Madden NFL 12 Week Two Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted September 20th, 2011 at 1:30 pm

It’s still very early in the NFL season but certain trends have already begun to emerge and individual players have either reestablished themselves coming off last season or are showing signs of breaking out. While there probably won’t be many huge ratings swings in this week’s Madden NFL 12 roster update it should be setting up for that time which justifiably is nearing.

Another round of severe injuries has landed Jamaal Charles, Thomas Davis, Nick Collins, and Jordan Shipley on IR. Miles Austin, Gabe Carimi, and Nick Mangold will all be out for several weeks but have at least avoided the season-ender.

The Lions continue to impress – though against the Chiefs who may be in the running for worst record this season – and that should bring them more upgrades than they got in the previous update. Daniel Thomas in his debut for the Dolphins proved to be another impressive rookie who could see an immediate update and Raiders’ rookie receiver Denarius Moore emerged from out of nowhere. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are starting to show encouraging signs together as well. It’s been surprising the impact rookies have had after all the talk that they would struggle due to losing most of training camp.

Other top performers in week two or so far this season: Vincent Jackson, David Nelson, Rob Gronkowski, Quintin Mikell, Earl Thomas, Fred Jackson, and Eric Decker. Mike Kafka came in for the injured Michael Vick and looked capable – while it appears the Jaguars will be making a QB change and going to rookie Blaine Gabbert earlier than they had hoped they would have to.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players and teams deserve ratings boosts or declines based on performance in week two and so far this season!

  • The Real N/A

    Did you know that with certain teams in off-line Franchise mode, it will RAIN in EVERY home game?  New York Giants and Miami Dolphins are two great examples.  Unexplainable and Inexcusable.  

    • revis and rex stop tom

      new york jets rained 7 gms, nice weather for 1 and snow for a playoff gm

  • Jhutch09

    D WARE 99
     thats all i want to see please it is well deserved!

  • khareefa

    Mason foster deserves a 72overall 10tackles a sack and he forced a fumble on ap, who supposedly fixed those problems…

    • Anonymous

      just because he fumbled once doesn’t mean he’s fumble prone again. just because he fixed his problem doesn’t mean he’s never going to fumble again. it’s going to happen. it happens to everbody

  • Mason Foster had a solid week for a rookie. 10 tackles 1 sack and 1 Forced Fumble against the vikes

  • BROWNSergey

    what about the browns and colt mccoy? He needs to boost up to about 80 overall. same with jabaal sheard. im tired of getting knocked down by linemen everytime i try to rush with him!

  • Hasselbeck and Britt both need big boosts after a second straight nice week. Jared Cook needs a spectacular catch bump after that crazy catch over Ed Reed and Britt’s catch in traffic REALLY needs to go up. The guy catches it in tight coverage every time.

  • Hasselbeck and Britt both need big boosts to their ratings after a second straight nice week. Finnegan is dominating and Jared Cook needs a spectacular catch bump after that wild pass he caught over Ed Reed. Also, Britt needs a big time CIT boost. He’s winning every one-on-one battle he’s in, and even some zone Ds where two guys converge.

  • Radical


    Matt Ryan(+) – At least give him the clutch trait. Getting beaten and bruised all game, and he turns around in the no huddle(with an injured knee) and leads back to 14 points in the last quarter when down by 2 scores.

    Sam Baker(-) – The guy has simply been terrible, and just become worse and worse every year now. 11.5 sacks given up last year. That’s bottom 3 in the league. Wonder if he tops that this year?

    James Sanders – Now starting at FS
    Kelvin Hayden – Now starting at NB
    Todd McClure – Back from injury

    Peria Jerry and Vance Walker(+) – Had excellent games, especially Peria Jerry.

  • Triptrip08

    How bout tellin donnie boy to get off the Packers nuts already…..dude must have the worst madden skills around..

  • UKNO


  • 93santana


  • 93santana

    Raiders boost. RB Mcfadden. WR Moore. RB jones. CB Routt. OLB Groves

  • 93santana

    Raiders QB J.Cam needs boost 85? Hes efficent af

  • Josephebulu

    the patriots and falcons defense need rating boost

  • Kongzilla

    How about a Jason Campbell accuracy boost before he throws five picks against the Jets.

  • I would like to see McGahee and Erick Decker get some love for the Broncos, both had a superb game.  Against the Bengals yes, but no game is easy in the NFL.

  • Princecameron42

    Washington Redskins offensive line was ranked #1 in week two.. so they should get a boost for along with rookie Ryan Kerrigan

  • Eaglesfan

    Asante Samuel upgrade catching.
    Trent Cole was unstoppable- needs atleast 96 ovr.
    Jason Peters is playing better than he ever played before-Needs to be 94-95 ovr.
    Lesean McCoy needs 99 elusiveness and an upgrade in acceleration.
    Jeremy Maclin needs an upgrade ovr to 88 or 89. He dropped the one but had 13 rec for 172 yds and 2 TD’s.
    Kurt Coleman is playing solid and is reliable at safety-bump up to 78 or 79 ovr.
    Mike Kafka needs an upgrade to 74 or 75- plays great when he gets the chance and is always reliable.

  • Southpaul15

    It is very evident that Kenny Britt should be a 92+.  He just tore up a good Ravens secondary.  I think Nate Washington is also underated… Especially speed.. No one could keep up with him in man coverage? 

    KLUG DT – forced 2 fumbles and got a sack on Flacco
    Hasselbeck QB – Very good vs a good Ravens defense.
    ALL OF THE O-LINE – never allowed 1 sack 



  • Corybob123

    Also finnegan.  Dudes nasty.  Jared Cook also needs spec catch boost and kenny britt is obv a cluth reciever

  • Z C W

    Why is blaine gabbert slower then cam newton in madden when blaine gabbert ran a faster 40?

  • Yahoo

    Joshua Thomas Carolina Panthers CB #15 i think