MLB 2K11 Features List

Posted January 19th, 2011 at 3:30 pm

2K Sports has been especially quiet on the MLB 2K11 front (outside of the $1 million contest announcement) and after the comments made regarding the MLB license that has increased concern that the series isn’t going to make a strong push this year or next. With under seven weeks to go until release of the game the first details are finally here in the way of an initial features list which many will likely find uninspiring.

The big addition appears to be the “Dynamic Player Ratings” which will have real-time influence through all the game modes. The improved fielding and new player models were noted in the reveal trailer. Continue on for a look at the announced features and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Dynamic Player Ratings

Watch your favorite MLB pitcher strike out the side in a real game, then watch his stats improve in your game. Dynamic Player Ratings update in real-time through ALL game modes, including MLB Today, Franchise and My Player.

  • Revamped Fielding System

Completely revamped fielding system, featuring improved AI, throwing meters and landing indicators to give you more control to run down a fly ball or make the play at the plate.

  • My Player Mode

Guide your player through the Minor Leagues and into the history books with an improved My Player mode.

  • MLB Today

Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in Major League Baseball, with timely play-by-play commentary and stat overlays pulled from real life news and box scores.

  • Total Control Pitching and Hitting

The battle at the plate comes to life in the palms of your hands. Paint the corners with pinpoint accuracy on the mound, and then fight off nasty sliders until you get the pitch you’re looking for at the plate.

  • New Player Models

Amazing attention to detail captures every intricacy of the game. Enjoy completely rebuilt player models for Major League authenticity like never before.

  • Nygman70

    does anyone know if we will ever be able to create our own teams in a baseball game like we do in Madden?If you know of any newer baseball games that allow us to create teams,colors,logos and so on please let me know……ty

  • Chris Belena

    What this game needs is 1) Rain outs, rain delays and make-up double headers and 2) Players and managers arguing calls and getting thrown out.

  • Can’t wait!!! Just a month to go =)

  • Pittpirate3

    Will my player mode be like nba 2k11 with interviews and endorcements?

  • Babybird172001

    what they should add for my player mode is interviews after the game and let it add to the attribute

  • Babybird172001

    updated player at bat songs on the game would be a first

  • Anonymous

    create a team option thats what these games are missing.Madden has it and Nhl has it.Lets put it in an Mlb game as well…..

  • Anonymous

    create a team option thats what these games are missing.Madden has it and Nhl has it.Lets put it in an Mlb game as well…..

  • Rudyh1295

    I think the commentary on mlb today will be awesome!

  • VTbaseballfan

    I would be happy if they could just figure out that fastballs and change-ups should have a different velocity. 2K really needs some people who understand baseball to work on this game. Its all about the pitcher / hitter battle and each should have an equal chance for success. Lastly homeruns should not be every other hit and more often by powerhitters and less often by everbody else. no earth shattering ideas here, but 2k has never got them right.

  • Metsjets20

    I can’t wait for this player mode

  • T Gad1984

    Why does my SP get injured in the 4th inning every game. You need a update for this injury bs. I’m ready to trade this crap in