NCAA Football 12 Named Rosters Available Now for PS3

Posted July 12th, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Those with a PS3 and a copy of NCAA Football 12 will now be able to download a fully named roster file! In order to snag the rosters go to Team Management – Roster Share – Download Roster – Download Roster and then search the name GamingTailgate.

Credit for the roster naming goes to BigWY over at The Gaming Tailgate. Make sure to save the file and manually load it up to see the changes take effect and to start a new franchise.

No changes were made to the file besides assigning names so any inaccuracies found in the base roster regarding the inclusion of players, appearance, and equipment remain. That does mean however that the named roster will work for online play.

For anyone looking for information on the Xbox 360 version that can be found here.

  • Luckyrazrbk26

    why is dennis johnson not on arkansas?

  • Luckyrazrbk26

    why is dennis johnson not on arkansas?

  • RammerBammerZayZay

    So great to have humans like this guy still roaming the earth & whole heartedly giving the shirt off his back! I expected to have to search google for real rosters all night & the 1st one (this one) I go to is PERFECT! Thanks bro

    • RTR

      Strike that!! Shouldve read further into comments!
      Nice Try though.

  • Daniel Gordon85

    is there an updated roster with rainey at rb

  • Gregmcclard

    thanks for the roster work. u all rock