UFC 2010 Receives Stats Update

Posted February 1st, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Earlier today THQ pushed live the latest stats update for UFC Undisputed 2010. They have exclusively provided the changes that have been made in this latest update breaking down categories that saw increases and decreases for the 23 fighters affected.

Jon “Bones” Jones looks to be the biggest beneficiary having received upgrades almost completely across the board while Sean Sherk takes a hit in the most categories. Despite the loss to Cain Velasquez there is no movement made to Brock Lesnar’s ratings in this update. Continue on for a full listing of ratings shifts and leave any thoughts in the comments!

Cain Velasquez: UP– 76 Speed, 70 Standing Kick Offense

Carlos Condit: UP– 75 Standing Strike Offense, 73 Standing Strike Defense, 70 Standing Kick Offense

Chael Sonnen: UP– 70 Speed. DOWN– 77 Ground Grapple Defense

Clay Guida: UP– 72 Ground Grapple Offense, 70 Ground Grapple Defense, 69 Submission Offense

Dong Hyun Kim: UP– 71 Strength, 70 Takedown Defense

Jason Brilz: UP– 74 Cardio, 72 Clinch Grapple Defense, 76 Ground Grapple Defense, 75 Submission Defense

Jon Jones: UP– 75 Cardio, 83 Strength, 80 Standing Strike Offense, 80 Standing Strike Defense, 80 Standing Kick Offense, 78 Standing Kick Defense, 80 Clinch Strike Offense, 79 Clinch Strike Defense, 80 Ground Strike Offense, 75 Ground Strike Defense, 88 Clinch Grapple Offense, 76 Clinch Grapple Defense, 86 Takedown Offense, 80 Takedown Defense, 74 Ground Grapple Offense, 72 Ground Grapple Defense

Junior Dos Santos: UP– 80 Cardio, 74 Clinch Grapple Defense, 79 Takedown Defense

Kenny Florian: UP– 80 Standing Strike Offense

Lyoto Machida: UP– 86 Speed, 70 Clinch Grapple Offense. DOWN– 82 Standing Strike Defense, 79 Ground Grapple Defense

Marcus Davis: DOWN– 78 Standing Strike Defense

Mauricio Rua: UP– 80 Cardio, 80 Clinch Strike Defense

Mirko Cro Cop: DOWN– 78 Standing Strike Defense

Ryan Bader: UP– 71 Speed, 74 Standing Strike Offense, 69 Standing Kick Offense, 75 Takedown Defense

Sean Sherk (LW): DOWN– 83 Cardio, 83 Speed, 80 Standing Strike Defense, 79 Standing Kick Defense, 82 Takedown Offense, 80 Takedown Defense

Sean Sherk (WW): DOWN– 80 Cardio, 80 Standing Strike Defense, 72 Standing Kick Defense, 82 Takedown Offense, 80 Takedown Defense

Shane Carwin: DOWN– 74 Cardio, 76 Submission Defense

Stefan Struve: UP– 70 Standing Strike Offense, 70 Clinch Strike Defense, 70 Ground Strike Offense, 74 Ground Strike Defense,

Thiago Silva: UP– 73 Speed

Tito Ortiz: DOWN– 76 Cardio, 79 Takedown Offense

Tyson Griffin: DOWN– 84 Speed, 79 Standing Strike Offense, 79 Standing Kick Defense

Yoshihiro Akiyama: UP– 71 Strength, 70 Takedown Defense

Yushin Okami: UP– 79 Standing Kick Defense, 80 Clinch Grapple Offense

  • Wow, hard to believe Brocks stats didn’t take even a slight hit….

  • JZE

    Thanks for this info Pasta.

  • Damn wish they’d change some peoples movesets and styles. . . smh Brock definitely needed a decrease

    Wish Big Nog could get some love (even though he hasn’t fought hehe :D)

    Lil Nog needs to be added through DLC already among many other fighters!

    Also where is Cain Velasquez high kicks that have been missing?

    • MP3

      DLC was something that was promised to us before the game came out anyway, but THQ never delivered. I remember a Q&A on the game’s website last year where it was admitted that Paul Daley & Josh Neer were supposed to be DLC but Neer got cut & Daley had that “incident” at UFC 113 & they were supposedly told not to add him. Months have passed & people still want guys like Lil Nog, Jim Miller, Matt Mitrione, Andre Winner, Phil Davis, Jake Shields & Mike Pyle. They add DLC all the time to the Smackdown games, surely they can still do that with UFC.

  • MP3

    How does Sean Sherk take a hit across the board when his last fight against Evan Dunham was one of the best fights of 2010?. For those who didn’t see the fight, Sherk took Dunham down at will in the 1st 2 rounds, gave him a nasty cut on his head, & got out of some deep submission attempts & Joe Rogan went as far as to say Sherk has the best submission defense in the sport. Dunham went off on Sherk the last 3 minutes of the final round & took advantage of his height. But 3 minutes of finally landing punches doesn’t equal a win. The only bad move on the list. But i wonder if they will move fighters who’ve changed weight classes to their new divisions in the next update (examples include Ricardo Almeida & Nate Diaz to WW, & Marcus Davis to LW)

    • NoFro904

      Dunham whooped sherks ass.
      You are literally the first person ive seen say that sherk won that fight..

      • MP3

        The last 3 minutes absolutely, & personally i had the fight scored a draw. But you know how the judges are & takedowns score points. Based off the takedowns & the cut that had to be checked, you know the judges gave the edge to Sherk. I wasn’t saying Sherk won, i just stated it was good fight & closer in the first 2 rounds than critics say. Most fans know judges are biased towards grinders like GSP & Fitch. & really shouldn’t have been surprised with the result.

  • why is Melvin Gulliard not in this game?

  • why is Melvin Gulliard not in this game?

  • Good to see “Bones” Jones getting respect…but the non-adjustment to Brock Lesnar’s stats is a bunch of BS. Just because is he the “cover boy” does not make him untouchable…OBVIOUSLY…Velasquez whooped that ass and good riddance…Lesnar is a complete douchebag…