Analysts Start Guessing Impact of NBA Lockout on Take Two and NBA 2K12

Posted August 9th, 2011 at 2:45 pm

According to one analyst Take Two (parent company of 2K Sports) could lose as much as $40 million if the NBA lockout results in cancellation of the season. GameSpot has the article referencing the evaluation as sales of NBA 2K12 would be expected to slide sharply from the record numbers recorded with NBA 2K11.

For comparison’s sake EA Sports was bracing for a loss of $70-80 million if the NFL season had been cut into or lost completely. The company negotiated a deal with the NFL where they got a $30 million break this year and in return agreed to extend the exclusive NFL license by an extra year. There doesn’t appear to have been any such deal made with the NBA, though both 2K Sports and EA Sports recently extended their licensing deals with the league.

The NBA lockout of 1998-99 resulted in the season being delayed to February and being shortened to 50 games. The economic climate and circumstances are obviously much different 13 years later but NBA Live 99 saw its sales fall off 20% compared to its previous iteration. That could be a baseline of what to expect but it is really difficult to determine at this stage and any numbers being thrown out are ultimately going to be wild guesses.

Incorporating more to do with legends is 2K Sports’ strategy considering they transcend the current/upcoming season. The problem is much of the excitement over the concept has burned due to its prominence last eyar and ultimately the developments within the NBA are what drives much of the excitement beyond initial release. NBA 2K11 has stayed in the NPD Top Ten in sales for an astonishing nine straight months. NBA 2K12 could open strong but its longevity would be severely hampered by having to settle for last year’s final rosters and having no updates to follow along with over the course of the year.

With the NBA lockout widely expected to cost the league at least a portion of the season 2K Sports will have braced for the worst case scenario and seems to have planned well enough ahead to at least limit the impact. After 2K11 though it was unlikely 2K12 would match the numbers regardless and the lockout would deal a severe blow but more to its longer-term sales potential rather than how it comes out of the gate.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt they’re really going to lose anything because of the lockout. Most people are buying it for the legend rosters anyway.

    • Oliver

      I have no interest in the legends. If there’s no season I wont be buying the game. 

      • tish

        Same here. No season = no game and this is coming from someone who loves the nba2k games and was 100% going to buy this. To me it seems dumb to be playing the game when in real life the whole season might be cancelled.

        If the lockout goes on past Christmas, 2k is going to lose a shit ton of money.

        • Perrylarry44

          so wat will u play the arcade madden

          • Sdot



      • Perrylarry44

        k ul be 1 less person on 2kserver thanks homeboy

    • good go go—wwwhappyshopping100com

  • Abe_ER

    i know some people who bought the game last year cause of Jordan and now say they probably wont buy this years. the lockout is part of it but its just not as big a deal like it was last year

  • Weareallfools

    If 2K12 Delivers on the Legends mode and includes the full team rosters for the classic teams then I don’t see y any 1 wouldn’t buy this game.. If 2k was really smart they should devote most of their time & energy to the Legends & their respective teams because honestly in this era of B-Ball there are only a handful of players & teams that are actually good!! Just my opinion..

    • tish

      No I understand what they are doing with the lockout and Legends mode but I hope they don’t go overboard and devote all their time to that. There are some gamebreaking things (IMO) that need to be fixed. On top of the list should be to fix player roles in association mode so that they can actually be used without half the players in the league demanding trades. Also the rotations are massively screwed up in association. All the starters will play 38+ minutes per game even if they aren’t very good and all the backups get barely any minutes. This is kind of connected to how roles are so screwed up. These types of things suck the fun out of association for me.

      Also they really really really need to fire the 2k Insider. This guy is more lazy than Donny Moore. He updates about 5 player ratings per week. Most of the players on the game don’t even get a single update throughout the entire season. It just pisses me off so much, because so many people would kill to be in charge of the ratings and do a really good job yet they have some worthless loser doing them and ruining the rosters. There were players like Jonny Flynn who was the 3rd highest rated player on the wolves in the game and has 90 potential (lolololololololololololol) even though he was probably the worst pg in the league last year and is a complete scrub in real life. smh

  • chicken rib

    in a lockout year I rather would have international teams rather then classic teams

  • tmayne

    Man if u r a real fan of basketball how could not buy the game. Being that its the best basketball game out. I say the samething as Wearealfools focus on an real legend roster, classic teams if the whole season is gone I would want 2 play this a year than anything else. Big Fan of NBA2k.

  • Skihawks

    I could care less about whether or not the NBA has a season or not.  No one really watches until the playoffs anyway.  I will buy 2K if they make changes to the game.  I enjoyed 2K11 but the overall look and feel of the game hasn’t changed much over the past few years.  People complain about other games getting stale.  2K is on its way…. 

    • Perrylarry44


  • Luviii

    I don’t play the game to mimic the real life season anyway so no big deal if there is no season. My player is not real and if you’re an association person you make trades and acquisitions based on what players fit your team and play style.  So it then becomes a fictional/fantasy team because your team is not exactly like it is in real life that’s not including if you use drafts classes which i don’t know who wouldn’t.  So to those that say NO season NO buy… You sound like idiots. You must not really be basketball fans at all. How would you feel if they wasn’t any basketball game available at all this year? 

    • id be fine because if there is no season im not going to buy it………. i treat thhis like voting…..individually our votes really dont matter contrary to what many believe but we feel like we accoplished something and had our say…… i will not buy the game because of the lockout as i wouldn’t have if football would have been gone too……so ur the idiot

      • So you’re going to punish a video game company because the NBA decides it can’t agree to a deal?
        That doesn’t make sense. 

    • tish

      you are the one who sounds like an idiot. you probably don’t care whether there is a lockout or not because you don’t actually watch any basketball.

  • Anonymous

    I personally won’t be buying it either way. I’m disgusted with the lack of attention they have given gameplay over the last few years, and won’t be wasting my money until those issues are fixed.

    • Acarson53

      ill drive u to the nearest hospital cause ur sick 2k basketball is perfect what have u been playing nba elite or something

    • Acarson53

      ill drive u to the nearest hospital cause ur sick 2k basketball is perfect what have u been playing nba elite or something

      • Anonymous

        You and I clearly have very different definitions of the word “perfect.” 2k is riddled with problems that hinder the core gameplay. I’ve mentioned these in several threads before, but I suppose one more couldn’t hurt.

        First and foremost is the clipping/morphing. This can be the ball going through the player, a player going through another player, or, in one instance, Dwight Howard going through the rim to block a shot that he was out of position for. In any case, these alone are game-breaking, because they happen all the time.

        Second, the animation system. 90% of what you can do is animation based. Meaning that once you initiate said animation, you have to wait for it to play out before you can do something else. The isomotion is where this is very evident. You aren’t doing your moves on the fly, so you really aren’t able to react to the defender. If you initiate a doublecross, and he bites, great. If he doesn’t, you’re still stuck going in that direction, usually initiating another animation, this time being a collision/body check with the defender.

        Another issue with the isomotion is that this means you have a set of moves that you can do, and that’s it. You can double cross between the legs and then back across the front, OR both across the front. You can’t do both with the same player. Each move gives you one animation, minus the one or 2 that they give you 2. This eventually becomes predictable, and just annoying. The same goes for the sizeups. While they did do a better job in 2k11 by giving you 4, but even those got stale.

        The last problem I have with isomotion is that you cannot do anything without taking a step. Not even a simple crossover, or rather just changing dribbling hands, cannot be executed while stationary. This is obviously not realistic at all.

        Those are just the problems I have with the core gameplay. I haven’t even gotten into presentation/graphics, commentary, and AI. Everyone heralds 2k as being so realistic, but it is nothing like real life basketball.

        • Malikstarks

          I couldn’t agree more. Personally I have NBA2k11 but find it unplayable due to many of the things you pointed out. Primarily the animation issues but also the passing. Also your teammates do a terrible job of spacing unless as specific play is called every time, which is not how real basketball is played. Sometimes I think I must be crazy because I seem to be the only one who thinks the game is horrific.

          The only mode I actually like a bit is pickup game mode. This is because it just seems to be a much more free flowing game without the shot clock (and associated necessity to execute precisely with inept teammates in a shortened period).

        • Perrylarry44

          u just stick with nba jams simple

          • Anonymous


  • Nobody will miss the NBA until January at the earliest. 

    • People will miss though having new team rosters. There’d be a lot less enthusiasm for Madden if everyone was going to be stuck with those pre-free agency/trades/cuts base rosters for another year.

  • Yaboythecib1

    Sorry we 2k fan. 12 will lose sale. if this lookout goes into the regular season. people might as well keep playing 2k11 cuz no roster no stats updates. just the same shit.. minus the fact that player might go overseas to play. legend mode isn’t enough 4 me. cuz the Jordan challenges wasn’t really all that 2 me. but what will catch me is a more improved my player mode.other then that. not really much of a point in my opinon. goes the same 4 jam. game wise or real life fans will be lost if this lockout goes on longer then it needs 2. trust me…. the ball is in the player court it goin 2 be up to them if they want this lookout to end of not.

    • Perrylarry44

      yo im buying this and so will u/along with everybody else/its nothing else 2 play and i dont fuck with madden anyway…nba2k12 oh yeah i be getting the bird cover

  • guest

    At the end of the day, I’m a bball game junkie!!! so if cant watch it I might as well play it. I just hope they fix the annimation bugs that was in 2k11.

  • NoFro904

    Season or not.
    i’m Still Buying the game.

  • Sean

    I probably wont buy it either because of no new roster updates…and no new season.

  • Aman128ok

    OMFG I am so pissed off at some of you guys and Now i see why EA makes bad games every year because you assholes arent loyal and will leave a company out to dry in a second……. 2K puts their heart and sole into making the best possible games for you assholes every year and just gave us the greatest Basketball Game ever sold….. But when they need US.. the FANS the most.. in a time of crises U guys Turn your backs on 2K…… Right now they need US to support them and buy their game regardless if their is a season or not…… SO screw whoever says they wont buy NBA 2K12 and dont go CRYING to 2K when they lose the license for Lack of Funds and then were stuck with the Crap EA gives us ….. YOU GUYS ARE HORRIBLE FANS >:(

    • tish

      lol you’re such a douche. Fans like you are the reason EA puts out shit games because even when they are selling garbage for $60 you think it’s your “duty” to keep buying the game and stay loyal. We don’t owe these corporations anything. If you think the product is worth your money, you buy it, and if it’s not you don’t buy it. Simple as that. During a lockout year, the game doesn’t interest me enough to buy it. I don’t care what you say, it’s my money and I’ll spend it however the fuck I want.

      • Aman128ok

        OK BUT DID YOU hear what I said YOU Just repeated my Entire Statement…….. I want you guys to buy the game because they are not like EA and they put out THE BEST they can Give every Year…. SO hell yea as long as they are trying their hardest to put out THE BEST game for US WE SHOULD BUY IT AND IT IS OUR DUTY…..BECAUSE UNLIKE EA they put forth the effort everyyear and give us the best game possible SO WITH EA NO BECAUSE THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US the FANS But 2K does they try to make the best games and in their time of need we should be their for THEM BEcause if they Wanted to  they Could drop A BULLSHID GAME EVERYYEAR LIKE EA DOES BUT NO THEY LOOK OUT FOR US SO WE SHOULD LOOK OUT FOR THEM

  • Lackatheist

    Why won’t improve on my player and gameplay instead of all this legend shit.I wan to play with and against  international teams in my player