Madden 11: Top Sports Game in November

Posted December 11th, 2010 at 1:10 pm

Last year Madden 10 was the top sports game in November and the series has traditionally done well over the holidays. However given the huge sales boost that NBA 2K11 received the expectation was that game would maintain its lead. Despite NBA 2K11 doubling its opening month sales in October and finishing in first place it fell to ninth in November while Madden 11 landed in fourth.

Without actual numbers, which the NPD no longer provides but will sometimes still find their way out, it is difficult to provide detailed analysis on this. 2K11 obviously became an “event” at its release which would account for a large drop-off. Based on history the typical drop-off in the second month for a sports title is around 78%. That can fluctuate from 70-85% depending on word of mouth and other factors. Taking the average that would put 2K11’s November at about 245K which would still be a very respectable number, though I suspect 2K11 probably pulled in a little more than that.

So NBA 2K11’s fall down to ninth is less an indication of weakness as it is a sign of Madden’s current strength. Last month was about negativity with the news Madden 11 was down 18% after opening up 12%, but finishing in fourth place here surely is impressive.

Even though many were disappointed with Madden this year it remains a top choice to go along with new console sales, which probably accounts for its surge in November as the Xbox 360 especially made huge gains thanks in part to the release of Kinect. Madden 11’s sales for November look to be in the range of 500K.

There has been no reporting of the numbers for NBA Jam HD. The 360 and PS3 versions of the game have clearly been big sales disappointments though, following a weak number for the Wii version in October.

  • Interesting point bringing up kinect. Wouldn’t be surprised if a good number of fathers that bought the Kinect & 360 bundle for their kids also bought Madden 11.

  • Dweiss19


  • Werty

    It’s because madden is at most $39.99 new. Of course it’s going to sell better than at $59.99. On black Friday the game was even cheaper… $30

    • Jaze

      NBA 2K11 was on sale too. Amazon even had it for $29.99 for part of one day.

      • Jaze

        Madden sells this time of year cause its a gift. Everyone who really wanted Madden bought it around release. Everyone who really wanted 2K11 bought it around release. Price I doubt really pushes sales months later.

  • Clintbeastwoods

    Its sad that people are wasting their hard earned money on garbage!

    • Anonymous

      It’s sadder that you always post garbage.

      • Blakktalon

        whats sad is you spend countless hours looking for garbage post to reply to. Try thinking for yourself and be a grown up.

        • Anonymous

          Well it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel considering there’s people on here who do nothing but bash EA. If I actually took the time to respond to every garbage post from these fanboys I would be spending the countless hours of which you speak. Am I happy with Madden? No but I don’t babble on about it without something constructive to say Junior.

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        • Anonymous

          Have you tried typing with the caps lock off?

          • Ben

            Have you tried no being a dick?

          • Anonymous

            Have you tried using the Queen’s English?

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  • Rm7280

    80% of the people buying Madden are buying an NFL product, because its an NFL product, not because its a video game that represents the sport.
    And the number of gamers leaving Madden is growing.

    • Blakktalon

      I wasnt gonna buy it new to help ea’s sales. I ended up picking up a used copy in november for 30 bucks with the code. If I can make it that long cold turkey, I should be able to hold off totally next year.

  • Anonymous

    yea bullshit.. NBA 2k11 FTW..

  • what it is

    EA should spend less time manipulating sales numbers and more time fixing their games.

  • what it is

    EA should spend less time manipulating sales numbers and more time fixing their games.

  • what it is

    EA should spend less time manipulating sales numbers and more time fixing their games.

  • Blair 7

    Yea i think i will wait till Black friday next year to buy Madden if i decide to. It was a big disappointment this year compared to the Ncaa 11 .

  • lol @ people who thought NBA 2k woud outsell Madden

  • This saddens me as NBA 2K11 is clearly the better game, but yet again 2K Sports brought it upon themselves with the lackluster effort in the online portion of the game. It’s maddening being a strictly online player, who only plays ranked matches, online leagues, My Player pickup & teamup to know how amazing this game is, yet have every online mode feel like it’s just thrown in last second just to say they did it.

    I love this series, but it’s time to make online an experience, not just a measly side item. Get all the modes working correctly, let’s have some online presentation, and improve upon every mode in some way or else I see no point in buying 2K12.

    • tish

      lol peace out. if you want to play strictly online go play warcraft or some shit

      • Ugh. So because I don’t care about any single player modes I shouldn’t play a basketball game? Nice logic. I guess you should only play Mass Effect or Fallout. What a dumb post.

        • You don’t get it, the reason online gaming is so fun because you can face a random opponent anytime you want,
          Not face your homeboy next door Eddy, who you’ve already played 100 times, and you two know each others plays by heart. Its not fun playing the same people over and over.

          • Nphillyk

            It is if you constantly beat them and own bragging rights. 🙂

  • Jedimasta1

    I got my M11 in Nov (used) and so far my record online is 49-19. Game Flow is great, and because of my footbaall background, defense is simple. Ea’s server could use some work (lag & glitches are too common) but the outside of that…I Love It!!

  • NELL86

    2k11 is terrible after that patch so i dont want to hear nothing about it

    • Youngmillymac

      yea that patch was horrible

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