Senior Members of the Madden NFL Development Team Departing Tiburon

Posted April 10th, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Multiple sources have informed me there are some major changes taking place at EA Tiburon specifically relating to the Madden NFL franchise. Several high level members of the development team are apparently on their way out and may be joining a new studio that is being founded by a former Tiburon executive. When made public some of the names exiting the studio will be immediately recognizable to those who closely follow the series.

On Friday The Orlando Business Journal reported on the new social gaming studio, to be known as Row Sham Bow, that is creating 60 “high wage” jobs in the Orlando area (also home to Tiburon). Job postings for the company began going up earlier this month.

It is unknown at this time what if any impact would be had on the development of Madden NFL 12 or even if those individuals would be leaving immediately. As of publish time request for comment from EA Sports had not been returned.

  • Mulloy Mike

    so long! this game has barely improved in 10 years and it’s time for a change.

  • Vindrewski

    I doubt a new crew with “fresh ideas” is what you’ll get. It occurs to me that the devs who are so often reviled in the sim community might not be the problem; It’s more likely the execs who dictate the content that the devs implement. I’m guessing this new studio might have the freedom to do things they couldn’t do with Madden. As for Madden? Sheesh, who knows? Between the impending labor stoppage, key devs leaving the team, and an expiring licensing agreement, football gaming might look quite a bit different in the near future.

  • good riddance. fuck EA and everyone under their umbrella

  • good riddance. fuck EA and everyone under their umbrella