NBA 2K12 Ratings for LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Spark Debate

Posted September 15th, 2011 at 9:15 am

In NBA 2K11 both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James entered as 97 overall prompting discussion with each having their own factions of supporters but it was mostly harmless since they were tied atop the ratings. With NBA 2K12 though one has gone up while the other has dropped leading to some more contention between those who feel one should be above or at least at the same level as the other.

LeBron James will begin NBA 2K12 as a 98 – the highest rated player in the game – while Kobe Bryant has settled in at 94. Miami also features the 96 rated Dwayne Wade and the 80 rated Chris Bosh (who drops from the 87 he started 2K11 with). Bryant and the Heat, who have no players outside the “big three” above 68, are the only ratings revealed so far.

  • Christopher46264

    they should just put kobe lebron and dwayne at 97 it sould go by whos better dwayne.1 kobe.2 lebron.3

  • Mac

    man 2k likes to dck ride lebron i remember in association he got mvp 5 yrs in a row cmon 

  • Here’s what you guys are overlooking.

    1. Kobe is getting older. His defense isnt as great, he cant do ask much as he could a couple years back. Father time is setting in. Lebron is young (26) and Dwade is in his prime, or just getting past it (28) so they still have many years of great basketball, whereas Kobe is on the down slope.
    2. 2k rates the players on their individual stats from the past season. So if you look up lebron wade and kobes stats from last year you will understand why they each got the rating that they did.

    Lebron – reg season -(PPG) 26.7, (FG%) 51%,(3P%) 33%, (FT%) 76%, (RPG) 7.5, (APG) 7.0,
                                   (SPG)  1.6, (BPG) .6, (TO) 3.6, (PF) 2.1, (MPG) 38.8

    Wade – reg season – (PPG) 25.5, (FG%) 50%,(3P%) 31%, (FT%) 76%, (RPG) 6.4, (APG) 4.6,

                                   (SPG)  1.5, (BPG) 1.1, (TO) 3.1, (PF) 2.6, (MPG) 37.1
    Kobe – reg season – (PPG) 25.3, (FG%) 45%,(3P%) 32%, (FT%) 82%, (RPG) 5.1, (APG) 4.7,

                                  (SPG)  1.2, (BPG) .2, (TO) 3.0, (PF) 2.1, (MPG) 33.9

    • Eherbert274

      Well we will just how much he’s lost now that hes HEALTHY…

  • He is the most gifted athlete in the NBA size, speed, strength. Just cause he didnt win a ring yet don’t make him whack. people need to relax

  • dlhw252

    i read a lot of comments just to get a laugh but LeBron being a 98 & Kobe being a 94 sound right to me. LeBron is only 26 entering his prime Kobe is like 33 or 34 he only has a few years left.He just isnt as good as he used to be last year Kobe didnt play like the Number 8 kobe that made him great.He is still a good player but right now LeBron is better. & if you hate LeBron for some reason you know that you’ve never seen a player like him before. he will go down as one of the best of all time weather you like it or not. D Wade is right where he needs to be & son is Bosh… oh & i saw someone say Dirk should be like a 96… NO!!!!!!! lets be real we didnt give two shits about Dirk before the playoffs when they owned the Lakers. we wouldnt even care what his rating would’ve been but since his team… TEAM!!!! beat the Heat he’s a god??? stop kidding yourself for your rating to be in the 90s you have to be a well rounded play Dirk is good but i would put him past a 86… P.S. Jason Terry carried them against the Heat

  • Blabla

    why is it supposed to spark a Debate???

    Kobe is DONE…. he is not in his prime anymore….  Lebron is more of a scorer, rebounder, passer, defender, has been more dominant, has done more this season & playoffs in every possible way….. Kobe was a couple of years ago at least able to hang with Lebron in the scoring department…. but now he is just DONE…. its over for Kobe….


    • Eherbert274

      He is decling but im sure u dont realize hes bein delaying surgery on hia finger and knee for 3 yra now an he actually did it this summer with extra rest itll b same old kobe….but you sound like you have a lebron fetish…on the yang much ?

  • Masterless Swordsman

    This is funny. If anything, Kobe’s rating in 2k12 should be higher (or his rating in 2k11 should’ve been lower), because last year he played with all sorts of injuries, and I’m betting that due to the R&R, this year he’d actually be even better than last year in real life. Did y’all see his Drew League video? that knee (and that ankle, and those fingers, etc…) looks to be pretty much fine.

  • jlovelee34

    LeBron’s travelling should be bout 98

  • Shawandajohnson

    kobe is the best plain and simpile lebron will never be kobe

  • Benjamin Ellis1109

    I love the black mamba (no homo) but he is getting older now and he is usong his smarts to beat people now he isnt as athletic as he used to be so LeBron IMO has every single edge in the athletic department and im pretty sure speed, strength, quickness and vertical leap add to LeBrons ratings….so of lebron has the advantage in all those characteristics and his rating is only 4 pts higher i think 2k made the ratings perfect

    P.S on 2k “overall” doesnt mean shit a skilled player using kobe will still dominate his opposition by playing smarter…just like kobe would