NBA Elite 11 Hook Shot Exploit

Posted September 25th, 2010 at 12:21 pm

A big topic of discussion right now coming out of the NBA Elite 11 demo is what is being referred to as the “hook shot glitch”. It really isn’t a glitch since it was programmed this way, but is a pretty obvious exploit that needs to be addressed. It makes shooting, even three pointers, very easy by removing half of the equation. It is fair to question how it got past the design stage and testing. Continue on to check out a video walkthrough of the issue as well as one of it in action during gameplay and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Youngboss23……… a (MUST WATCH) the Czar is explaining the truth about the game nba elite

    • Kkstokes25

      i think every1 shud see this vid

  • Wimplo7

    holy pasta, gotta say…you sound really choked about this.

  • Buck_Foston_

    I’ll say it again neither game is worth a day one purchase.

    2K: Before you hate I bought 2K the last two years. Made my player deeper whoopie, put old retired Jordan in the game, and made the player movement less stiff.
    Elite: Definitly pushed the envelope went next gen but it’s an incomplete game. You can dominate on defense and the stick controls took a while to get used to but really next gen. The presentation once again slays 2K, but they forgot about the rest of the game. Still a project with the new DEV team, year 1.

    • Teenickelz

      Get rid of that EA pride man.. first year team or not the game (demo) is horrible …. NBA 2k has always been better than what EA has been doing… just come to grips with it

    • nolimitz

      whoa pushed the envelope? this control scheme was essentially on the nhl series of games already how is there anything new where in the nhl series the idea of hands on right stick and movement on left has been a staple for the past few years already innovation? more like copy and pasting…
      and presentation? HAH it’s a toss up as both do a decent job at it

    • Nphillyk

      That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. However, NBA 2K11 seems vastly improved from 2K10. So in my book (and the books of others) it’s a day one purchase for sure. Not sure what you’re looking for in a basketball title.

  • Nphillyk

    (Eric Cartman voice) Like…seriously you guys…like I’m so seriously right now….What can you honestly say to this? EA man, you gotta love these guys. They make the most comedic games in the history of sports gaming. lmao I could hardly keep from laughing while watching this.

  • Buck_Foston_

    OK 2K fanboys you tell me what makes this year’s 2K so amazing? I think it’s improved, but to me it’s the same 2K9 game at the core that I bought the last two years.

  • Youngmoney23

    for everybody that says 2k is the same game every year their right its the same game that whoops ea’s ass every year haha 2k11 is G.B.G.O.A.T

  • SpeakinDaTruth

    i agree 2k is the same formula of a game every year but not the same gameplay they just continue to add more signature layups,dunks,crossovers,even team plays now 2k is like call of duty it’s already a good game why change the formula of a good game just continue to build on it and stay at the top thats why it continues to win nba elite is the reason mike wang left he said he didnt like the direction they wanted to take the game and honestly this game was not made for hardcore basketball fans the game plays worse than some of the ps2 nba lives i agree with going with physics but it doesnt feel right its not really like backbreaker physics where every part of the body is altered its like block physics where if players bump each other they just kinda slide around its not worth anybodys 60 $ regardless and this doesnt have to do with being a fanboy or anything i have friend that play live that after playing this demo they are ready to switch over to 2k because this kills the progress that they made from live 07 all the way to live 10 honestly you ea fanboys have to wake up even if you dont get 2k because im not telling how to spend your 60$ do not stand for this crap from ea if you do they will think they can just start over anytime and give you guys a shitty game who knows they might change the name back to live next year after this goes bad

    • Buck_Foston_

      Good post, but again 2k isn’t that much different from the last two versions that it warrants a release date delivery. Solid game, never great or brilliant, but always good.

      EA’s NHL, Soccer make 9/10 games but they can’t conquer basketball, there must be something that prevents basketball games from being brilliant, harder to recreate, it’s gotta be something, because even 2K can’t make a 9 game.

  • Anonymous

    Received Confirmation from BACKFLASH83 (EA Community Mgr) That the DEV team is aware of the “HOOK SHOT” glitch and thy are working on a fix that is expected to be in the release day patch.

    • Buck_foston_

      daley go to utube and look up apexisfree. He has a new vid up that is pretty smashing I hate to say coming from a live fan.

    • Buck_foston_

      daley are you getting Elite game release date? I’m not man I cancelled my pre-order. I’m not getting 2K either I’ve gone back to Live 10 after 2 years of the 2K it’s at the core the same game as 2K9.

  • Quan

    I was trying to figure out how to do this to get a good laugh.

  • Anonymous

    Da Czar really stated it all. This game wasn’t made for people who play sim basketball, just something you can pick up easy and play. The controls are good, everybody will agree on that but what else is there besides the controls. This game has no depth at all. There’s more to basketball than controls.

  • Thank you. Now I cant own you guys in this glitchful game. Its delayed now thank you. Gotta go get my pre order money back. Still F 2k.

  • Anonymous

    live 10 was full of glitches but you learned how to over come them i don’t know why they can’t get it right this is truly bad…im a live(elite)fan for life but dag man i might have to go get 2k11 now there talking about next year for the release lol somebody gonna get fired over this at EA you got a lot of people that just wanna play with the heat and believe me 2k11 is about to launch a big campaign to get all the elite players to switch now about time elite comes out it really wont be no need to get it i heard there talking about February lol.

  • Ralphredimix

    2K11 is the better one on one online game but the 2K team up servers are terrible and have been for like 4 years running now.

  • Bob Saget

    lol this game is delayed. fail!

  • Popjtg

    how do u run on the game



  • Jroyce001

    Thsi game is terrible… has beenn for years.. i used to be an nba live fan but they went downhill.. EA focuses on MAdden and thats the way it should b. IF you want to play a real basketball game go out and get NBA 2k11.. way better..

  • Jroyce001

    Thsi game is terrible… has beenn for years.. i used to be an nba live fan but they went downhill.. EA focuses on MAdden and thats the way it should b. IF you want to play a real basketball game go out and get NBA 2k11.. way better..

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