NBA 2K12 Positioned to Fare Relatively Well Despite Lockout

Posted July 2nd, 2011 at 2:30 pm

2K Sports is coming off the extraordinary release of NBA 2K11 which in most years would mean smooth sailing. Word of mouth from the previous iteration often is the biggest influence on consumer support and confidence and marketing wise the company has that in its back pocket. However with the NBA lockout official and expected to extend into the season the series now faces similar hurdles to those Madden NFL 12 dealt with earlier in the summer. More problematic is that 2K12 does so with a labor situation that appears much less likely to be resolved without damage having being done first. 

NBA 2K12 does have the benefit of the Madden series having fended off the majority of “will the game come out?” questions. It took months of stating the game would release and do so with all the teams and rosters – and several initiatives such as the cover athlete voting – to get that message across. Consumers largely now understand that despite a lockout the licenses remain in place to release the games. It’s fascinating however to see the lengths to which the NBA is distancing itself from the players. All official websites have removed images of the players. NBA 2K12 could be the only way for fans to connect with players at all.

Like Madden there is also no worry about competition as EA Sports delayed the return of their sim NBA series to 2012. Though EA Sports NBA surely would have been pushed back regardless, knowing the lockout was inevitable probably gave the company extra confidence to use this year to build rather than push out a product that could not compete. NBA 2K12 therefore has the market to itself. Both companies recently extended their contracts with the NBA.

Analysts believe NBA 2K12 could see sales drops of 50% or more if a lockout causes a delay to the start of the season or a complete cancellation. That seems a bit extreme – though sales will likely not reach last year’s heights regardless. First week sales will still be strong but the struggles would come in its hold from month to month and holiday sales. 2K11 has shown unbelievably strong holds keeping it in the top 10 in software sales even last month. Less reliance on the current (now past) season seems to have helped and that can be attributed to the incorporation of the Michael Jordan based modes.

Without roster updates driving interest and features such as NBA Today crippled keeping up interest levels and relevance to the public will be difficult. There is also the question of whether rookies will be included on rosters which has yet to be addressed. Even if sales were to drop by half of what 2K11 did to keep things in perspective those numbers would still be more than 2K10’s sales. Not a tragic result just a disappointing one for 2K.

The NBA 2K series has built such a strong fan base the past few years that it will survive even a lengthy lockout. 2K Sports surely planned ahead and will introduce compelling features meant to counteract problems that will be come upon should the lockout drag on. The series will take a hit but its momentum should be enough to carry it though. Longterm effects however could be felt if the popularity of the NBA drops in the process.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the NBPA and the NBA owners can get to a resolution before we lose games. Both are gonna have to make sacrifices for the sake of the fans, us virtual ones for 2k12 and for the real life games.

    • Sdot



                        “STOP IT 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Playstation3gam3r

    Nba 2k12 is just such a great game, that I would buy it if the NBA disbanded

  • Ronmie

    Ill still buy the game lockout or not. Itll just be the preseason time when the game comes out we wont even know for sure right then if the season isnt going to happen.

  • Dymez

    The good thing about this is, experts are expecting this lockout to more than likely wipe out the entire ’11-’12 season.  This will give 2K the chance to not only focus more on the many issues they need to fix from 2K11.  But also, add even more features into the upcoming game.  With the high possibility that the lockout will go through the entire year and the rosters will remain the same.  It’ll give 2K the observance of the requests from fans, and this will get them to boost up the rosters with more classic teams, bringing back all decade teams and so on.  Similar to Madden with how they retooled this year, I see this lockout as a blessing in disguise for gaming.

  • Carter

    although i am with the players in the nfl im am 100 percent on the owners side in the NBA……simple business sense if your employee is making profit and the employer isn’t….. then something is wrong.

    • Dymez

      Only thing is, that’s not the main issue.  The big issue is multiple superstar players leaving their respective small market teams and joining up as duos and trios on 1 big market team.  While some owners like Micky Arison, James Dolan, and Jerry Buss don’t care (for obvious reasons); the majority of the owners in the league don’t want to lose their superstars because the latter looks that much more attractive.  It’s not like the NFL where they’re just arguing over the slice of the pie.  The NBA owners want to change the system that they have in place now to an entirely different system and the players aren’t having it.

    • Agreed, but the NBA owners put themselves in that situation. Hard to have sympathy for either side.

    • Johngarrett55

      Im not with the players in ether NFL or nba.1. Theys getting paid millions to just play a game. 2. It doesn’t benefit fans if players get paid more. Owners buy for Stadium amd other stuff

      • tish

        More like owners use extortion to get state governments and taxpayers into buying a stadium for them while they take in all the profit of the stadium and the development of the surrounding land.

      • tish

        More like owners use extortion to get state governments and taxpayers into buying a stadium for them while they take in all the profit of the stadium and the development of the surrounding land.

      • James

        What people need to realize is it’s not just a game for them, it’s a JOB. The reason they get paid so much is because they are extremely skilled at thier job. And not every player gets paid millions. Like any other job the people who are the best at it get paid more. Stop hating on the players because thier job is more entertaining then yours.

        • Anonymous

          But the bottom line is that they are making way more than the vast majority of the people who pay their salaries to play a game. Most of these players make more in 1 season than most people will make in 20-30 years. If every person in America went on strike every time something in their company changes, the country would shut down. Oh no! I’m only making $10 million instead of $15 million! How am I going to survive? Even the league minimum is way higher than the average person in America makes, so why is anyone bitching? I would love to get paid even $50K a year just to play basketball. And these guys are complaining because multi-millions aren’t enough? Give me a break.

          • then i take it you never watch a game, you never listen to music, you never watch a movie simply because these people don’t make what the average citizen makes. Bottom line is it’s more than just a game, this is entertainment and people sad happy or broke ar willing to pay for it. 

            Take cable tv for example if you want to talk greed. you pay for more than 50% of channels you’ll never watch but you pay it because you aren’t given the option to choose and you pay it to be entertained. The greed of the owners far exceed the greed of any player. Has anyone ever questioned what the commissioner makes and why his salary is so high and i’m sure it’s up there? It’s not a matter of not being enough it’s a matter of what these players make in dollars for these teams. 

          • Anonymous

            I’m not saying the coaches or owners are right either. I think the whole lockout is a joke in any league. Everyone involved makes way too much money to be bitching about it. Your cable TV analogy doesn’t make any sense. It’s not even relevant to the conversation. My entire issue is that it is entertainment, they are making a great deal more in one year than most people will make in their lives, and now they are going to deprive people of that entertainment because they want to make even more money. Players and owners both, both sides are greedy and neither side deserves any sympathy.

          • What does what an average person in America makes have to do with the topic? Nothing. We are talking about the NBA, its owners and players.

            You say that they (players) are depriving people of the NBA because they want more money. Which is untrue. The owners are locking out the players, it’s not the players striking. The owners want more money. The players want to leave it how it is.

          • DJlite96

            First off players don’t just get 15 mil a year, depending on where they live there are taxes that they have to pay(exclude Florida). So immediately take off 36% and bam they are ONLY making 9.6 mil a year. Most players don’t want their money spread out between 12 months, only the NBA season. So they get paid for 9 months(players who don’t take the long route in receiving their money) then split that up it’s 100,000 dollars a month seems like a lot right? Well players don’t receive any income during the off season so they have to save up money for the off season to pay for travel and food and clothing items like that so say they take 10,000 out of each paycheck to do that. Great now they only get bade 90 thousand a month and during the off season have 90 thousand dollars to last for three months and lots players like to travel and see the world after all they are *rich*. But wait they have to have money for after they retire because the average NBA career is about 5 years. (already physically impossible to get paid 15 mil. for the first 5 years of your career as a result of rookie scale contracts but let’s just go with it) so they save an extra 30 thousand dollars off of each pay check to put into a retirement fund and now no their pay is only 60 thousand dollars a month. Then he needs to have a house to live in, but wait he’s a big shot he needs a mansion. So he buys a 1.5 million dollar home on a 60 year mortgage because as you can see he only has 60 thousand a month not nearly enough money to pay for the whole house. So lets take about 300,000 out for the down payment so let’s take about 20% of his salary to pay for that down payment. That’s gonna be 3,000 a month off so now he’s down to 57 but wait after that he’s gotta pay for his mortgage too. Then after that he has to pay 6,000 a month to pay off the house. Now he’s down to 51,000 a month but wait you have to aid in the help fees because he’s not gonna clean up that whole house by himself so he’s gonna hire a maid, a pool boy, a Gardener and add that to his monthly bills and he’s paying 49,000 dollars a month to pay for help alone around the house and his bills. He’s making a colossal 8,000 a month now. But wait what if he has one kid! Now after all of that a baby costs 5,000 dollars(NBA pays for health care which is a majority of the cost) so now he only makes 3,000 a month. Let’s say he’s now retired after 5 years and 30,000 bucks he’s saved 8 months a year for 5 years, so now he’s only got 12 million dollars to last him for about 50 years if he’s a young 19 year old kid coming out of the draft. He retires or gets hurt and has a career ending injury as a 24 year old guy and now looks like he’s on top of the world. Well 12 million to last for 50 years leaves him with 240,000 thousand dollars a year, split that per month and he’s got 20 thousand a month to pay for a total of 49,000 dollars worth of costs. Now he’s losing about 29,000 dollars a month every year…I don’t know any other job that can pay 25,000 a month…so say hello bankruptcy. All of this if a player gets paid 15 million dollars a YEAR in his first 5 seasons(which couldn’t happen so he would have a multitude of problems saving and maintaining money) and last but not least this is excluding gambling, drugs, fines, getting cut, loaning people money, cars, other addictions, “buying his momma a house”, medical bills after a retiring. players are set up in every way to lose all of their money straight out of the gates. The players are “bitching” because of the owners trying to get rid of their guaranteed money that will allow them to pay for the rest of their lives. And a player who gets payed the league minimum I’d feel bad for them in this situation. In this situation owners are the ones who are trying to in a sense steal what is of the players. Also the owners are making billions a year, so there is no way these guys are losing more than a percentile of their profits over the past 30-50 years(keeping in mind a lot of the money stays in the family) so these guys aren’t losing anything meaningful. Players on the other hand would be forced to lose money and years on their contract. I’m on the side of the players but, its because the owners are paying the players, bidding for the players. The owners are paying way more than necessary on crappy players than they should. That’s the problem in the NBA the owners overpaying crap ass non productive players. The players are just trying to make a living. That is the problem in the league. You can’t blame the players.

          • Anonymous

            So in other words, if the players foolishly spend their money, which by your logic, even after all their expenses, is more in one month than I make in an entire year, they are being set up to fail? Your logic makes no sense. Everyone has to make a budget. No one tells these players that they need to buy a mansion. No one tells them to hire maids and pool boys, etc. They choose to do it. I’m not saying I’m on the coaches/owners’ side either; I’m saying that everyone involved is greedy and needs to quit bitching. If I can make my life work making anywhere between $25K-$1 million, why can’t they budget with more than that? They know that their career isn’t going to last forever. They make more in that 5 year career (where did you get that number anyway?) than I will make in my lifetime. So should I go on strike because I need more?

          • DJlite96

            When you were 19 how good of a budget person were you? A lot of the players getting drafter are coming out of places were they are not getting taught proper budgeting skills they’re just told: “Go out there and get em!” as a kid coming right out of the draft and you see these amazing players all around you there is a —lifestyle—that must be upheld. Who’s gonna clean the house when you are away for 8 months out of the year? The spiders? No they have to hire help. (NBA average career length as of 2007/08 exact #=4.71).

            Its really you that will make in your lifetime because no player comes into the league getting paid 15 million dollars its more like 3 million over the span of 5 years. Only a select few players get paid exorbitant amounts of money. So the rookies, benchwarmers, underpaid role players, and young players are the people being affected. That’s what the problem is(there’s a reason guys like Derek Fisher are the presidents of the association he speaks for the masses).

            Also you make your life work because you have a steady income over the span of 30-50 working years. A lot of these guys only get 5 years to make money to sustain the rest of their life. And that’s if they actually have financial savvy, or a financial advisor. And lastly nobody expects or wants a good thing to end and when it does it’s usually because of injury or mental issues or drug problems or problems off the court or getting suspended. These guys have the whole world to try and throw them under the bus. All it take is one mistake in the spotlight and they can lose it all the players are in no way greedy The owners whove raked in billions for years on end are now trying to screw the players aout of the only job that they may have. Really tell me one 19 year old off the streets who’s been in college for one year that can budget for the rest of his life.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, let’s look at it this way. These players choose to enter the draft. They could easily finish college (for free, I might add, because they are all on scholarship), and then enter the draft. Then let’s say they make that $3 million over 5 years. $3 million is like making $50K for 60 years. Essentially, they can live the rest of their lives off of 5 years of work. And that $3 million is below the league average. Anyways, I have been budgeting my own money since I was 17, or rather since my freshman year of college. Why? Because I know that money doesn’t grow on trees. If the 19 year old player who decided to skip out on a free college education wants to throw his money away, that’s his own fault. But I don’t want to hear that he’s not making enough to cover his bad decisions.

            Then you bring up something like their careers ending due to injury, drugs, etc. It’s not like these are super rare things that no one would ever expect. That’s why you plan for them. Drugs? If your career ends because of drugs then you deserve to be broke. You choose to do drugs, you deal with the consequences. Yea, it sucks if they suffer a career ending injury 1 or 2 years in, but again, they chose to enter the draft. If they finished college, then they have a fallback. If they don’t, well then that’s their own fault. I wish I was lucky enough to have a free ride to my degree. Instead, I’m going to be paying for it (budgeting for it) for the next 25 years.

            Let’s say, for example, that I am making $50K a year doing construction, which is a much more dangerous job than playing basketball. I didn’t have the money to go to college, which is why I got into construction. I bought a $150K house, which I’m still paying for. I have a single used 2001 Civic. Now let’s say that I get hurt on the job, to the point that I can no longer work in construction for the rest of my life. I’m shit out of luck right? Not because I made bad decisions, but because I was unfortunate, and could not afford to learn another skill set in the chance that something happened. These guys, on the other hand, get free college. They have the opportunity to learn any skill set, earn any degree that they choose, just in case basketball, football, whatever, doesn’t work out for them. They instead choose to enter the draft, spend a shitload of money, and live a frivolous lifestyle. If they get hurt, or get busted with drugs, or do anything else that ends their careers, am I supposed to feel bad for them because they chose to live foolishly?

            Again, I’m not saying that the coaches and owners are right either. But I don’t have sympathy for someone who makes bad decisions on their own. A lifestyle that must be upheld? Says who? Is it in their contract that they have to have a $25 million home with 15 cars and an olympic size swimming pool? Last time I checked, that choice lies with them.

          • DJlite96

            You are right it is wrong to say that he’s not making enough, too bad that is not what I am saying. Right now it is the lower played players who are at jeopardy because they are NOT the ones buying these houses because they can’t even afford them but at the same time the people around them are getting mansions and going out to party havin a good time traveling the world. Just becoming an NBA player you want a piece of that, and you want to live that life because it’s your only chance to live like this for the rest of your life.

            To blame the players for leaving college early, smh, this is their chance. When a player’s stock is high that means go for it because this is the only chanceyou get, and the players who can maintain that level of play for more than one year or two years in college. Those are the great ones the Blake griffins, the Shaqs, the Michael jordans, the magic johnsons, Kareem Abdul jabaars. These are a select few players who can replicate greatness year in and year out on the college level. But the other guys, they have to wait and time it until they can see their glimpse of fame to go out and get a contract or else they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. (think Evan turner, Adam Morrison).

            You can’t blame these guys for leaving early. And you for sure can’t blame these guys for not knowing how to budget. Last time I checked they don’t teach Financial Literacy in high school, college, and for d*** sure the Hood where a lot of these guys are coming from. So you should thank god or whatever you believe in that you were blessed enough to know how to budget millions of dollars at the age of 17. Because you were such a boss and didn’t party at all and didn’t have a good time when you were in college and saved all your money to buy the stuff you have right this very second.

            Free college huh, free college until you start getting bad grades, free college unttil you get hurt, free college until you have to pay for your meals, free college until-oh wait I don’t have a college fund- free college until-oh wait I’ve gotta buy my books for next semester, free colege eh. There are expenses that are unforeseen in life that you cannot plan for. And by the way a lot of these guys are coming out of shitbag colleges where the education really isn’t so great. (Think Derrick Rose when you read this sentence) Some of these guys don’t have the ability to pass through college is only there because they HAVE to these guys aren’t Einsteins they are people some smart don’t get me wrong, but others have to cheat their way through college for a year just to make the pros.

            How many of these guys are gonna get good healthcare? If they play ANY sport in college healthcare becomes a grip! I know I don’t wanna pay for that when I can get free healthcare as a PRO.

            Live foolishly? Or live like a 19 year old boy that gets to hang out with the guys he’s idolized for so long? Which is it? Its America syndrome. You see your neighbor with a clean cut lawn with nice cut hedges, now you think “hey now my house looks crappy compared to his” then you go and cut your lawn, cut your hedges and repaint the outside of your house because you want to be the house everybody looks at like “WOW”. Then your neighbor goes and buys the newest of the new flat screen TVs and lawn mower and paints his house and gets his garage done. That’s when you do all of that, get a swimming pool, and buy your wife a new diamond ring. It’s one upmanship all the way. Some people get trapped in that cycle and are forced to file bankruptcy because they tried too hard it’s life but hell, do you hear about that neighbor??

            No you don’t you hear about LeGron going to Jamie Foxx’s party not Scottie Pippen filing bankruptcy after his last run with the Blazers. It’s life some kids live it to the fullest can you blame them they are just now set on their own ignorant and foolish. But if they don’t have the know how to budget as a result of where they live or the major they choose, it’s not their faults. So you cannot call the players greedy for wanting to protect young kids from going bankrupt with a recurring knee injury and no college degree. Those are the guys who’s stories go untold because it’s very common.

            These guys need every cent they have and if they make it out of that rookie contract GREAT but I’m not saying pay them over 20 mil a year for 6 years (only a select few) but I am saying these guys don’t deserve for the money that MUST sustain them for a lifetime to be cut away by 20-30%. What if a player wants to get married? get his mom out of the projects? get his sister a car? Donate to a charity? Go back to his community and give them a rec center? These are costs instead of 15 cars and a 25 million dollar home (which almost no-one on earth can afford). The average player salary is not 25 mil a year it’s more like 3.4 million dollars and that average is skewed. One guy can be making 25 mil a year (cough Rashard Lewis) whereas 31 other guys are making the league rookie minimum (750,000) a year. So that’s gonna push the curve up just a little lot a bit.

            These guys are not to be blamed for making 19 year old decisions. 750,000 thousand is not enough to last 60 years ESP. With taxes! So mr. Budget savvy how would you balance that out if you were coming out of the streets of Brooklyn barely received an education of any kind and are told to manage 2.2 million dollars for the rest of your life with unforeseen costs, and a 19 year old mindset. Can you really call their decisions foolish?

          • Anonymous

            The bottom line is that it comes down to choice. If they can’t maintain that level of play through college, why would they try to make it in the pros, here they have to maintain an even higher level of play? The point is, they choose their own path. I cannot possibly have sympathy for someone who makes more in a month than I make in an entire year, when they are making the minimum. Hell, some of these players are making that much money and not even seeing any playing time. They are being paid big money to practice.

            Yea, it’s great for those guys who grow up with nothing then make it to the NBA, NFL, etc. But you know what? They know what it’s like to have nothing. Once they gain money, you would think they would do everything in their power to no have to go back to that. It’s common sense, whether their 19 or 39. Again, please refer to my construction worker scenario in my last post.

            These guys are given an opportunity that the majority of people can only dream about: to be paid a very large amount of money, way more than most people in the country, to stay in shape and play a game. That’s something that most people pay to do, and do for fun.

            Then you bring up taxes, like these guys are the only ones who pay taxes. Everyone who works pays taxes. I have a job, albeit I don’t make anywhere close to even that $500K league minimum, and I have to pay taxes too. Don’t try to make it sound like they have to do something that no one else in America does.

            And yes, they are to be blamed for their decisions. Again, because they have a choice. I would LOVE to have to budget on $2.2 million. Unfortunately, I am budgeting on <$30K at this point. That includes basic living expenses such as food, rent, etc. I also have my monthly bills, which include $450/month for student loans from college, because I didn't receive a free ride, and a car payment that I didn't plan on. I also had to work full time while I was in college just to pay for things like food, along with going to my classes and not failing. But you know what? I made it work in college, and I'm making it work now. I'm not spending money frivolously on things that I don't need. Not to say that I never buy anything, but I budget for it. No one taught me how to take care of my money; it's common sense. I've never had a lot of money, so I have always had to be a little conservative with it. I bought a new TV last year. It wasn't an impulse buy. I actually wanted to buy it 2 years ago, but I couldn't afford it then. So I put a little bit of money away from each paycheck to go toward that expense. Then, when I had enough, I bought it. It didn't break the bank because I planned for it, and I wasn't stupid and waited until I had the money.

            Anyways, my point is that they receive more of an opportunity than the vast majority of people to do something that most people do for fun. Hell, I played basketball yesterday. No one paid me; I just wanted to play. On the other hand, I don't know very many people who do construction, for example, when they're bored. There are no professional cashiering video games. So if they want to complain about not being paid enough to play a game that most people play for free, or in some cases pay to play (if they want it organized), then I have no sympathy for them.

          • DJlite96

            You are changing the argument here. This isn’t about they feel like they aren getting paid enough, it’s about retaining their pay so that they won’t have to be in your situation. You need to understand they have to sustain this money for more than 50 years. There is no steady income after this—they are done.
            “it’s common sense” that’s what you believe? You believe the stock market is common sense? You believe knowing how to short a stock and buy and sell and get out early and puts and calls—that’s common sense? It’s common sense to know how to balance a checkbook? Come on how easy do you think this crap is?
            Once again coukd you budget the money you will make in 5 years to sustain the rest of your life? And then could you maintain it?
            2.2 million dollars is 40 thousand dollars a year for the rest of your life. That’s what it is, does that register to you, this is their yearly income for the rest of their lives. Is it fair to cut that by 20-30%? If they do they would live like you having to wait 2 years for a new television.
            I’m not saying they are the only people who pay taxes but many people don’t register that they aren’t making the exact # on their contracts it is a significant amount less, so I’m just helping you see that is all.
            These people work hard that’s what you are not understanding. These people grind to work everyday over the course of the regular season to scuplt their bodies into prime basketball shape and that work is intense. Could you last? Could the average American last? No. That’s why they get paid so much they are unique extremely talented hardworking individuals.
            If you don’t know the tools how can you help yourself? If you don’t have a hammer how the hell are you going to pound aa nail? Are you going to use your hand? A screwdriver? No you are gonna go buy a hammer or forget about it. And you know what a lot of players don’t know that they need a hammer in the first place.
            Have you ever heard of a “breakout season”? yeah I think that will answer your first question.
            The players aren’t asking for more money they are asking to keep the money that they are guaranteed. That’s all. The owners are trying to cop out on paying the players the money they have earned.

          • Anonymous

            How can you say that once their NBA paycheck is gone there is nothing else? They are perfectly capable of getting a normal job just like everyone else. In fact, they are already better off because they make so much in that first 5 years out of college. Yes, balancing a checkbook is common sense. It’s basic math, which you learn in what, 6th grade at the latest? Does anyone tell these guys that the NBA will last the rest of their lives, so live it up? No. I could easily budget the rest of my life on $2 million, or at the very least, the next 50 years. The only unknown factors are inflation and things like that, which is no different for anyone else. Unseen expenses aren’t limited to NBA players. However, they have the means to deal with them if they are not wasting their entire paychecks.

            I’m also quite aware of how taxes work. I pay them too. I know that my paycheck isn’t anywhere near what my hourly rate * the hours I work is. Again, everyone has to deal with it. $40K a year for the rest of their life, plus, lets say they get a simple part time job on top of that. Now, they are still making more than a vast majority of people, even after the NBA.

            Again, please refer to that construction scenario. What happens when that guy, who is scraping by, gets hurt? He had no opportunity to put money away. I suppose this is a fruitless argument, because you seem to think that if they are making a lot of money, they are forced to live a lifestyle that spends that money.

          • DJlite96

            I get it the guy scraping by is shit outta luck. Understood. I’m not saying forced what I am saying is that there are pressures put on these players so it is only fair to allow these guys the money they have earned. I am not condoning players that bench warm to be given insane amounts of cash but these players should be allowed to retain whatever the CBA is now. You began this argument by calling the NBA players greedy. I am simply attempting to show you that the majority of these players are not greedy but literally trying protect their livelihood.

            And by the way, 40K a year is about average not some crazed amount of cash. Balancing a checkbook is no-f***ing-way balancing a checkbook is simple math. Not in this day and age. 6th grade math? When I was in 6th grade I didn’t learn crap about balancng a checkbook. (I would remember). So really man, where are you getting all of these magnificent budgeting skills? Did you parents teach them to you? Did you just randomly assume a budget and it all came together? Are you a numbers prodigy? Because not everybody fits in those categories.

            Also by the way if is construction guy is so out of luck and sad and has no money, he has workers compensation insurance(That’s insurance where they pay you full salary until you get better if you ge thurt on the job). So yeah anything else about Joe Construction Worker?

            See you have spent your time trying to dispute my hard cut evidence because you just don’t want to be wrong. You started off saying the players were greedy. That is what I’ve been arguing against whereas in your past two pieces you’ve been trying hard to barely dispute my facts.

            I agree that these players are blessed to enjoy their time on the basketball court and play a game everyone wants to be a part of, but they are not making extraordinary amounts of money. The average player is similar to the average American. There is no way that you can blame a 19 year old for being 19 and going out and having a good time enjoying his few years with people he’s idolized. That is unfair. They can’t be called greedy for wanting to make sure they get the benefits from all fronts of this short expericence in their lives.

          • Paulos

            Mate, that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever read, mo’ money mo’ problems stuff.  Can’t see any hard cut evidence anywhere.

          • Guest

            If you read them all…it’s kinda clear where the evidence is

      • this type of against the players shit kills me. Think about this for a minute. If these players make what they make what do you think the owners bring home that can afford to pay out the types of salaries. 

        Lets not forget the true problem of the NBA, David Stern. This guys nothing in the benefit of the league or it’s fans. Remember this is the same guy who swept the ref gambling scandal under the rug and changed the actual basketball the players used all in the same year I believe. He’s poison! 

        • Anonymous

          See above: I’m not for the owners, I’m for the consumers who are the only ones who are suffering through this joke of an argument.

      • Scottyo614

        How are you not with this players? I could care less about the NBA details, but the NFL lockout was caused by owners and the owners can’t even agree with the other owners. 

        NBA players just can go to China, Spain, Germany, Greece, or Italy and F over the NBA if this gets real nasty

        • Anonymous

          I’m not with the owners either. I’m on the side of the consumer, the fans. They are the only ones suffering when there is a lockout. Both the players and owners are greedy bastards.

  • Skihawks

    I didnt read the entire article but I dont see labor issues in any sport hindering sales. Sports gamers are conditioned to play certain games during certain times of the year (not saying we dont play these games in the offseason) but if a company releases a good update then people will buy.

    My only concern wth 2K is the NBA Today. How will that function without real games and rosters? I know many people enjoy that part of the game.

    Outside of that 2K fans will buy the game regardless.

    • Theres no questions sales will drop if there games start getting lost. Even the companies admit that.

      The NFL even gave EA $30 million back on the deal cause of the possibility of it happening (plus the year extension). They didn’t do that out of pure generosity.

      Loss of games/season doesn’t kill a game but it will damage sales potential. Excitement about the coming season and new rosters are the biggest factor in early sales.

    • Anonymous

      Sports gamers may be conditioned, but casual fans of the sport make up a surprisingly large portion of sales. With a fragmented or no NBA season, the casual fans aren’t gonna jump on which will inevitably hurt sales one way or another.

    • Anonymous

      Sports gamers may be conditioned, but casual fans of the sport make up a surprisingly large portion of sales. With a fragmented or no NBA season, the casual fans aren’t gonna jump on which will inevitably hurt sales one way or another.

    • Gamerzz

      The impact is huge. Just think of guys who get in the Olympic spirit an plunk down $50-$60 for those games every 2 years- even though a good one hasnt been released since the original Track and Field. 

      Same applies to other leagues….you want to play the game when it is interesting. Heck- just look at the massive dropoff of games people play in Madden after the Super Bowl. BOttom line is that the real life excitement translates to enthusiasm for the video game. NBA will take a huge hit too…doesnt matter how good the game is. A lot of fans just want to play along with the real season and with no real season that is gone.

  • ..

    i just didnt like the gameplay in NBA 2k11, wasnt for me.

  • ..

    i just didnt like the gameplay in NBA 2k11, wasnt for me.

  • Fun Train

    Peyton Hillis on Madden cover

    Kyrie Irving on 2K12 cover (doubt it would happen, in fact it wont) id rather have Dirk. 


    • Anonymous

      As a fellow Cleveland fan, I have to say that I think the Cavs are trying to guarantee the #1 pick for next year as well, if there is a season. We picked up a 4th PG, and a non-offensive PF, and then proceeded to trade a decent all around PF for…another guard. The Cavs needed to pick up size this year, and instead we are smaller than we started.

  • Rayraydrew

    dickhead NBA Today still could be feature because like the NFL they too will drop a calendar with times to play each other the problem is will they actuality sell and since lockout sales will increase due to a higher demand of basketball shit face you need to think bruh

    • Anonymous

      Um, NBA Today is more than just calendar updates. It also includes any trades/player moves, injuries, rating/stats updates, etc. If there is no updates to the season, there are no updates to NBA Today, meaning that a large part of what people like about 2k’s presentation will be non-existent. Nice try though.

  • Rayraydrew

    dickhead NBA Today still could be feature because like the NFL they too will drop a calendar with times to play each other the problem is will they actuality sell and since lockout sales will increase due to a higher demand of basketball shit face you need to think bruh

  • i don’t understand the huge lockout forecasts. Negotiations are more amicable than the NFL ones and the financials are against the owners and their high non salary expenses.