Madden NFL 12 Player Ratings: NFC North

Posted August 18th, 2011 at 7:45 pm

The deliberately slow rollout of Madden NFL 12 ratings continues with the latest four teams to have been broken down this week. The completion of the NFC North leaves only the NFC South to come.

Check out the rosters and ratings for the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings. These are four teams that didn’t make many waves with their off-season moves and the reigning champs return largely the same roster though with many players returning from the injured list.

Again keep in mind these are the base rosters and predate all transactions that began taking place late last month. As always leave any thoughts on the ratings in the comments!

  • Stvsolano54

    That picture says it all.. . i hope there will be some sort of injury slider…

    • Befhjkbjvekfjif

      On the demo there is a slider that adjusts how often injurys occur. 

  • Gjsfngnkgen

    Just looking at the first 4 they showed on each team, the NFC North ratings look decent. They completely messed up other teams (the same teams they have year after year) Giants, Seahawks, etc

  • They screwed the Lions.

    • Smsixx

      Ndamukong Suh is an 89 overall? That is laughable…I understand it was just his rookie year but I think a 92 (at minimum) was in order.

      Tulloch (on Titans roster) Finished last season as a 93 OVR…Noticed he was rated an 88??? bet 10 bucks his rating goes to an 85 on the 1st day roster update. 🙂

      Louis Delmas got screwed as well…This past off season the NFL head and assistant coaches took a poll on who was the most feared young safety in the league (3 years or less). Delmas won 71% of the vote (over guys like Eric Berry). And these are the guys who watch the tape day in and day out.

      I’ll take it for what it is…If Lion win…they will fix these issues 🙂

  • Leo

    Cutler has a 95 injury rating? lol thats probably accurate too bad they dont have a pussy rating he would be 99.

    • Doinyermom

      Yeah I’d like to see your ass take 52 sacks in the regular season. 

    • Doinyermom

      Yeah I’d like to see your ass take 52 sacks in the regular season. 

      • Leo

        Pay me what they are paying cutler and ill take 100 sacks in a season.

        • Johodk

          have you ever player football? You can play for the team I coach, I will tell the o-line not to pass block and then will se if even come to 10 before you pussy out

  • Bears looks about right but Forte should of stayed 92ovr,Because he still racked up over 1000+ scrimmage yards with a weak Off-Line.

    • Smsixx

      Im a Lions fan so its rare when I give an North rival respect…since I see Forte twice a year I am more then confident to say that he is the most underated back in the NFL…hes dangerous i the flats as well…huge weapon. Gets no respect.

  • Suh an 89???? Fire Donny Moore!

    • Takeover517

      suh should be a 99 . best tackle in football period 

  • lostnfound

    Peterson should have about 6-8 points higher in the trucking category. He’s crazy strong. 

  • ss

    kevin williams higer than jared allen wtf thats crazy

    • Smsixx

      shook my head as well…Kevin Williams started his carrer as a pure pass rusher but has evolved into a run-stoper. Hes a great player but better then Allen? I think not.

  • Guest

    Will IGN post the full ratings for all the players after ESPN finishes showing it? ESPN doesn’t show all the rating categories

  • i had a question can you play all 32 teams in franchise mode?

    • Abramovich


  • Keith

    The always tend to lower the Lions’ ratings, but recent history gives good reason. Should the Lions make the playoffs or at least contend for a wildcard spot, I expect they stop getting consistently lower ratings even with comparable real-world stats. The only ratings I have a real issue with are Suh and Stafford. Suh was All-Pro, an All-Star starter, had the most sacks of any DT, and was easily one of the 2 or 3 best DTs in the league last year. Not wanting to overreach their own internal progression is one thing, but he should obviously be in the elite category (90+) already.

    Stafford is understandable, but the stat movement didn’t make sense. When healthy, he has put up very strong numbers. Having a very low injury rating is fine, but his ratings should probably be at or just below Bradford/Cutler otherwise. It’s injuries that have made him a sketchy prospect, not play on the field.

  • Peppers is a BEAST in this game. Well on the Demo @ Least.

  • EA must hate the Lions. Kind of ridiculous at how poorly rated Suh and Stafford are. Stafford should at least be an 85, just with a low injury rating.

    And Suh is rated lower than Wilfork? REALLY?

    • Tails

      Well Wilfork is one of the only DTs better than Suh so that actually makes sense.  I’d say only Wilfork and Ngata are better than Suh.

  • NoFro904


  • Jacob Callaghan

    So the most sacked QB in the nfl has an 95 injury rating even tough he has only missed one game because of a concussion.

    • Smsixx

      The higher the injury rating the LESS LIKELY the player will get hurt. So a high 90 injury rating is a good thing 🙂

  • Why is Mcnabb not on there? That trade was over a month ago..i think

    • Rkaiser1111

      go to washington tm his ratings on that

  • Danny

    I didn’t think Donny Moore could screw up Suh’s rating, but man I was wrong.

    89? Wow. He’s arguably the best DT in the NFL right now. Would not be opposed to giving him a 95 rating.

    Suh was one of the most sure-thing players coming out of college in the history of the draft.

    If Donny Moore doesn’t have the brains to realize 10 sacks for a DT is amazing, then I don’t know how he got hired. He never ceases to amaze me. I’d be surprised if he actually took stats into account when assigning a player’s rating.

    I can write a whole paper about how many times Moore has screwed up a player’s rating. It really is shocking that he got hired, and how he’s still employed.

  • just as long as they dont over do it like last year because key players was being hurt way too much. and now that they have expanded the rosters they dont have over do that

  • anon

    my only comment is why is josh sitton the least tough player on the packers roster by a long shot? like he is really significantly less tough than mason crosby?

  • Sean Eble

    Annnnnd Titus Young gets the biggest Donny Moore shaft thus far. 4th WR taken in draft, 9th rated WR. Man, his vendetta against the Lions knows no bounds. Nick Fairley the sixth best d-lineman among rookies? Titus Young 88 SPD, 67 route running?

    Can’t wait to see what happens to the Lions new additions’ (Tulloch-88, Durant-83, Wright-82) ratings once the update comes out. My guess: -3 pt. overall decrease, on average.

  • Mich15321

    titus young an 88 speed!!!! is that a joke and why would delmas’ rating go down from last year and a 67 awr, i want to puke!

    • Dbrice48


  • Anthonykrogh

    cool game