Demo for NBA 2K12 Now Available

Posted September 20th, 2011 at 2:30 am

Out now for the Xbox 360 (will be able to queue up the download here) and having arrived this afternoon for the PS3 is the demo for NBA 2K12 which features a rematch of the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks. The demo is 1.11 GB and structured with a single four minute quarter with the user locked to the Mavs, lacks options to change difficulty or sliders or camera angles, and has had commentary stripped out. As always leave your thoughts and observations on the demo in the comments!

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  • Z4Three

    I know the joke would be NBA 2K11.5 but to me this is more like NBA 2K11.2

    Not bad but with how many hours I spent with 2K11 there’s no wow factor.

    • Anonymous

      I have never received a”WOW” factor from any demo.

      • Sdot




        • SWiZZY

          YO RAY J

          GiT YO OWN MATERiAL



          WiNNA WiNNA CHiCKN DiNNA


      Wow factor based off a fucking demo really..NBA 11.5 really !!!   I give up SMH!

    • Ilikebacon

      Bitch please

  • Spony_24

    when is the demo released in the uk?????????????????????

  • Kjay

    i was hoping to play a full 4 quarter game but this will suffice. just glad to get a feel for the game and the new improvements.

  • Canora

    they wont even let us change teams? man 2k sucks with demos

    • Ish3i

      lol cant run plays either

  • This is just what I was hoping for – a chance to get a feel for the new gameplay mechanics…I can live without commentary, changing teams etc. as long as I can practice all the post moves, dribble moves and defensive controls before the game drops.

    • Quan

      How do you hop step on NBA 2K12?

  • Justin Mescall

    and you can only play with the mavs!! WTF!?! >:(

  • Taron Young

    Man talk about lack of wow!. It seems like I will just keep 2k11 and MAYBE buy after the lockout is over and they release rookies or something. This game was weak as far as improvements go.

  • Anonymous

    No wow factor for me played one game of the demo and deleted it off my HD that was a waste of time this game is definitely not a first day purchase for me you would thing they would give you a lil more time to mess around with the controls but no typical 2K I’m not surprised oh well I have Gears MW3 & ULT Marvel to fall back on I don’t really need this game not much has changed if I pick it up it will be simply because I’m a fan of Basketball but at the end of the day fuck 2K that’s all I have to say

    • Anonymous

      All that from a 4 min demo.

      Be honest you just wanted to type some negative stuff about 2K.


      • JWade

        you mean like you do for every EA Sports game Amen_Ra?

        • Anonymous

          Actually the only EA sports game I hate on is Live/elite and Madden.

          I’m one of NCAA’s biggest supporters/defenders on this site. I have also constantly offered praise for NHL and FIFA.

          Once again, you folks got me confused with some other guy.

          • Amen_Ra’s Boyfriend

            You tell ’em baby!

          • Anonymous

            My Avatar is just for people like you. ahahahah keep hanging homey

          • Anonymous

            Lol Idc what u say it’s my opinion I can write whatever I please it’s a free country

          • Anonymous

            That my friend is a subject on which I will not disagree

          • Anonymous

            Lol & I never wrote that I hated the gm I actually like 2K I’ve been playing the game since 2K3 bro I’m a 2K guy I was just disappointed I didnt get to mess around with it longer than 1 quater I did at the end of my comment say I’m getting the game because I’m a fan of the gm in general meaning the NBA period I did the same for madden so why stop now?

      • td


        dirks ugly, bosh is ugly, every player is ugly, the players still move like shit, the starting lineup thing is gay as hell, the game is too easy, the game froze when i was at the free throw line. it is way better than 2k11 though.

        2k blows my man

  • Kbdeboo

    Talk about idiotic comments…. It’s a fucking demo since when do demos give you everything dam!! Some people just love to fucking complain shit!! What person in their right mind is going to download a demo and think or talks as if they thought they were getting a full game dum motherfuckers!

    • you cant change teams or run plays, cmon man thats fucking weak

      • JWade

        they couldn’t give us a full game with 4 minute quarters? Hell,even Madden gives you a full game.

        • Geedot

          But Madden SUCKS! They’ll give you anything to make you buy the game!

        • Well that’s cause Madden has no half time show and week commentary. The only thing they added was the repetitive team intros(something that was in Madden 07), Compare 2k’s improvements to Madden 12’s… Not even close.

    • JWade

      you wouldn’t be saying that if this were an EA Sports demo.

    • Anonymous

      I look at it this way: There is no NBA season. So 2k has to rely on it’s gameplay/presentation updates. They’ve already confirmed there will be no new rosters as long as the lockout is going on, and historic teams are unplayable online. For a lot of people on the fence, the demo will be the deciding factor. It would have been in their best interest to make the demo worthwhile in showcasing the new features, but they stripped it down to practically nothing, with no options. At the very least, you should be able to run plays. They mentioned how much they improved the plays and playcalling, but don’t give us a chance to try it? They’re trying to shoot themselves in the foot.

      • Agreed.  What is the point of a demo if not to show off the new features for this years game?  2K failed to show off anything new.  I would call that a failure.    

    • Anonymous

      A demo is supposed to pursuade you to make you want to buy the game yet this demo didn’t do that who said that a demo was supposed to give u everything? We know it isn’t cause it’s a demo so the only dumb not dum one is you ppl can write what the damn well plz u don’t like it that’s just to bad

  • Sydnicate

    Dang after reading the In Game Footage article I thought it was going to be really good.  But I have to admit its more like an expansion pack.

  • Debenz

    And still 2K cant put 2 quarters in like in 2K8.

  • im so glad i bought 2k11 in june cause im defenitly not buying 2k12 or the demo

  • Anonymous

    I must say the 2K11 demo was horrid in my opinion as well. I’m willing to give 2K the benefit of the doubt that this is a very early build of the game.

    • DNA

      Even jordan had haters

  • GY3

    I believe the new animations are sick if you are a true BBall fan.  The Post up was off the chain with Dirk.  Players truly play and look like they do in real life.  The over all feel is a lot smoother and better.  One thing I can say is, at least I can tell some changes have been done with this game.  Just waiting on the 4th of October. 

    • Roarshack1

      You got it! I played one game before I went to work and I noticed a difference. It was smoother, animations and sig shots looked better (IMO). I even had a few fast breaks where the D didn’t catch up and stop me. I saw fernandez grab a board with one hand, put it on the floor in stride and take off on the break, finished off with a blown lay up over the defense. That grab and transition to dribble and run was so fluid, it was a joy to see. Maybe not a day 1 grab for me, but ill get it for sure. I don’t thin this demo shows how great this title will be.

      • DNA

        Good post…There are people on here saying its NBA 2K 11.5 those people are either EA foreskin lickers or don’t play basketball video games… anybody that plays 2k11 hardcore, can tell a difference right off the bat fuck a demo give me the real deal now…….oct 4th get here!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Why do those ppl have to be EA forshaken lickers because they don’t share the same view as you? Lol what a lame dude come Oct 4 just buy your copy & be happy let ppl voice their opinions & if they don’t wanna get it because of the say they feel who cares

          • Rfedekid

            That’s exactly how I feel about people who try to over hype 2k’s basketball game on this site. If you do not agree with their views than they want to bash you in a immature manner. I bet if EA comes out with a remarkable basketball that supersedes 2k than we will see how loyal they will remain to 2k basketball. There should be no allegiance to any game company, but approach with a unbiased and neutral mindset.     

  • Geeznutz

    ITS A FUCKING DEMO!!!!!.. I remember back in the day(4yrs ago) when we got nothing..Oct 4th is just 2 weeks away damn!!!

  • Perrylarry44

    2k11 demo sucked 2,but when the game dropped it was a beast

  • SWiZZY



    2K 4 DA BiTTiES


    • zzzzz

      lol yeah bring back more trash so people can cry about it – live is even worse and it showed

  • Sam

    Haha, fortunately I still got Elite 11 Demo on my Hard Drive. I played it first, then I started playing 2K12.


  • Dfonseca89

    Lol at the people mad over a demo that everyone KNOWS good and well 2k holds back on. They have for the past 2-3 years. Every year it’s the same. There is no commentary, only two teams, no play calling, no anything really. You guys can tell me you expected 2k to let us do any of these things given the years we’ve already experienced. They kind of work in what I like to call a predictable pattern…lol! And what happened last year when we played the “lame demo”? We fell in love as soon as the game dropped. Boom.

  • Hell


    • Avid Onlooker

      Get a 360, period!!

    • Skihawks

      Blame Sony. They update their site later in the day.

    • zzzzz

      use the search feature in the store

  • Guest

    ppl mad for no reason. 2k holds bak on the demo everytime then it ends up being a great game so the demo says nothin about the final product so everyone calm down lol

  • Skihawks

    One four-minute quarter with no alternative in changing teams or adjust settings??? It is 2011. I know it is only a demo but wtf? Weak.

    • Clintbeastwoods

      YES I am sure you would much rather be playing nba elite since you are a loyal ea employee right?

      • Jaynoc

        Why does he have to be an EA employee for disliking settings in a game demo? Guess that’s the B!tch tendency in you. LOL Keep voicing your opinion Skihawks.

  • Youngc456

    So if your a Miami heat fan u can’t play with your team? That’s dumb they never made it locked on only one team that sucks

    • There is no such thing as a Miami Heat fan, only bandwagoners.

  • Muzz_Tech

    I don’t even care about the demo, the game will be good. As proven from last year’s cycle. The fact taht Kotaku and OS have all given their impressions of it, only makes me more confident that the game will be great. Haven’t played the demo yet, but not really in a rush. I’ll try it out, but i already their demos are always about 20% of the actual game. I can’t wait til Oct. 4!

    • Tip

      The demo is stripped down, that’s to be expected but I can tell you after playing this demo ONCE that this game is gonna be BETTER than 2K11, and that’s saying a lot. It feels much more fluid and the animations run smoother. 

      This is an absolute MUST BUY for me! 

  • Acarson53

    first off nba2k11 way better the faces r a step back or something second does anybody know if the schedule going to be in set in da game or no please at least that

  • Lonnie

    wow! just wow! best demo ever! ..played it three times annd deleated it..

  • Anonymous

    Based on the demo, I will not be buying the full game. The animations are a little better, but it feels almost the same as 2k11. Not worth full price. Maybe if I see some gameplay videos that show me more, but as of right now, it doesn’t feel like a different game.

  • td

    id buy this game right away!!!! ….. if the gameplay didnt suck so bad

  • td

    id buy this game right away!!!!! … if the gameplay didnt suck so bad

  • chicken rib

    if NBA 2k11 was Burger King, then 2k12 is McDonalds

  • Kbdeboo

    And all this talk of i’ll just keep 2k11…. Um aren’t you the same people complaining about no rookies or roster updates.. ok where do you think you find those on 2k11??? And once again its a demo I can image the comments if 2k didn’t even bother or if they just said ok here is 2k12 no legends no my player hell here go NBA live like gameplay. I think some of you will be happy.

  • Kbdeboo

    And to idiot saying they can’t change team so 2k sucks what the fuck?!! That isn’t anything new a lot of sports game or just certain games never give you everything in a fucking demo.

  • Jb4lif23

    THE DEMO IS OUT FOR PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NoFro904

    My only Gripe is that its not longer.

    Can barely get a feel for it with half a quarter.

  • Stvsolano54

    Not bad … i will wait for the pc version …. i havent stopped playing 2k11 on the pc yet due to all the mods n rookie class mods you can do to it… i actually thnk my 2k11 pc version modded out looks and plays a bit better than the 2k12 demo on xbox.. i know its just a demo but it is as close to the final product as its going to be…. i do like the fluidness that the game has, as well as the game speed to it as well.  But i will surely wait until the steam version comes out …

  • SJ13_BILLS

    I pull no punches. Kidd hit and three, and the announcer said “Chandler for three”, and the Heat pretty much were 8 for 8 on shots. I am certain 2K will fix this because they are NOT EA.

    • I guess thats the new “In thing”… terrible commentary.

      • Anonymous

        Was just the stadium announcer, but these mistakes are common as all. I am confident 2K will fix this. This demo is just what it is… A demo. 

  • Enjoyed the demo a lot. The AI is the biggest improvement as far the demo is concerned. LeBron and Wade have been making me look foolish by playing some smart basketball.

  • Skihawks

    Finally played the demo. I will admit that I havent really enjoyed pro basketball games since Live 97. I did buy 2K 11 and enjoyed it for about 20 games.

    Even with my lack of experience with the 2K series I could tell a huge difference in this years game. The frame rate is much improved. Still not a fan of the limited demo. It was way too easy. Hell, I was pick-pocketing Wade and James with Dirk.

    The jerseys received a much needed upgrade. Always hated the way 2K portrayed the unis. The player models also look better but Dirk’s and Bosh’s faces look terrible.

    Overall, very impressed. The presentation is as sharp as ever and the atmosphere is spot on. Still not buying day one. The lack of current rosters is a key factor for me. I will buy this used in February.

    • derrick504

      Dude bosh looked 80 years old and dirks hair looked painted on but its the early version and the retail copy will be much smoother

  • Stunnerko123

    You guys are dumb this is an early build of the game that was showed at that Gamecon. The final version will be better. This demo was nice shows alot to expect from when the actually game drops. Stop bitching so damn much its a free demo. 

  • Samsam

    As like last year.  I am unable to shoot the freaking ball properly.  SMH. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that there is no wow factor. With all the talk about how tight the animations were I was expecting it to feel like 2k9 2k8 or 2k7. 

    This feels sort of like NBA 2k10 tight but it’s still not as tight as 2k10.

    Which is where the animation and floaty problem first reared it’s ugly head. Only to get even worse with 2k11.

    It’s an improvement this year but barely. The animations are still not as tight as they should be. It still feels floaty like NBA Live.

    From 2k7-2k9 I felt like I was in complete control in real time. I felt like I was on the court.

    You can’t feel that way with the animations not being in real time.

    The series hasn’t had that feel since then.

    • Tip

      Man you serious? You actually think this game feels like NBA Live? LMAO! The animations are much more fluid and smoother in this game than last years. Plus there are a lot of new ones that I’ve seen just in a 4 min demo. Man I just don’t know what some people want or expect. The game feels great, and you know the retail version is gonna be 10x’s better than the demo. 

      Anyways, for you boxing fans out there (like myself), Rumor has it that 2K is working on a new Floyd Mayweather boxing game.

       I really hope this is true because EA’s Fight Night games suck ass!

    • Wow you pointed out the least realistic current-gen 2K’s in terms of movement. You said you felt you were in complete control but I think what you really felt was the utter lack of momentum which allowed for near instantaneous directional changes. 

  • Acarson53

    what is this shit nba live 10 and nba 2k11 love child serioulsy they look like they didnt eat in weeks like live games and then on top of that how r the venues going to be is there a official schedule for the association it mad shit that i;m mad about

  • Anonymous

    The game seems smoother but then again I only played 2k11 for  two weeks before trading it in.  The game is far more complicated then it needs to be and unlike Madden, they don’t aim to cater to the casual basketball fan.

    Not saying its a bad thing, just as a casual basketball fan I don’t require 20 pages of moves for a basketball game.  Outside of the overly complicated controls the game looks very nice but so did 2k11.  The only negative thing I will say about this game is that for a game that strives to capture every little detail about the NBA how cam you come with no in game player introductions.  Totally lame IMHO.  I dont want to see a match up screen to kick the game off.  I want detailed player entrances with music to build up the excitement.  2kfail on this .  Otherwise the game looks very strong.

    • Tip

      Aren’t you the same guy that’s been on here shitting on NBA 2K for months? LOL!

      I see you’re coming around fella. Shows you that everyone has to admit when they’ve seen greatness. Can’t deny it. 

      I do agree with you though about the intros. They need to go back to that. They had it during the Dreamcast days, full player intros of BOTH teams and it was great, don’t know why they went way from it. Hell at least give us the option to use it. 

      For those that forgot what 2K’s full player Intros were like, here’s a lil’ trip down memory lane.

      NBA 2K2, Dreamcast.

  • When it rains it Gores

    just awful.  the camera angle sucks. nba 2k11 for me this year. 

    • Patrick

      Well, fortunately you can change the camera angle in the retail game. REVOLUTIONARY!

    • This is a joke right?