Viral Video Becomes Inspiration for Madden NFL 12 Achievement

Posted July 28th, 2011 at 4:30 pm

The list of Xbox 360 achievements/PS3 trophies recently arrived for Madden NFL 12. Many of the achievements are based on duplicating or exceeding the extraordinary performances turned in by individual players last season. The most notable achievement though doesn’t have to do with real life performance – instead it requires the replication of one play’s result from an ultra popular Madden 11 user-created video.

With over five million views the video of a Greg Jennings catch and run 99 yard TD became a viral video sensation. That is now an achievement for Madden NFL 12 – minus the whole limping due to injury aspect of it. The ‘Put Da Team On My Back” achievement will be worth 50 points.

  • James A

    HAHAHA Thats hilarious!! Cant wait to get it!!

    • IronMike

      The Marshawn Lynch video is better….DARREN SHARPER, HOLD MY DICK!!!!

  • i remember dying laughing at this guy and his obvious louisiana accent

  • I have seen that limping one time in real life.

    I have never received an explanation for it.

    Was it an actual thing or is it just a glitch?

  • Anonymous

    what a fool… way to set an example for young america ea in rewarding this idiot

    • FreshG

      youre taking things a little too seriously. not like ea paid him to make it an achievement just a wink at something that became popular

      • Email

        Ea did not pay him, promise. He gave props to Madden, we gave props to him

    • Anonymous

      man shut yo clown ass up

      • Anonymous

        lol +1 on this thanks for helping prove my point

        • Anonymous

          Only an idiot thinks this guy sets an example for anyone.  No one is watching this video and trying to be like him as he is not in a position to lead.  It was just a funny  video and it in now way makes a larger point about society in general.

          Stop trying so hard to be smart.

    • Kdarnell

      You probably thought George Bush was a good president too, and his daddy

      • Anonymous

        yes sir

      • Anonymous

        yes sir

    • Rewarding him for making a hilarious video….. Don’t see a problem there. 

      • Anonymous

        sadly enough im sure your in the majority

        • You shouldn’t judge people when you can’t even write a grammatically correct sentence.

          • Anonymous

            your correct after all I forgot I am writing a book here

          • It’s “you’re”

          • Shadowposession

            Well then don’t come onto a site, and talk about making this an achievement is setting a bad example for young Americans, when you won’t even bother to properly type out a grammatically correct sentence.  It’s like the pot calling the kettle “black.”

          • Anonymous

            This cover2blitz dude is going down in flames

          • Anonymous

            This cover2blitz dude is going down in flames

      • Anonymous

        sadly enough im sure your in the majority

    • Rewarding him for making a hilarious video….. Don’t see a problem there. 

  • fuck you Gumby!!!

  • roofoo

    this is great lol

  • Coon1403


  • Historic Game Rosters

    That’s the most ignorant commentary of a madden game EVER and can you believe it has gone viral.  Pasta you should be ashamed for posting this Bull @#$% on your website!!!!!

  • Jackiedunfee

    Theres a guy on my friends list his gamertag is (the pusher) he already has madden 12 ive asked pasta and donnie moore how this happend and got no answer

    • TheSpartanZombie

      I did a little profile stalking. How in the world does he have the game this early? And how does he have 530 gamerscore already?

      • Jackiedunfee

        i dont kno i get the the 3 weeks early every year but 30 days b4 release is crazy this guy finishes out of the top 10s every year, im in the top ten ive never had it this early

  • Mfallskid

    I have to have an 80 overall MUT team to platinum this? FUCK YOU EA

    • MIN

      Why is that their fault?  You don’t “have” to platinum it at all.  You act like they owe you an easy achievement list/

  • Infemous

    This is excellent. Hope he gets some credit or trademarked that phrase lmao

    This guy is literally a hero of mine hahahahaha

  • Infemous

    the rest of the trophies suck though.

    Why do I have to play MUT to platinum Madden?

    And some of these are gonna be tough, but do-able.

    I got stuck on 95% Completion on M11 and I got there within 3 weeks. Hopefully this is more of a challenge.

    Any way around these MUT trophies?

    Will any be hidden?

    • TheComingofTan

      I’m not sure if the MUT win achievements are for playing online only, but….an easy way to get 20 wins with a 62 overall team is to turn the offsides penalty off. Just sack the CPU as he is hiked the ball.  You feel like a moron, but it’s an easy way to get some wins under your belt.

  • TMat184

    And we want to cut education spending in this country?!?! Lol

    • Kdarnell

      Well the republicans do…

      • Miguel O’Hara

        You’re a moron.

  • Godzzilla94

    HAHA! i had this happen with Deshawn Jackson. He was injured and removed at WR but had his broken leg on special teams.

  • Skihawks

    Funniest shit ever. Now that is commentary that should be in the game.

  • they should get guy to commentate instead of collinsworth  sales would skyrocket 

    • peyton manning o shit he just got knocked da fuck out by demarcus ware ooo ware he took dat tackle fo a ride motha fucka!!!! this is waht comentary would be like with this guy

      • Leftysmoke

        Nice try. Nice try.

  • what about the “Hold my di*k!!” achievement for marshawn lynch’s run? haha

    • Anonymous

      “shup up drew brees”… classic

  • shadowman

    Is there another word you can use????

  • Padday

    Shouldn’t this have been called the “F*ck You Gumby” achievement?


    DARREN SHARPER HOLD MA DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We heard it the first time. You don’t have to repeat him.

  • TheSpartanZombie

    I haven’t seen this great of a glitch since the Bynum crucifixion in NBA Elite 11.

  • Classic line – “Oh sh**, Darren Shahpa!!”

  • Anonymous

    Fucks with me!

  • I’m sure I’ll be flamed for this but so be it. I couldn’t even get past the first ‘n’ word in the video. I found it not funny and silly to be honest. Although I realize I’m in the minority, I would like to see less cursing and offensive language in the world. HOWEVER…we are talking about video games here. And the fact that EA put an achievement in the game to me shows that they are aware of what’s going on in the community. I liken this to the “Jesus-glitch” video from the old Tiger Woods game and subsequent EA commercial, which I thought was hilarious…and yes I’m a Christian. I’m sure if I get this achievement I’ll chuckle and move on.

  • Gumby


  • Wow congrats EA this video is put on by someone with little education great job.

  • manuman888

    too bad they didn’t think about doing it when it was more relevant like for madden 11. and of course, they don’t bother putting in marshawn lynch’s which was a bigger sensation this year.

  • Must

    Sure EA, celebrate another embarrassing flaw in your video game

  • Scottyo614

    We had to ban the Saints last year after 3 games of me goin DARREN SHARPA the hardest hittin safeties in the league after every play he made. lol I’ve loved this video, glad to see it’s still goin strong

  • Scottyo614

    We had to ban the Saints last year after 3 games of me goin DARREN SHARPA the hardest hittin safeties in the league after every play he made. lol I’ve loved this video, glad to see it’s still goin strong

  • The song they made out of it on iTunes is hilarious. 

  • Chrisweber5187

    He sounds like a black Bobby Boucher

  • Chrisweber5187

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure scoring a touchdown with an injured player has been an achievement for a few years now.

  • Anonymous

    As much as the Madden franchise and the average person who plays it annoys me, this is a pretty damn cool thing to do.  Haven’t bought a Madden game since ’95 for the Sega Game Gear, but I’m considering it now.