Demo for MLB 11: The Show Out Tomorrow

Posted February 21st, 2011 at 7:30 am

In a posting yesterday the Playstation Blog casually revealed that a demo for MLB 11: The Show would release with the update of PSN on the evening of Tuesday February 21st. This comes as somewhat of a surprise simply due to the timing involved and that to date SCEA had not publicly discussed any of their plans for the demo.

Typically Sony would make a bigger deal out of promoting their products including their demo releases.┬áThat Killzone 3 releases on Tuesday ultimately shouldn’t affect how The Show would be marketed, even as they surely would like the primary focus for the day to be on Killzone.

Regardless it looks as though the demo will be out tomorrow and after everything that went down last year that is an encouraging development in itself. This is an important one given that the new analog control schemes will take some time to adapt to. Details on the what the demo will entail will likely come sometime today or early tomorrow. (Update: Four innings of a World Series rematch with Rangers @ Giants)

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  • Hoss

    Good news! Im on the fence this year. Got tired of the game last year and other then the controls (which Im not a fan of) there isnt much new this time around. The demo could sway me either direction.

  • Hoss

    Good news! Im on the fence this year. Got tired of the game last year and other then the controls (which Im not a fan of) there isnt much new this time around. The demo could sway me either direction.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you. I’m sure the game will be great, but I haven’t really seen anything worth me scrapping my Franchise from MLB ’10. I”m in year 4 already and just lost the World Series to the Mets (Oakland Athletics). I made all the roster changes and contract updates, so I was set already for year 11. One thing I am interested in is the updated Franchise Logic, but I’ll have to wait a few months after release to see what the people have to say about it.

      • HR

        Wait a few months ? Get the fuck outta here, you’re not gonna wait that long. You’re so full of shit. $60 is not THAT much money that you have to consider it like it’s a car payment or mortgage.

        • Anonymous

          Holy shit my post got deleted!!!

          Regardless, I don’t wait for monetary reasons. It’s a matter of principle. I don’t buy shit just because they put out a new one every year.

          I had a longer explanation but the shit got eaten

          • Anonymous

            Analog controls, retooled RTTS mode, co-op mode, new weather effects. Most minor changes, but the new RTTS mode sold me. Not just recycled shit, though.

          • Anonymous

            yeah in my detailed explanation, I pointed out that I’m 100% fine with the way the game is right now, and the only improvement I care about is Franchise mode. since the only news I heard about Franchise is improved trade logic I figured I’d actually wait until the jury was out on before I bought the game.

            they talked a lot of shit about MLB ’10 and when the game dropped, other than those classic stadiums I actually feel like the game regressed….

  • BC

    cool as shit

  • John206

    wow you posted kinda early than usually Pasta is this the only blog you’re doing for the day

  • UbboER

    eh. prob passing on both baseball games this year. just nothing to be excited by

    • Disagree, but you have the right to say that…

  • Ronnie1611

    Tuesday is the 22nd. so is the game coming out today or tomorrow.. today is the 21st and it’s Monday

  • Kanagedy77

    will the demo be out in stores available for purchase tomorrow??

    • Justinramsey9

      no its on PSN. for free. in the PS store.

  • Justinramsey9

    i cant wait for the full version game to come out! and with the 30 day subscription with the preorder off, its gonna be great. this game gets better every year and i kno this one wont disappoint.

    • I agree the 30 subscription to MLBtv was a great idea.

  • oh yeah

  • Anonymous

    When do PS3 demos typically release? I know most 360 ones are usually 2-3 AM EST, it’s been a while that I’ve been insanely excited for a demo so I’ve never really tried to get it ASAP before.

  • Scottt1174

    OMG, I just saw the gameplay trailer. The commentary sucks. WTF. It looks like MLB 10.5 The demo better be good.