff. Have you noticed that nothing has been mentioned of Online play this year or whether they actually fixed the problems with My Player from last year.

    I’d be more concerned about that then some silly press conference after a MY player game. 82 game season. How much crap do you really think your player will say. Hell real NBA players don’t talk that much crap in a press conference and when they do they say nothing meaningful.

  • Arod_111

    this is nothing like a visor or a towel. this is better it adds a certain depth to the game that gamers in general should like because it shows how games are actually trying to capture the realism of a player its trying to make u feel like when ur handling that controller u r a player in the NBA when they add things like this it makes it so much better for all of these games actually. And we will see whhat u say when elite does it next yr

  • Anonymous;_ylt=AkyrkaKwgwlmyuQF85fMm4KbvZx4?p=stupid+nba+press+conferences&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701

    OMG this mode will kill if you get pressers like this…………….NOT………YAWN!!!!!! Next useless feature 2k?

  • Arod_111

    whhat is so broken about my player mode besides a few glitches that can be fixed?

  • Arod_111

    i understand what ur trying to say and most of the time i play 2k i play for a 1 player experience i dont even really play online so ur little smokescreen argument dosent really work on me

  • Makgo1

    sorry i dont think its a bad game just like i dont think NBA LIVE ELITE JAM is a bad game its just not better than 2k…. just like little big planet is not better than COD modern warfare 2… i know those games are 2 diff genres but just work with me here lol

  • Mnslyr28

    lol too late here is the link folks… care to give us ur insight daley… and after u lie again i hope SKOPIN gets on here and eats u alive like he always dose..

  • Anonymous

    It would work well if there were alternative reactions, though, aside from the basics. Let’s say you want to get traded. Openly expressing that you are unhappy with your current team, while it may make your team unhappy with you, would also get the word out to those other teams, and you may be more likely to be traded. Or it may cause the GM for your current team to make a few roster moves to try to keep you. It has a lot of potential as long as they do it right.

  • Gayness

    Madden needs this, as does FIFA

  • Nphillyk

    CORRECTION: He is an EA Fanboy, NOT just an Elite fanboy. Get your facts straight man. lol He even defends that POS game Madden. lol And this is coming from someone who has purchased all of the Maddens since 05.

  • Baron

    this is a great sign for the game. I got so irritated when I was 2nd in the MVP race and for no reason I lost all my minutes. Its gonna be so much fun to bad mouth the team and coaches. hopefully they add true free agency, development, and salaries.

  • If I can sit up there and say “Both teams played hard my man, both teams played hard” 25 times in a row this might be the greatest idea in the history of mankind.

  • Shomari

    Oh, I’m sorry…I meant sports that matter to the majority of Americans. Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

  • Anonymous

    I know you want this to have some profound impact on the game but this isnt NBA2kWOW. Think about it for a minute. Do you really think they had any time to do anything deep with the pressers. I don’t think so. To much development time had to be spent on everything else. Just from a logistics standpoint I don’t think they would of had any time to do anything deep here. Maybe next year, but like most game companies that feature will probably be gone next year and some other gimmick will be in its place.

  • Dre2778

    LivElite=Live 95 hey that’s all um saying. *now to put on my flame suit and wait for a certain flamer to start it up* Back to the topic on hand 2K gets more and more interesting, but I hope this isn’t just eyecandy to pacify the casual players like the broken modes in Madden and NCAA

  • Anonymous

    Their definitely goin to show more. Still just this brings even that much more realism to the my player mode. This probably is in the MJ: Creating a Legend game mode which is fuckin sick. Like they said earlier they will give us details in the next week about the new improvements to My Player Mode and Association. Can’t wait for them to show us more so they can just add onto the rapefest over ELITE, I feel bad for EA cuz they really tried to make a push. Let’s just hope they stay with their word and say this is a 3 yr project. I might give it a buy in 2012 but no fuckin way right now, NO WAY.

  • Anonymous

    This is actually pretty wack, but at least that got some updates built in

  • Anonymous

    Honestly dude, this is just like a visor or towel. Some more shit for developers to add in and make it look like they actually tried hard to improve the game. I”m actually with Daley on this argument. I”m all about Gameplay, Franchise Mode, and Online

  • ya boy

    wha? this is exactly what they needed to make it feel more personalized

  • lopez 08

    nah the game of basketball is the game of basketball. a videogame that tries to get close to the real thing is a simulation. and this might be a good feature regardless if online is still busted or not

  • wiz khalifa ya herrd

    well some people like me like the abundance of features instead of just 3 or 4 game modes. I LIKE MINI GAMES AND IM PROUD OF IT



  • F_daley

    Holy crap 1 month later and you’re still at it do us all a favor and commit that.

  • Anonymous

    Your pretty cute there. I like how you actually think your older than me and have been gaming longer than I am. Here is where I started son. Let me know when you get caught up OK.

  • Anonymous

    Your pretty cute there. I like how you actually think your older than me and have been gaming longer than I am. Here is where I started son. Let me know when you get caught up OK.

  • Anonymous

    Like I said, it’s a wait and see feature. For all we know they may have had it in the works before 2k10 launched, but it just wasn’t ready. Also, they have different development teams for different parts of the game. Seeing as how the presentation doesn’t seem to have changed much from last year, those devs may have been doing work on features like this. But again, we’ll have to wait and see. You may be right and it may be a boring and pointless addition. Hopefully that’s not the case.

  • BA Clutch

    But you forget that the NHL, biggest non-international hockey league, games are mostly attended by Americans watching games of their US teams that greatly outnumber their canadian counterparts.As for FIFA, IMO soccer is a lot better to watch rather than baseball (when they actually hit the ball a couple times per inning its almost always an out)

  • Sdot




  • Mnslyr28

    u said jordan was no big deal….. and now all of a sudden u have changed your mind????? quick hurry and delete your comments, u’ll burn for this one hahahahahahahahaha

  • Mnslyr28

    5…4…3…2… here’s daley hahahahahhahahah

  • LC7

    Something just hit me. When we play with MJ in my player mode, he’s gonna have a little post-game conference. Now THAT’s special. Or is this only when you create a player?

  • Anonymous

    ea doesn’t even make a mlb game retard. so get your facts straight before you take shots at EA.

  • AlbertP

    True, it is much better to watch a sport where they shoot on net 5 times a game and potentially score one goal.

  • Bstringf

    madden, MLB the show, and NBA0x had it in some form or another (usually text). Actually “The Life” in NBA 0x had like crazy ass story elements n’ shit. FIFA has a far more interesting way to build players with it’s objective oriented development across multiple play modes. Fuck sitting in front of the press (which soccer players rarely do anyway). Lets watch a never changing prepackaged scene with prepacked replies that lead to absolutely nothing. I wish people would just stop doin’ this shit in general if it aint gonna lead to anything. At least let me use it to get out of town quickly. The idea of using it to basically limit my ability to even play the game in the first place is three R’s short of retarded. One day i wanna see this shit lead to serious interactions with fans and coaches. I wanna falcon punch some unsuspecting fan in the stands. I wanna choke the shit out of my coach. I wanna pull a handgun on my teammates. I wanna get executed by the drug lords. I wanna body slam Jim Rome. I wanna execute and/or randomly stab witnesses to my gun and/or assault charges. I wanna break into tears in front of congress. Something…anything interesting.

    • Mnslyr28

      hahahha body slam jim rome yea that was funny here’s the link folks

  • BA Clutch


  • Coltenhackman

    nice wnba elite 11 is fucked

  • Bob

    My Player is shit, you’re matched up against guys who have 30+ better rating(overall) than you are how is that fun or fair?