First UFC Undisputed 3 Gameplay Videos

Posted July 30th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

The first chance to get a look at UFC Undisputed 3 – due out January 2012 – has come thanks to the game being shown off at EVO in Las Vegas this weekend. The first couple off-screen videos show entrances and gameplay action in the Pride setting with Chuck Liddell vs Rampage Jackson. The third video which has Urijah Faber vs Dominick Cruz provides an opportunity to get a clear look at the new submission system which was a huge point of contention coming out of E3. The on-screen graphics have been made larger and now surrounds the fighters. A fourth shows off Jon ‘Bones’ Jones vs Rampage Jackson.

Should any of the videos be pulled down they can be downloaded directly from here. (And they have been made ‘private’ so use the download links to check them out!)

  • HuffING

    cool looks good not great but i guess they still have time to improve. the submission system tho wow is that terrible

  • meh


  • Chrushed

    So they made the submission graphic worse after all the complaints. Sounds like a THQ move.

  • I actually really like the look of that submission mechanic. I don’t really think it looks any worse than having the choke indicator on screen in EA Sports MMA and it looks to be a SIGNIFICANT improvement over button mashing and frantic stick twirling from the previous UFC games.

    I was actually really impressed by that third video in general. I also liked how Dan Miragliotta stepped in to wave off the fight for the TKO, unlike the other MMA games where the guy just stopped for no particular reason. It’s a little change like that one that adds a lot to the game in my opinion.

    • My only issue was the camera angle in the last video as it looks completely unnatural but I’m assuming that’s the ‘fighting game’ style camera that they said they added, which seems to be optional from what I’ve heard.

  • I’m sorry if I sound negative but, the game did not look all that impressive to me. It does look like an improvement but, not a significant one. They took more time on the game but, I feel like they could have done all this in a year.

    Personally I felt like the stamina system still lends it’s self to spammers and the fighters look to take a lot of damage. EA MMA was not a perfect game but, It still feels a bit more realistic.

    The hits don’t look like there hurting the fighter as much as they should. Rampage was throwing some big hooks that should have damaged Jones a bit more.

    Granted this is still months away from the release and we don’t know how early of a build this could be but, My first impressions are not that high.

    • Sheolkiller23

      thq tank said that what there showing off at evo isn’t even a beta stage if u push L1 and a punch button it takes to a game design screen use by the designers so this is pretty old stuff from that report it’s the alpha stage as for the submission it not that bad better than ea’s cause the don’t fade out the gameplay nd on the forms tank said there could they could put more into the background cause people were com planing 

  • SENZ

    I’m sorry but that barely looks any different than UFC 2010. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. This is typical THQ. Just release the same game over and over, and how pathetic is it that after a full 2 year development cycle THIS is what they come up with.

    Terrible, and the developers on the game should all be fired for taking vacations when they were supposed to be actually improving the game.

  • wtf your fingers knocked out cruz  

  • SENZ

    It looks SOOOO robotic and clunky. The animations are just terrible and it really does look like Rock Em Sock Em robots in the striking. The submission system looks horrible too. Terrible.

  • H7B

    The sub system is even worse then I imagined when reading descriptions out of E3. Cat and mouse indeed.

    • UFC Undisputed Fan 23

      Yeah, it *Does look pretty Ridiculous. I *MUCH* preferred the Strangling system in EA MMA and the 2009/2010 System worked for me in terms of limb submissions.

      I Truly hope there’s an alternate way to do that. I made my CAF a Submission fighter, and I don’t want to have to figure out a dumb mini-game to make female dogs tap.

  • Kunagh

    In the Cruz vs Faber video I saw an improvement into the damage system. The “stunning” system is now much more realistic. I noticed the guy being stunned, tried desperately a takedown, which actually happens in the real fight, survived a submission and with a lot of heart, sketched a comeback, but realistically kept some damage and after a counter clean kick, hit the octagon floor.

  • NoFro904

    I Am Not Impressed…

  • Waffles

    Hey thanks for the videos and all, but holy shit dude learn how to aim a camera.
    i dont really care what the exit sign looks like, and the top of the tv for almost a minute..

  • Scottyo614

    The 4th video is an old video as already reported, but I’m honestly just not feelin it :/

  • rock’em sock’em robots

  • josh

    Head stomp look BADASS

  • Slammintrax

    Bummer, I was hoping they’d use x-ray animation for when rocked. I wanna see some ribs or legs getting fractured, the brain getting smashed around inside the skull or the liver getting compressed from the kinetic shockwave of a body shot. Show us why our fighter gets jacked up.

  • Videos are private now except the last one.

    • Yeah…use the download link to watch them.

      • UFCFAN950

        How do you watch them once you download them?

      • UFCFAN950

        How do you watch them once you download them?

  • UFCFAN950

    All of the videos except for the last one are private… how do i watch them?

  • Anonymous

    After spending so much time with EA MMA and seeing how similar it appear to be to 2010 it’s hard to get excited about this yet. Sort of an “eh” video.

  • Jamal

    The sub system looks super gay and it looked terrible when urijah went to “finish the fight”

    • WesBunnblowsDravinski

      Indeed. But that’s THQ for you

    • WesBunnblowsDravinski

      Indeed. But that’s THQ for you

  • Looks like last years version.  WOW CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!! :/

  • Cruz looked so robotic, I know a human was controlling him but i’d expect to see different type movement from a guy like Cruz than anyone else. 

    Has me kinda wishin Dana and the UFC would hand over the reigns to EA on this. I wonder how many more years is left in the contract?

    • Thqistrash

      they renewed until 2018

  • fuck thq!

    fuck this fucking bullshit download fucking shit!!!! why the fuck does gayass thq have to make this shit “private”?? fuck those motherfuckers!! i just wanna see these videos and they have to make it so fucking difficult! FUck!!

  • Alanisking316

    pasta for ufc3 videos

    • Alanisntking316

      no shit asswipe

  • Looks like UFC 2010 footage except the choke icon…