NBA 2K12 Will Not Include Rookies

Posted September 7th, 2011 at 11:45 am

Unlike the NFL Lockout, where EA Sports had rights to rookies for Madden NFL 12 regardless of whether there would be a season or not, the NBA lockout will cost its league licensed video game from introducing the incoming rookies. NBA 2K12 will not include any of the rookies drafted in June – as confirmed through a blog posting at Operation Sports from a long-time member who attended a PR event for the game yesterday.

The plan would be to add the rookies through a roster update – but that could only be done once the lockout is lifted and at this point that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon. In the meantime players like #1 pick Kyrie Irving, #2 pick Derrick Williams, Kemba Walker, Jimmer Fredette and all those chosen in the 2011 NBA Draft will be absent from NBA 2K12.

It’s an unfortunate situation and presents yet another reason why the company decided to put so much of their resources into the “legends” and historic teams. Those will transcend the current NBA – which now will not just be using rosters based on the end of last year but won’t even have the rookies to look forward to.

  • Anonymous

    just so everyone knows:

    From OS:
    ” According to 2k, the transition will be seamless and the rookies’ names and references are already in the game.”

    no BS generic Rookies. they will basically just “activate” them through a roster update..

  • Guest

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the rookies have only been drafted – they have not signed any NBA contracts.  So how could they be in the game if they are not under contract?  I do not think this was something 2K could do anything about.  Game is still gonna rock…

  • that sucks

  • teambuilder

    The best title in Sports Videogaming is now useless…

  • Hokies8498

    they will probably just do what EA sports does in NCAA Football. Make fake players based on the real rookies

  • Ni3k

    they said the players are already in the game just not playable until the lockout is lifted

  • Ni3k

    they said the players are already in the game just not playable until the lockout is lifted

  • Ever heard of Jimmer Fredette if you havent then you should go look the man up. Kevin Durant says he the best scorer in the world. This years draft class is good.

  • Melo

    Its stupid things,probably reason is Lockout,game is realyse in october 4,and Lockout is not ending…i like that problem will be fix it just on time,like a other problem with roster update…

  • Let me sum this up for you guys. The draft class will be released on a roster update once the lockout has ended. I am pretty sure that all the rookies have already been created and given their real pictures etc. Remember last years? The roster updates added people and they had their real faces and picture.

    Secondly, the draft class shouldn’t matter. Many fans wanted to see more legend teams get in the game. This will probably be the first and only time we see Penny, Young Shaq, 98 Kobe, Robert Horry, The Dream, Charlotte Hornets etc all in one game. The only way we will get them in the future is if 2k signed long term deals to use those players and teams.

    Thirdly, there are many new features in the game. Many of the existing players have been changed. Dirk got a complete overhaul. Go play the demo, he draws fouls now and does his little step back and hop shots while on the run. Plus the stadiums have new adds, my player got a complete overhaul including contracts, the use of existing players or nba legends, host banquets, attend charity events, new sponsorships etc.

    Someone also said about putting the classic teams in association. That has always been possible, you just go to customize league and sub out one team for the other. If you don’t want to lose those players on the team you are subbing out them release them all to free agency or sign them to other teams before you start the mode. Simple as that.

  • Tim_soto5

    what about the players that signed contracts for overseas are they gonna be in the game ??

  • if there is no rookies in nba 2k12 there is no much to look forward to

  • Melo

    And What about Direct x-11 for example…Its a pach actualy for clear realism in game with no bugs…I means that problem is solved from october 4,and i hope is 2k fix this problem corectly,and by time…

  • Melo

    Cause of Lockout,who realy disturb this season…And normaly is 2k sports have a Big problem,…I remember Nba Elite 11,was delayed some times and i dont know why…Elite predict Lockout season,but is realesed 5 november 2010…2k basketball game is never be delayed…But some things is just happens…Lockout for example…Season game without New drafted Rookies,with invisible Roster up-to date,who actualy not exist…and new Nba today new version 2.0 who realy folow situations about Lockout in Nba probably…But most accent this year in Nba today follow your situations completely in Asociation mode season and not just yours…All situations in Nba 2k12…Greatest is back,this time with Vengence…

  • Jvtakeover

    anyone want 2k12 updates? visit

  • Zalkalns69

    as long as they get the tattoos and acsessories right for every player and the presentation thats all im lookin foward too i could care less for the legends but when my dad sees larry bird magic johnson kareem and the 70-71 knicks in a video game hes gona flip especially with the graphic filter for each time period is really cool

  • Stephensdelvon1993

    Most of yall talking about when the lockout ends, this and that..Like yall even know when its going to end. It may be months before the lockout is resolved. personally im not wasting my 60 dollars on a game just to play with some old guys ha. I know there legends but all of you know that shits going to get old real quick. 

  • Amr8221

    No rookies. Big Z still there. K-Mart, Lawson and J.R. Smith are there. Huge amount of Free Agents are gone also.

  • fuck this lockout

  • i remember my fist time being a greedy millionaire asshole who fucked up nba 2k12 for everybody

  • mmmmmkk….

    So happy to play as Kemba Walker then I bought the game and no rookies.

  • Mazeoross

    Im a die hard nba2k fan but what i dont understand all the years this game always had it so you can intergrate the legendary players with the current players and teams that was one of the strongest points of 2k i grew up watching those legends especially the 80’s and 90’s legends who wouldnt want to bring legends out of retirement in todays nba and take them on a championship run with todays nba superstars 2k if you all like the fans opinions this is a problem that need to be fix imediately cause its alot of die hard fans thats dissappointed about this im going to buy back my 2k11and take some of my legendary bulls on a championship run!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jameel Mosley

    that’s real f**ked up man. Dis sum ol’ bullsh**

  • Mikemullins_96

    if i know that nba2k12 didt have any rookies i would not have bought the game

  • RRATED99

    If I can’t have rookies, then why can’t I trade legends onto the current roster. And what’s with the Jordan calf brace being white and red when you create a player on the current bulls

  • anonymous

    jimmer fredette will probably be black in the update

  • Joey20055

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  • Mitchrose45

    The only reason everyone is mad is because no rookies I have it and it’s better than last years game. I like the old blazers and some other teams from back then, but like what one guy said if u play association just make the rookies I replace for the fake ones. I did that after march and it was still like having them really there. I would play 2k12 over 11 in a heartbeat. It starts with a song that’s perfect for the game in the title screen, then it comes to a commercial of the top 4 players from last year/ the big players from last year and did a pre-game little cool thing, but what is the best part it says the date and gives you a option of remaking the finals from last year and I hated how I didn’t know who I was playing and in my player it shows who I’m playing and wats going on. For association it shows who I’m playing, where, and what my record is. So while you guys are all bitching and whining over no rooks I’m looking at what I have and just playing I know rookies will come but us gamers and fans have to wait. Plus just add them in manage rosters and it will be like having rookies.I was so mad at first and was going to scream but since I read some of the reviews here I learned to just play the damn game and wait cause it will be worth it if you just play and it will be amazing once the rooks come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!,!!,!!,!!!!!!!!!!