NBA 2K12 Achievements Reveal New Features

Posted August 27th, 2011 at 2:00 pm

The Xbox 360 achievements for NBA 2K12 have been uncovered and with that a few new – yet to be announced – features have actually emerged. Perusing the list finds achievements related to new features for My Player mode and potentially the introduction of an online-connected Association mode. 

•Purchase 3,000 skill points in a single transaction in My Player mode.
•Purchase Michael Jordan’s dunk package (His Airness) in My Player mode.
•Land a contract that pays at least $10M per season in My Player mode.

My Player looks to have gotten some significant enhancements with the arrival of player contracts and a currency system to spend on skill points and skill packages.

•Create a My2K Account.

2K Sports recently pulled down their community website which also hosted the online leagues. My2K would presumably be the new community initiative that will be launched in time for the NBA 2K12’s release.

•Join an Online Association.

This could be the big one if it is a true online “Association” (multi-season w/ free agents, trades, contracts, NBA Draft) and not just re-branded online leagues.

  • Alex

    Is the purchasing of skill points with in game currency or with real money/microsoft points?

    • 2K’s track record hasn’t been to involve microtransactions thus far but I don’t know if we could say for sure yet.

      • BK

        I hope it has the option like MLB the show to buy the points. I hate starting out as a 39. I would like to start at around 60.

    • Lonodnrd1

      No the money you get from your yearly salary in the game will give you the amount you can spend on skill points

  • the few problems i had with my player mode was driving to the bucket the you would no doubt run into a defender whether he was guarding you or not  and the shooting you get a perfect release and still miss but could land a poor release 360 fadeaway ?
    games tight i like association  usually play as the heat in that and breakup the big three to get bench depth chris bosh to minny for love and a first is a sweet deal

    • Facts

      i agree and i hate when i go to the hole just to get pushed back by some lil six foot point guard it’s annoying

      • Jobo

        I have a athletic PG. He has 85 speed and 86 quickness. I have the same problem with going to the basket but, if you frive baseline you can get a dunk pretty easily.

  • So I’m guessing the money you earn in your contract can be spent on skill points, animation packages (dribble moves, dunk packages, etcetera), improving your popularity, and possibly other things. I was thinking of just waiting for 2K13 to come out and purchase it since I already have 2K11, but these guys don’t back down. They keep coming with innovative additions and addictive gameplay. NBA 2K12, count me in.

    • BK

      I think when it says buy 3000 points could that mean with real money? I have always wanted that option I do it in MLB the show. I hate starting out with a 39. I would like to start at at lest 60. It isn’t realistic that a level 39 can be on an NBA roster. I hope they allow you to buy cars and houses with your contract. Use some things in the last gen Madden when you had a house a agent and much more.

    • Andre Saul

      Only madden is the same game over and over

  • Kdarnell

    Money to spend on skill points comes from contracts!!! That’s fucking awesome!!!

  • Ayeyo

    It seems like the money you earn from contracts can be spent on skill points and other things. I think it’s cool– no AWESOME that contracts are actually important now, but I really hope that you can still earn skill points from playing actual games. I hope practices have more of an importance too and that more off court things can be done besides interviews. I really really wish 2K could make football games.

  • Porrt

    No point getting excited about online association. If its something online you can trust 2K to put it out broken.

  • jusmegamer

    Yeah, online association would be great. Looking forward to it.

  • Perrylarry44

    2k is a beast

  • Keith.

    A sports game made the way a sports game should be made. Thanks for showing the way it’s done, 2K. And for not having every new feature cost us extra.

    • Aman128ok

      Spoken like a true FAN thank U dude so many people keep saying how they wont buy NBA 2k12 because 2k11 was so good thats BS and unlike EA.. 2k puts their heart and soul into making the best game possible unlike EA and we should appreciate them while they are here

      • Greg

        Yeah we DEFINITELY should appreciate 2K. Imagine if EA had secured the exclusive NBA license (which they attempted to do)?

        Man that’s some scary shit to even think about. 

  • Keith.

    A sports game made the way a sports game should be made. Thanks for showing the way it’s done, 2K. And for not having every new feature cost us extra.

  • They need to fix block/steal thing where 2 guys collide and it is a block but they called them steals most the time. I don’t do online so, I would like to hear about changes they made gameplay wise. I just have a feeling association will be the same as last year since they have no clue how contracts look and no schedule.

  • manuman888

    if the online association really is legit, this will prove they should be considered as one of the better game franchises ever. Sure, they have flaws that they put off, but for what they do by adding to their games is unthinkable. They do sooo much and as soon as i say i’m slightly disappointed, they pull something out there ass again. Call me a 2k fanboy or wtv, but I truly am dumbfounded by how much they seem to manage in a year to year basis. 

    F’n amazing 2k, plzz keep it up

    • Buc

      I agree. If, and it’s a big if, they have added association online and IF it works, this will be the biggest ADD from one year to the next the franchise has seen thus far and should easily earn game of the year.

  • Guest

    so do they plan on announcing anything that shouldnt have already been in the game 3 years ago? these are all minor changes that people have been asking for for a few years. if any other company announced it, everyone would be all over them saying its nothing.

  • Kbdeboo

    And let the complaints begin.

  • JB4lif23

    #win win win win win!!!!! 2k is the only sports game i look foward to every year.. they are consistent and understand the supply and demand part of business..2k has been great in all aspects from outstanding soundtracks to core gameplay. the only thing that needs to be worked on is the online problems… if online is still a weakness in this years nba 2k then i dont see how the association online is going to work out.. but the idea of one is estatic…

  • Jodyjo19

    nba 2k12 is gonna be a great game and I can’t wait till it come out ..I hope mike breen the commentator is on there because I like when he says BANG puts it in