2011 Air Jordans Appear in NBA Jam

Posted September 23rd, 2011 at 3:30 pm

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will include customized Air Jordan 2011 sneakers. Members of ‘Team Jordan’ such as Dwayne Wade, Ray Allen, Rip Hamilton, and Joe Johnson will be wearing the shoes in the game. The news was first announced on the official Jordan facebook page.

Jordan Brand has been featured prominently in EA Sports products in the past such as NBA Live and NBA Street as well as others including the NBA 2K series. In some cases the games have actually provided the first look at upcoming sneaker releases. Check out the gallery or FB album for a look at the shoes and players they will be featured on!

  • Clintbeastwoods

    nobody cares about this garbage game! Why bother even writing about it?

  • Toomie

    nice! those shoes are sharp

  • EA can get Jordans but cant get Jordan….Those look tight tho.

  • Drs_506

    they are not retros, no very appealing imo

  • Hungryandrew

    EA pays Pastapudre to post irrevelant information on their crappy nba jam

    • Haha yeah right. I’ve made it pretty clear I don’t think people should consider buying this release after what they pulled last year. This is a significant story though – and has to do with the shoes not with the actual game.

  • Kbdeboo

    Look at the write up on 2K pasta did it comes off as like this year 2k will be straight garbage but it sounds like he getting all excited about shoes in NBA jam??? He talked bad about no roster updates or rooIkies, but where are the updates on NBA jam where are the rookies on NBA jam?? no where!! Lol! I had a bunch of my friends read his latest 2k post and NBA jam they all said the same thing sounds like NBA jam will be sports game of the year for him.

    • A lockout affects NBA Jam far less than 2K12. There’s no even debating that. We’re talking one game that strives for authenticity vs another that doesn’t. And one game that sold millions of copies last year vs one that will sell tens of thousands. Pretty big difference.

      Care to explain how NBA Jam supposedly sounds amazing? I don’t get it. In the last posting I questioned whether there would even be enough people with the game to make online play entertaining. Come on now.

      • Hungryandrew

        Pastapudre wrote articles on NBA 2k12,  making it sound like its 2k’s fault for  not having rookies, etc. Its the NBA’s fault for the lockout. Secondly, 2k12 made so many improvements, legends, etc, third, once the lockout is over  within  a month or so, the rookies will be available in a update, if your mouth water for young enegetic  rookies, pasta, you could also create them.

        • Kbdeboo

          Dude you are so right that’s what I been telling people not 2K fault at all but they could’ve said forget and not came with no game at all.

          • Hungryandrew

            Thgats what I’m saying, NBA lockout, no competition (2k kick the competition’s ass instead of being a bitch and buying  the license) and 2k still took alot of time and effort into 2k12. Rookies?? Not that many good rookies coming out anyway, and again once the lockout is over, the rookies will be included in an update. To put up a artcile boosting about a pair of sneakers in a crappy ass basketball game, nobody cares about, I swear this site is biased sometimes, favors EA a little too much.

  • sheredia

    interesting they could get the shoes in the game, but not jordan himself…..if they could (which would be a first for the series), that would certainly boost sales……..and make up for what they pulled last year.

  • DJ Promy

    They also have LeBron’s “South Beach 8’s” in the game as well. That shoe goes for $1000 on eBay. I have a friend who sold his pair for $1500. If they get retros too they gotta have the Cool Grey 11’s.

    • Sferris3

      And some 3’s please!!! lol I love me some 3’s. Except for those new denim and khaki things they call a shoe that are coming out lol. 

  • sheredia

    pasta, any word on nba jam getting mascots for ALL teams in the game? that would be a nice addition….

    • sheredia

      p.s. my 4 year old loves to play using the mascots……