Madden NFL 12 at E3: Buccaneers at Vikings

Posted June 13th, 2011 at 10:20 am

Late last week I posted up a set of Madden 12 videos that featured Minnesota hosting Tampa Bay. Here are six videos to continue that series. Tomorrow the E3 off-screen videos will conclude with the Cam Newton led Panthers at the Tim Tebow graced Broncos in the snow.

The latest in ‘Player Trait’ pictures are up and all posted so far can be found in the FB album. Added since the last update: Nnamdi Asomugha, Von Miller, Larry Fitzgerald, Nick Fairley, Kevin Kolb, Jon Beason, Michael Crabtree, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe, Vincent Jackson, Mario Williams, Donald Driver, Jason Babin, Marques Colston, Robert Quinn, Ahmad Bradshaw, Rolando McClain, Tommy Kelly, Bruce Gradkowski, Andrew Quarless, Chris Clemons (SEA), Eddie Royal, Jordan Gross, Karlos Dansby, Knowshon Moreno, Jordy Nelson, and Justin Tuck.

  • Dunno about yall, but it looks like they got player models right….DBs/WRs look like they supposed to…skinny…lol…I like the over look and fluidity of this year’s game.

    • Sdot


      • zzzz

        for once sdot i agree with you

    • Mcnabb51boi

      your joking right christian ponder looks like a full back

      • Ghu55

        have you watched the nfl before? quarterbacks wear extra padding to protect themselves.  If you look it up, I know jay cutler and ben rothlisbergher wear it.

        • Papelbon5821

          We know they wear it, you must be the one who doesn’t watch football because the only quarterback who looks that big is Ben Roethislberger and thats because hes the fucken size of a linebacker you idiot other QBs dont look that big, and the shoulder pad height for quarterbacks aren’t that high. Quarterbacks have necks, you can look that one up if you want.  

  • did those cheerleaders get smilex’d by the joker or something in that Halftime video? those are HUGE grins!

    • forty six & 2

      They looked like they were inspired by Primus’ video for Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver.

  • did those cheerleaders get smilex’d by the joker or something in that Halftime video? those are HUGE grins!

  • Andrew G.

    I didn’t know Christian Ponder was black.

    • ryan

      I didn’t know you called the skin color of Ponder’s player model black.

  • Andrew G.

    I didn’t know Christian Ponder was black.

  • Yessir

    Big Bucs fan here, glad you got all this footage of them.

    • Succaneers

      Just a random question, how many teams with a winning record did the bucaramanga beat last year? Was it 0 or 1?

      • Kdarnel

        Hahaha sorry about the auto correction…bucaramanga=buccaneers 😛

      • Yessir

        haha I really don’t see your point. I never said they were the best team in the NFL. 10-6 for a team most idiot experts had going 4-12. Beat one winning team. Refs admitted bad call vs Detroit which cost Bucs game. If they weren’t screwed GB would not have made playoffs.

        • Kdarnell

          I know bro I respect the bucs a lot for what they accomplished this year…I myself am a falcons fan but you guys are BY FAR my favorite rival, no matter what record either of our teams have, our games are always intense and down to the last minute. You guys will unfortunately probably have one of the best Dlines in the league next year :/

          • It would’ve been nice if the Bucs kept GB out of the playoffs. Maybe something different might’ve happened with my Bears. Oh well…

        • Anonymous

          best team in the nfc… yeah I said it…

      • Anonymous

        it was 1 at everyones darling team and super bowl champion aints… oh wait my bad this year im sure your bandwagon is hooked to the packers. either that or your a closet bucs “fan”

  • Guest

    I don’t like how the post game cut scenes are pretty much the same for every game. I wish they worked on recording more scenes.

    • Phoenix

      this is a demo they brought to E3. It isn’t the full or final product. Plus they have a some more time to work on the game and fix things before it releases.

      • Guest

        It is for the most part the full or final product. Two months arn’t going to make any changes, those two months go into fixing bugs and glitches, and then packaging and shipping. This is exactly what games in the full Madden 12 will look like… I dont get why people always expect there to be some kind of big changes in the final products of games after a demo..

        • Phoenix

          I am not saying there will be big changes but since this is a demo designed to be shown at E3 there are likely some things they left out.

  • HardcoreVikesFan

    Still see they haven’t fixed that animation with the MLB pumping up the ‘crowd’ even though Tampa Bay is the away team.

  • Yessir

    Shame the person didn’t know how to use Bucs. Since AP had helmet off after game, hopefully that means when a player is created we can do more to their face.All next gen Madden seem to have set faces. A lot of dreadlock guys have fat faces, they need to have separate faces and hair styles like old Madden.

    • Anonymous

      yeah its a shame how whoever had them let ponder carve them up and ap run wild… miller looked pretty good clogging the middle though

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  • Ryan

    Can we get some NHL 12 vids? Or any vids besides Madden please? You are covering just one game…

    • Who cares about the NHL

      Fuck the NHL

    • Who cares about the NHL

      Fuck the NHL

    • Def

      there are no NHL 12 vids…game was not on the show floor

    • 43steel43


  • gmane91

    i mean really theres no pleaseing you haters the ggame looks great could fix some animations i loved the half time clips and the post game could use some work but for where we are the foundation of the game is awsome i cant wait to see this all come together

  • Chrsn

    That’s one ugly mascot riding one ugly set of wheels

    • tish

      That’s not even the real Vikings team entrance, it’s the one that the people who make madden invented themselves. The real Vikings just have Ragnar (real Ragnar, not that inflatable dude) ride out on a motorocycle and then players run out. I don’t have any idea how having fake entrances help the authenticity of the game or why people are excited about this.

  • im torn now i was gonna buy this game because of the franchise mode but now i feel like this is what 2011 shoulda been  the defense dropping sure ints is weak  and i still see the jog animation in there   i hope the final product blows me away or ill be buying modern warfare 3 instead

    • Anonymous


  • Def

    I see the fullbacks still are worthless.

  • Anonymous

    they need to fix the interceptions, a bad pass is a bad pass, im tired of playing this game and dropping 3 or 4 picks on a drive giving the other team one to many chances. im surprised they havent made any animations for a sideline interception yet, if the ball hits ed reed in the hands (even if he miss times the jump) hes still gonna pick it, but in the game he drops it. they act like these guys have rocks for hands, especially those sideline floaters. if there was one thing they could change im tryna have that be it, i know pasta talked about not having 5 interceptions in one game blah blah but if deangelo hall can get 4 in a game (2 of which were sideline interceptions, oh and diving interceptions need to be added too) off bum ass throws then let me get em in madden too. just sayin.

  • Ferris W. Heel

    Pasta… First video (E3 Part Two) time mark 1:07 the TE get’s open… WIDE. Yes the TE did a double move, it’s only one play, and one defensive play picked out of many but some of the first notes taken and mentioned by different sources reporting was how improved the zone defense was with the exception of maybe the safeties. From what you can tell, are the TE’s going to be the B$ headache again this year, and have you been able to see if Double TE’s finally works again for the first time since probably about 2003/2005?

    • forty six & 2

      This was played on Pro difficulty with default sliders, so the full capabilities of the defense’s AI in zone won’t be as evident as they would be on All-Madden. With that said, from the looks of the play you mentioned, it appears the defense is playing man with the MLB acting as a spy leaving the OLB matched up in one on one coverage against the TE. The MLB doesn’t rush, drop into a zone or cover anyone, he mirrors the QB so it’s either a busted responsibility or he was a spy. All the other receiver routes are deep running the coverage off. It’s pretty commonplace for an athletic TE to beat a LB one on one, especially with a double move. Taking issue with this play in regards to the reports of improved zone AI doesn’t seem to fit here since it wasn’t zone coverage.

      • Ferris W. Heel

        Yeah it wasn’t a zone, but zone wasn’t the focus for the play and post. I wanted to know if he was able to tell whether or not TE’s would pose as much of a problem as they did last year, and getting as wide open as the TE does in clip 1/Vid #2. So can they pass through zones loosely, etc. In 12 you could have heavy coverage over the middle and/or flats and still get beat up. Obviously you can’t manually control everyone. I stated there was a double move, fully aware that it’s realistic to get left. I also wanted to asking if the defensive play “Double TE’s” will finally function properly as it once did, but has been ineffective over the past years. So why do you make it sound like those questions should get a wave of the hand?

        • forty six & 2

          I was not at E3, I did not play the game so I cannot answer the “wave of the hand” questions, obviously. I responded to the part of your post that I could.

  • tish

    I think they got Christian Ponder confused with Mike Vick because they wear the same number. Last time I checked Ponder was slow and white, not super fast and black.

    • actualy ponder isnt that slow, as showed in the game i dont think hes that fast but the dude can run, think a lil faster than tebow.

  • who dat!?

    The black Christian Ponder might be Tavarus Jackson who wears 7

    • 43steel43


  • Matthew Stevenson

    wow part 3 the tight end could’ve been calling for the ball but he was all slouching

  • I’m really liking all the presentation stuff they put in. The camera cuts after the play are really sweet, as are the sideline cut scenes. Also loved how the coaches took the headsets off and ran in at halftime. Hopefully they put some logic in to online franchise this year as well.

  • Kx65kxracer

    hahaha wow those are the most scary ass cheereleaders that i have ever seen

  • huejac2

    Where the hell is Buc FS Tanard Jackson. I know he is suspended but he is stil on the roster.

    • Person

      Rah already said this offseason that Grimm’s the starter heading into the season. Even if Jackson gets reinstated AND is in perfect football shape, he won’t be eligible for reinstatement until week 3. So, the game as it exists now will have T-Jack still suspended. If Herr Goodell does reinstate him, I imagine we’ll have to wait for a mid-season roster update before he’s back on the roster.

  • Besides the presentation, I see the same rehashed, reused engine from last year and the year before.  I know that EA needed help in the presentation department so they hired some forum member off OS, which is laughable at best.  It shows the incompetency of EA and their knowledge of the sports game they design.  They hire Joe Schmoe off the internet to help with the PRESENTATION.  Let that one sink in for a moment.

    But I got to say, I used to be impressed year after year.  I’d be the guy constantly going on sites like this looking for Madden news every single day of my life (Lame?  I know).  But EA has let me down big time last year.  It’s been year after year, but last year, the whole messed up stats on Franchise mode, the bugs and glitches, etc were never fixed or attempted to if that.  People voiced their opinions about that and still, they look the other way and undermine damage control. 

    This has left a sour taste in my mouth and as well as others.  Psychologically, some people are still excited and good for them.  I wish to share that enthusiasm that I once had, but not anymore.  Seeing the same thing over and over and over again, this year, I won’t support their marketing ploy “Midnight release”.  Their source to see how important things get fixed by priority level, their willingness for damage control, etc. 

    I’ll be waiting for the patches this year.  Like many others, EA will have to wait for me to buy their product.  Everyone should take heed as well.  This would light a fire up EA’s ass and say “We really have to change this up” instead of the bells and whistles they include in the same engine each year, which should have been included in previous versions.

    • Oh, and Christian Ponder looks like an OLB.  :

  • 43steel43


  • Something about every Quarterback in this game..anyone else notice how high up their shoulder-pads look? it’s like they don’t even have necks..

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  • danggg man ponder deff isnt that fast or black and i had to stop watching bcuz whoever is playing as the bucs is trash and its painful but its looking more fluid this year but still needs alotta work

  • danggg man ponder deff isnt that fast or black and i had to stop watching bcuz whoever is playing as the bucs is trash and its painful but its looking more fluid this year but still needs alotta work

  • dangggg ponder isnt that fast nor is he that black and whoever is playing as the bucs made me stop the video cuz he is trash but all in all its looking more fluid and its good enuf to be named MADDEN 10.5

    • coo

      that’s stupid, it’s madden 12, why would it be called madden 10.5? Your dumb, the name of the game is at the top

  • Scottfree226

    Wow, nice halftime show… SMH. 2K’s halftime show still craps all over this one… think about that for a min

  • Madden makes me sad.