Code Unlocks 3D for Madden 11

Posted October 25th, 2010 at 9:09 am

EA Sports has announced that a code, found on specially branded bags of Doritos, will unlock a 3D mode in Madden 11. ESPN has further details on the news which includes noting that any pair of red and blue 3D glasses will work. A 3D television set or special glasses will not be required. The Doritos bags will be arriving in stores this week.

Everything on screen will be 3D and given that they’ve gone the cheap glasses route the final result certainly won’t be anything spectacular or that adds to the experience. This summer EA Sports president Peter Moore talked about how 3D wasn’t really working for sports games given the need for special camera angles and the hit taken by the framerate. What they’ve done here though is just tacked on the 3D as a gimmick that can be turned on or off and in that regard maybe it will be a fun option to try out.

  • Ross

    Bring back the fucking pre-play controls and stop with the stupid gimmicks.

    • Ghost of John Madden

      They’ve been back. Dummy.

      • Ross

        Not online you fucking asshole

        • Sportcourt7

          I use them online all the time. You have no idea what your talking about.

          • Ross

            You obviously didn’t play Madden 10.

          • Ghost of John Madden

            They are online dummy

          • billsfan257

            yea they are, they have been for a month

  • kbin007

    yay, now I can see my QB lieing on the turf after a failed playaction pass attempt in crappy 3D. Way to go EA.

  • Inmoderation

    I was wondering why this game had shitty new features and sucked ass. They worked on something useless instead

  • Keith.

    My guess is this is another gimmick that EA used to grab some cash from Doritos. Leave it up to EA & Tiburon to always come up with new ways to milk their customers and advertisers.

  • Keith.

    My guess is this is another gimmick that EA used to grab some cash from Doritos. Leave it up to EA & Tiburon to always come up with new ways to milk their customers and advertisers.

  • Nolabeast999

    Like Ian said, they catering to what yall asked for. You want this.

  • Nolabeast999

    Like Ian said, they catering to what yall asked for. You want this.

  • Nolabeast999

    Like Ian said, they catering to what yall asked for. You want this.

    • Philly

      Who in the blue heck is we!? I didn’t ask for any of this. They “cater” to what Peter Moore and the big shots at EA want, just like any business that’s all about the cash flow. I can’t wait till EA falls on their ass one day; it’s going to happen sooner or later, and maybe then they’ll realize they should have tried to put together a complete sports game together like they used to, instead of going for money first, quality and responding well to feedback second.

      • Pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

        • Philly

          my bad… I apologize to you Nolabeast; in the sarcastic sense, you make a great point.

  • Nolabeast999

    Like Ian said, they catering to what yall asked for. You want this.

  • Nolabeast999

    Like Ian said, they catering to what yall asked for. You want this.

  • Guest1

    Game is a turd – don’t need 3D glasses to “see” that.

  • Floridagatrz03

    Pasta…you should tweet Ian Cummings about his “use of developer resources” with regards to Doritos 3D vs. Surprise onside. I’m a little confused at how he took such a defensive stance regarding the surprise onside and yet they Devoted resources to such an obvious gimmick.

    • Its a fair question, though I doubt much went into doing this. They basically “converted” the game to 3D they didn’t design it for it.

      • Robs26

        Hey Pasta speaking of surprise onsides, they need to fix it period, i come out in an onside, hit the kick meter twice and they either call time out or audible. How is this possible when the ball should be kicked……EA Sucks

  • Mr. Saito

    Hey, without the glasses the uniforms look dirty!

  • Mykal94

    I don’t see how people can be mad about this at all. I mean I don’t like Madden this year and I don’t think this going to make it any better, but it’s kinda cool. It’s not like they’re forcing you to play with it or promoting as the new big feature. It’s really harmless, but when you piss people off with a crappy game I guess they get upset over everything.

  • Datkid

    what is wrong with you people its not a horrible game noone wants to read your complaints shut up. go start a blog about it stop wasting our time if you got something actually about the 3d feature being discussed then say it if not stop spamming

    • Datpiff123456789101112

      Thats right

  • More time well spent by the developers of Madden 11. It is utterly embarrassing for one of the most popular sports franchises of all time to nickle-and-dime their fans and put money into marketing gimmicks rather than beef up core content of their game.

  • i cant believe i even read this shit. lol i feel sorry for guys still playing this shit. lol omg ea what else can you guys gimmick next ohhh i know were going to actually make a TRUE SIM FOOTBALL GAME! bring back 2k save us PLEASE!!!!!

  • Rookie Of The Year

    I wonder if there’s any way of getting the mode outside of the U.S. ?

  • Stupid. How about working on franchise mode.

  • tish




  • Ghost of John Madden

    Rad Racer had 3D in 1987.

    It sucked then, it’s going to suck now

  • Yezurrrrrrr

    why are people still complaining about shit that’s already BEEN fixed??? LMAO! smh

    on another note, this whole 3D shit is wayyyy over used and over rated

  • Joeyland

    More crap nobody wants

  • Rda03c

    More feed for you sheeple … bahhhhhhhhhh

  • lol@life

    if you guys take the time to find a good slider set, this game plays well and is fun. suit yourselves.

    and btw, i did not pay for the game. i just got an s.i. subscription (which i was going to do anyway) and got the game for free. ha

    • maddensaiight

      agreed, all sliders to 14 gives me a solid challenge without feeling constantly cheated. and mebbe if u all had lives outside of video games you could enjoy what they offer and remember they’re only freakin’ video games… most of this crap makes me think ur all playin tecmobowl ’88. waaah.

  • HITMAN x D

    If anyone has a code already and sends me one I will send you cash on paypal the cost of the doritos bag of chips. I went to a few different stores and they don’t have it in my area yet. Email me saying you have the code and then email me the code. I’m honest don’t worry


    • Rda03c

      Bahhhhhhhhh …. Feed you young billygoat feed… Bahhhhhhh…

  • Anonymous

    I tell you what, I was skeptical about 3D until I went to Best Buy and checked out a Sony TV. It was awesome. I didn’t see any video games in action but I was able to see a bit of a college football game. Although you don’t see anything popping out in 3D (meaning as if the action is in your lap), there was a huge difference in regards to depth of field. It was incredible.

    Then I was shown a demo of 3D objects and my jaw dropped. The glasses were comfortable but for me the cost of these TV’s is enough to steer me away until the technology takes off. Typically, I have no issues being an early adopter but I am going to wait until the tech is better utilized.

    For those that have a 3D TV, having video games in 3D is another way to justify the purchase…I have no issues with companies adding this as an option…

    • Rookie Of The Year

      Exactly my sentiment, as long as adding 3D is purely an extra and doesn’t come at the expense of core features and gameplay, at last.

  • Ryan

    In July, Peter Moore stated he wasn’t sure about 3D and wasn’t going to add it for the sake of adding it. In October, they did just that.

    When is the revolt going to happen? EA is verbally slaughtered on every forum, facebook page, during live events (NHL Rookie event anyone?). They are hated to the Nth degree.

    When will this hate finally put this company to bed? They have ruined this genre, not because their games are garbage (some are decent), but they could be SO MUCH BETTER in the hands of someone else.

  • where’sthefeaturesIpaidfor?

    Might be nice if they did it Grey shade passive polarized. The Red & Blue (anaglyph?) drowns out colors and gives the average person a headache and strained eyes after about 3-15 minutes.

    • Monty

      actually the reason 3d films of this style hurt your eyes is because the imperceptible noise and dust from the film grain of both cameras play havoc with your eyes. That fact exists in all types of 3d. With digital media there is no film grain so theoretically it shouldn’t kill youre eyes.

      the codes are on tiny bags as well so I’m going to give it a try.

  • Aggh, that picture hurts my eyes! Still, the idea for this type of 3D thing is cool.

  • Just what we need. Popup Ads that REALLY popup. *sigh*

  • Loveloc

    i got a bag of doritos ent online enter info ask of me got a redeem code. enter redeem code. redeem code was confirmed. and i get no 3d yeah no 3d madden for me. so then i just bing madden 3d to see if you activate it in some special place i could be over looking. i found out you go to the game setting to turn it on. but guess what in my game setting no 3d. i this a joke to get u to buy doritos which i eat them anyway or are thier really people playing 3d game if so tell me the trick to get it to work.