See the Playstation Move in Action in MLB 11

Posted January 14th, 2011 at 11:50 am

It has long been known that Playstation Move would be implemented in MLB 11: The Show. When the first news on features was announced it was revealed that the implementation would be limited to use in Home Run Derby. In this video from CES check out the first footage of the motion control use in the game, which includes a somewhat bizarre looking floating bat rather than a player at the plate or first person camera. As always leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • IonG

    ugh. glad they didnt waste time putting this in the whole game. invisible players too? weak

    • Anonymous


      • HR

        yea, but the rest of the game is a gem, so who cares about this ?

  • OffMose

    weak. laggy too.

  • so lame

  • so lame

  • Newtonfb22

    If this was EA Pasta would say “I’m sure they could only use the bat for a visual because there would be too many possible animations, basically too hard to program each player movement with the move.” But because its not its “bizarre”.

    Now do i think it looks a little wierd? Sure but give them credit that the bat looks pretty close 1:1 with the guys movement and not like Wii. Its an OPTION in the game, the biggest thing I think can be in a video game is options for everyones liking, what someone likes someone might dislike. All im saying…

  • Anonymous

    Now I know why they didn’t incorporate this into the whole game.

    Maybe they should limit pre-swing animations. Like you can point the bat, you can take half swings, whatever. But no detail as to how much your bat moves while the player is in his ready stance. That would get rid of a lot of the randomness and make it more programmable.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this seems like a waste to me. What really pisses me off is the new co-op mode can only be played online and in exhibition games. How hard could it have been to implement this mode into franchise as well? I would have much rather had them include that than spend time doing this, but I’m sure Sony was on their ass to incorporate move functionality into this game since they are trying to sell that Move stuff and need it in as many games as possible. I was really looking forward to co-op, but when I heard you could only play one off exhibition games with it that took a lot of the wind out of my sails as far as excitement for that feature.

  • They need a “create a kid” feature. I see there’s an empty outfield, and to have an authentic HR Derby look you have to have about 50 little kids running around after the ball in the outfield.

  • George

    lol invisible player. didnt expect that.

  • PmoRVA

    the jingle at the begining of this video basically sums this up.

  • Sdot206

    Not sold…if I wish MLB: The Show was a multi-platform title because it would be so much better with the Kinect sensor…

    • Anonymous

      not even u believe that

  • Al Bundy

    After working all day, the last thing I want to do is stand in my living room and swing a fake bat.

    • Especially with one hand already down your pants right Al?

  • kcking2

    Over/under 1.5 people buy the Move package so they can play this… I say under.

  • double b’s

    It seems to me that this was something Sony made them put in the game. The way this mode looks and plays, doesn’t match the quality product the SCEA team usually puts out in the MLB franchise. I believe with more time it will turn out nice. But it really doesn’t matter to me, I’m not playing PS move nor am i playing this game because of the PS move. This game is a gem, and every other mode in the game will be terrific…

  • Kid_fleetfoot

    Kind of hard to throw at the batter.

  • Def


  • Anonymous

    I think the best implementation of the Move would be to be able to create custom batting stances/swings and custom windups for pitchers. As it is right now, it’s still just a gimmick, at least for this title.

  • HughJardon

    I heard a woman giggling in the background. Was someone diddling her clit?

  • Unimpressive

  • Unimpressive

  • BC