Mark Ingram Wins Vote to Become Cover Athlete of NCAA Football 12

Posted April 19th, 2011 at 7:15 am

Alabama running back Mark Ingram has won the vote to be on the cover of NCAA Football 12. Ingram beat out Washington QB Jake Locker, Auburn DT Nick Fairley, and Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray for the honor. The voting was conducted through Facebook from March 3rd to April 4th and the victor in Ingram will finally be confirmed by EA Sports today.

Ingram was the clear favorite of the group from the start and subsequent polling showed he was going to roll to a relatively easy victory. The former Heisman winner is seen as a likely first round selection in the NFL Draft which takes place next week. NCAA Football 12 is set to arrive in stores on July 12th. 

  • QvE

    eh. not a big fan of ingram but i guess it could be worse. wouldve liked locker to be the guy out of the four.

  • I think everyone saw this coming.

  • well deserved, although i still think it should have been paterick peterson.

    • Chrisweber5187

      who is patErick peterson?

    • Chrisweber5187

      who is patErick peterson?

  • Nothing wrong with Ingram, but I’ve just never been that excited by him or Alabama football in general… They had their year in 2009…

    That said, they weren’t really going to go QB this year and Locker isn’t exactly the most buzzworthy at the position right now either. Would have loved to see Andy Dalton get a shot at the vote though…

  • Rockchisler2000

    I buy the game for the product not whose on the cover..But Congrats Mark

  • DoJo

    Yea Mark! He is such a class act and is very deserving of this!

    • Spartikus

      Class act my ass. I played pool with this guy at a local sports pub here in Huntsville, Al. He’s nothing more than a jerk. Fame and popularity all went to his head. He’s a decent athlete but could be a better human. I am a fan of Mark and Alabama but come on.

  • Gamerzz

    its amazing looking at the picture posted here and then comparing it to the screens and video for 12. Grass makes an absolutely huge difference.

  • Bama Baby!

    Roll Tide!

    • Spartikus

      Alabama: Most National Championships in NCAA, most SEC championships, most bowl victories, most consecutive wins versus rivals, only NCAA football team to win a national championship in every decade. We just keep on settin records the more we play.

  • Koachvonner

    Out of all those guys, I’m glad Ingram won. However, I feel like it should’ve been Cam Newton. Or go defensive with Kyle Matthews

    • Spartikus

      EA did not want to sponsor Cam Newton because of the money(pay to play) bullshit that was going on. They didn’t want to have to deal with putting him on the cover and then have the NCAA come back next year and sue them.

  • Dre2778

    Once again the SEC is on the cover. Jake Locker didn’t have enough accolades to be in the running IMHO. The Matthews kid out of Oregon in his place or some other deserving player. Nothing bad against Locker but he sucked his entire career @ UW