2011 First Round Draft Pick Screenshots

Posted May 2nd, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Given that EA Sports didn’t release screenshots of incoming rookies from Madden 12 during the NFL Draft, I’ve gone through and captured images of the players on their respective teams in Madden 11. Many of these players have already received the numbers they will be wearing and most are reflected here, while a few of the screens were taken with numbers guessed or carried over from college. 

Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton

Denver Broncos – Von Miller

Buffalo Bills – Marcell Dareus

Cincinnati Bengals – A.J. Green

Arizona Cardinals – Patrick Peterson

Atlanta Falcons – Julio Jones

San Francisco 49ers – Aldon Smith

Tennessee Titans – Jake Locker

Dallas Cowboys – Tyron Smith

Jacksonville Jaguars – Blaine Gabbert

Houston Texans – J.J. Watt

Minnesota Vikings – Christian Ponder

Detroit Lions – Nick Fairley

St. Louis Rams – Robert Quinn

Miami Dolphins – Mike Pouncey

Washington Redskins – Ryan Kerrigan

New England Patriots – Nate Solder

San Diego Chargers – Corey Liuget

New York Giants – Prince Amukamara

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Adrian Clayborn

Cleveland Browns – Phil Taylor

Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Castonzo

Philadelphia Eagles – Danny Watkins

New Orleans Saints – Cameron Jordan

Seattle Seahawks – James Carpenter

Kansas City Chiefs – Jonathan Baldwin

Baltimore Ravens – Jimmy Smith

New Orleans Saints – Mark Ingram

Chicago Bears – Gabe Carimi

New York Jets – Muhammad Wilkerson

Pittsburgh Steelers – Cameron Heyward

Green Bay Packers – Derek Sherrod

Bonus Shots

  • Castonzo should be at LT, if you care.

  • Castonzo should be at LT, if you care.

  • The Mallet picture should have shown him on the bench. Great work, man. My favorite one is Fairley and Suh together. They are going to break people’s faces!

    • Bjthejackel

      lol  now thats was a good one

  • Kdarnell

    Julio is #11. It was announced today

  • Glad Bucs got some love in the picks, but Clayborn and Bowers have dreads. I hope they have dreads in the game they usually do.

  • Larry

    Mike Goodson: “Pass it, I’m open!”

    Cam Newton: “Fuck you, I’m runnin”

    • HaloUnion


    • HaloUnion


    • Mike G


    • Mike G


  • Jshaver18

    Does Cameron Heyword have dreads in that image???

    100% sure he doesn’t have dreads in real life…

  • Dymez

    Get that Madden 11 crap outta here!!!! LOL

    On a serious note, Locker to the Titans, horrible move. That kid needs better coaching, a comfortable location, and time to develop. It should’ve been the Seahawks who got him. Let him play the Aaron Rodgers card and sit/learn behind Matt Hasselbeck for his remaining years.

  • Quirkstre

    why is mallett built like vince mcmahon?

    • Def

      All of the players looked ripped. Even Pouncey

  • Def

    Why do you have Clay Matthews getting abused by a Sea-chicken Pasta. Not cool !!

  • Ryan Mallet wasn’t even first round.

    • MO

      thats why he was under the “bonus shots” section….derp

    • L-Boogie

      OHHHH… he called u derp!!! U GONNA LET HIM TALK 2 U LIKE THAT SON???

  • Sdot


  • Indiansbro


  • Longshoreman

    wow, i was wondering what the backsides of all the new rookies looked like… great.

    • Longshoreman

      oh. now that i actually read the post, i see that pasta made these himself, not EA…

      sorry. i assumed this was EA doing the same thing they’d done in years past. now i feel like a dick.

  • take down the eagles shot… please 🙁 another dissapointing draft. a firefighter though c’mon son (Ed Lover Voice)

    • Ohioeman3

      Don’t sleep on the Eagles’ draft bro. We got an OG that can step in and play day 1, the most physical DB in the draft in Jaiquan Jarrett (Andy compares him to Dawkins) we got A CB in the 3rd who has very little experience, but has all of the physical tools to start in 2 or 3 years, we got Clay Matthews’ little brother Casey, who has great football knowledge, awareness, and instincts. We drafted the Iowa OG Julian Vandervelde who is very, very well coached, and will be coached with Watkins by the BEST Offensive Line Coach of all time Howard Mudd. We got the best Kicker in NCAA HISTORY kicking a 98.7% in his collegiate career. We got a FB that is more like a RB, but is slower, and a better blocker. Great receiving out of the backfield.

      And my FAVORITE pick by far, Dion Lewis from Pittsburgh. A BEAST. Broke all of LeSean “Shady” McCoy’s records from Pitt. As a TRUE Freshman broke Tony Doresette’s rushing record, won big east offensive player of the year, and freshman of the year. And if he came out next year or the year after years he’d be a 1st round RB (depending on injury) Cuts harder than anyone I’ve EVER seen, maybe besides Barry Sanders.

  • Did you use NCAA 11 To Import the Rookies to make the screenshots ?

  • Ohioeman3

    Are they aware that Danny Watkins is white?

    Also one thing I see that might ruin the game for me next year: Suh and Fairley are only One-on-One with interior linemen. Same with Big Boy Phil Taylor, if the bigger NT/3-4 D-Line don’t demand a double team, then the 3-4 will be lackluster once again and not be the correct execution of it. Therefore you could run a 3-4 with Trent Cole type ends, and 4-3 DTs and still be fast without being over-powered by the O-Line.

    • Ohioeman3

      Same with M. Wilkerson. The Reason the Lions got Fairley is so a team would have to choose to double either Fairley or Suh – ultimately failing and letting the one-on-one DT beat to OG alone.

      In Madden this D-Line configuration or concept hasn’t been implemented. I hope that NT demand double teams, and the stronger guys do as well. I hope that the 4-3 can also get big NT type guys like 330+ as 2 DT and still have 2 ends (eventually clogging the middle, and freeing up a LB or DE off of the edge or in a stunt in the middle. Lastly Hoping the force the OG into his own QB/RB and disrupt the play. Madden has been about speed above everything, if that’s the case The Bus, The Fridge, Steven Jackson, and people like Anquan Boldin wouldn’t be relevant; I truly hope they bring some realness to the trenches, creating a pocket for the QB to manipulate, maneuverer, and step up into unlike recent years where its just a straight line and people give up on blocks after they’re man has a half step on them.

  • DonRSD aka PSN DonVCorleone

    your madden 11 screenshots look exactly like madden 12 screenshots lol

  • Guest

    you gotta edit them…

  • Raidersedge

    Dude that’s a lot of work. Thanks for posting.

  • Calbears

    Cameron Heyward has a HUGE head in that screenshot

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Pasta. Much appreciated!

  • Guest

    You should’ve had a picture of Mallett sitting on the bench!

  • Iamninerfaithful

    Colin Kaepernick plz

  • Stoked wonder what the ratings will be…. sorry forgot what game this was

  • Stoked wonder what the ratings will be…. sorry forgot what game this was

  • Swag

    Julio Jones number is 11.

  • Pete

    f that theres no way prince gets 21 from KP

  • This has to be Madden 11. Due to the grass not being 3D at all and you can tell at the close to ground shots. NCAA Rookie Draft Class Import right hur.

  • This has to be Madden 11. Due to the grass not being 3D at all, even when it’s a close shot on the ground. NCAA Rookie Import right hur

  • This has to be Madden 11. Due to the grass not being 3D at all, even when it’s a close shot on the ground. NCAA Rookie Import right hur

  • DUDE

    I dont know what Jonathan Baldwin’s number is going to be for the Chiefs but it wont be 88. That was Tony Gonzalez’s number and though its not retired yet, it will be, so i doubt they give anybody that number. Bowe’s already got Baldwin college number so im guessing he’ll take Chamber’s 83 when the Chiefs cut him.