NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Online Details

Posted September 22nd, 2011 at 9:30 am

Though NBA 2K12 is the premiere league-licensed title to release in less than two weeks another is on the way in the form of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. Less affected by the NBA lockout it faces its own hurdles as it attempts to overcome a disappointing full-priced offering last year that has resulted largely in apathy towards On Fire Edition. By going digital download only on XBLA and PSN for $15 it becomes more reasonable to consider but it still has yet to generate much excitement or anticipation from consumers.

The latest info on the game relates to its online modes – breaking down those additions outside of the ability to play ‘Road Trip’ cooperatively. A weekly ladder tournament that also incorporates specific challenges known as ‘Arena’ has been added while ‘Jam Now’ is basically an unranked environment allowing for complete customization of game type and settings. The question though, as with many fringe titles or downloadable ones, is will there be a large enough online player base to make any of it worthwhile?

  • Anonymous

    lol ‘On Fire Edition’.

  • Keith.

    Wonder why EA continues to pump dev money into a 20 year-old game.  Weird.

  • chicken rib

    better be roster updates

    • Yaboythecib2

      what type of updates would their be wit a lockout….

    • Perrylarry44

      lockout no up date

  • Tip

    Hardly anybody cares about the arcade type sports games anymore. It was cool 15 years ago but sports games have become to realistic and advanced now. No one sure as hell isn’t gonna pay 60 bucks for one, I know I wouldn’t. 

    • Guest

      well good thing this is an xbox live arcade game they are only charging $15 for……

    • Gary

      dumbfuk this game is $15 not $60 .. do u read?

      • Dre

        It was 60 bucks last year dickhead. It says “full-priced offering last year.” Can your dumbass read? 

  • Vaporub83

    I like the price and I love the game.

  • Patrick

    Does anybody give a damn about this game? -.-

    I cant enjoy games like these… Gets boring after five or six games…

    • Perrylarry44

      4real 2 games would be it 4me

    • David

      I’m still not sure how I feel about this particular game due to how they handled the release of last year’s game but in general, I quite enjoy arcade style sports games, more so than the realistic games to a degree.

      My favourite sports game of all time is still NHL Hitz 20-03.

  • Dre

    Why do they even bother with these lame ass arcade games anymore? No one plays them. I wouldn’t pay 5 bucks for this shit let alone 15. 

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