Downloadable NBA Jam HD Also Exists

Posted October 5th, 2010 at 9:50 am

When NBA Elite 11 was delayed it was announced that NBA Jam would get its own separate release on the 360 and PS3. Because of that it seemed extremely unlikely that, should anyone get a hold of a copy of Elite, they would be able to retrieve Jam. Codes were placed on inserts in copies of Elite in order to download the game but the content would have to be available in the first place. Surely Microsoft and Sony would have removed it at EA Sports’ behest immediately right?

Despite that logical approach to the situation the same person who bought one of the few copies of NBA Elite 11 has informed me that the download of NBA Jam actually worked. That initially stunned me to hear, especially given the recent news that Jam is being beefed up for the 360/PS3 in an apparent attempt to justify a full retail release. So it obviously isn’t just sitting there on the MS and Sony servers to be sold as a downloadable game at a later date.

It makes sense that the original content would have been accessible just a week out from release when EA decided to delay Elite.  Why the download would remain available still is a mystery.

  • Hungryandrew

    Well its going to be removed now after this video.

  • kraig

    damn i wish i could download this now myself!

  • Keith.

    Why would anybody who likes basketball want to play a 2 on 2 arcade basketball game from the 90s, when 2k11 is coming out today? That should hold true basketball fans over for a LONG time to come.

    • Anonymous

      You could be a ‘true basketball fan’ and just want to play something different. Maybe a change of pace from a sim-style basketball game. I know I liked playing Street just because it was something different than the normal 5 on 5 game

      • Anonymous

        I agree with Fredv21….I grew up during the arcade era and Jam holds a place in some old school gamers hearts. I am glad the game is back and it looks better than ever. Too many people nowadays dog games that are pure fun. Games don’t have to be “realistic” to be enjoyed.

    • The game is a lot of fun. Its not like its a 2K11 or NBA Jam choice. They’re totally different types of games.

      • Keith.

        These types of games are a novelty that people spend 30 minutes playing and that’s about it. Look how well games like 2k’s arcade baseball game (can’t even remember its name), NFL Street, NFL Tour, etc. have fared.

        I’d pay $4.99 for nostalgia purposes, but that’s about it.

        • Many arcade games have done pretty well for themselves. Development costs are not the same as the major sim titles. The BIGS sold really well, NBA Street was a big seller (though they developed tech for Homecourt that cost a lot of $). NBA Jam, Tecmo Bowl, Blitz, all classics in their own right.

      • Rooster

        Why do you bother trying to explain things to 2kfanboys. They are petulant children.

    • Cash

      I want it for the ability to play 2-v-2 with a friend online. Something I cant do on NBA 2k11…

  • Anonymous

    lol 255 dollars what a chump.

    • Codasco

      It’s looking to be a pretty good purchase. The other copy is over 900 with 3 days left.

      • Ldubbs28

        It’s over $1000.00 now….smh

  • Beef Jerky Fanatic

    i want this game

  • Shawtyred3

    Yawn….Still awaiting review for NBA 2K11. Didn’t that come out last night? I had no problems with online play. Soooooo….

    • Been reading about lots of online problems. I’m not jumping on that yet though, but if things arent operating properly later this week we’ll have to see…

  • Anonymous

    I think EA won’t pull the plug on this. Why would they? Actually, it is pretty good marketing.

  • SimGamer

    Are you going to post impressions for the EA MMA demo?

  • bigball12

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  • tish

    It’s still available for download because EA is doing what EA does best: pretend like they are beefing up the game when in actuality they are just fucking each other in the ass and then a couple of months from now they’ll release the exact same game and talk about how awesome it is and how much work they did.

  • turf12

    EA made youtube take the video down.

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