NBA 2K12 Online Association Details

Posted September 29th, 2011 at 4:30 pm

With just a matter of days until NBA 2K12 arrives the details on the new Online Association mode have finally arrived. Online Association essentially takes the standard offline franchise mode to a multi-user environment allowing for the possibility of all teams being controlled while those that aren’t are handled by the CPU. Users can participate in up to three different Online Associations at a time. 

There are a number of options available – from choosing a private or public league to the settings. Seasons can be designated with 14/29/58/82 games, quarter length, difficulty, and advancement pace are all adjustable. It does not appear that there are any sliders in Online Association as it has not been mentioned. Transactions can be handed through the console or on the website launching next week.

The idea behind the advancement period is one that will work for some people and not others. It reduces flexibility in how a league will move forward – automatically simming any uncompleted games when the timer runs out. That may provide motivation for owners or it could lead others to quit when they are unable to get their game/s in on time and find them simmed. While it will keep things moving along it also will prevent a league from speeding through more briskly. Better would have been an additional option for the commish to “delay” advancement or progress to the next stage early. The flex scheduling however is clearly beneficial in that it provides more opportunity to play games within the designated period especially if the league is user-heavy.

Trades require league approval – which has the potential to be annoying depending on the owners involved but could also help to prevent blatant cheating amongst teams. The off-season consists of the NBA Draft, rookie signing, and free agency. All of those events are considered to be ‘live’ and are intended for all owners to be present. Those who can’t appear will be able to set up lists in advance for the CPU to take over with.

Overall it’s an intriguing advancement for the NBA 2K series which has traditionally struggled with online-related features and performance. If it pulls everything off it could match the success and prestige of NCAA Football’s Online Dynasty – though inherently it is going to be more difficult to do just that given the structure of the NBA adds a number of variables to overcome.

  • Alkamist

    wow nice finally worth buying to play online association

    • Quan

       You late!!  You need to look at operation sports sometimes too.  Its a good website.

  • stick skills

    Madden couldnt do something similar??? shm…

    • Whatnot

      Well Madden revamped offline franchise and 2k12 left it untouched. so they both did work just in different ways

      • Nomadje75

        2K’s offline association didn’t need much work though.

      • Anonymous

        Offline franchise in Madden 12 is still behind Madden 2002… Hopefully they continue to concentrate on it going forward.

  • Debenz

    Glad I pre-ordered today.

  • Logan

    Pasta, answer me this if you know/can. I’ve always wanted an online association mode, so i’m excited for this. but my question is do you know if you can play the online association co-op with a friend online? so it’d be me and my buddy over xbox live playing on the same team against cpu?

    • I doubt it. Logistically that’d probably be down the list of things they felt necessary to get in at least for a first attempt at the mode. Maybe that’ll be something they do in the future considering how co-op is taking on more precedence. 

      • Logan

        yeah i kinda figured so. that is my one “want” that i’ve wanted for 2k for a looong time, but the fact they finally have online association is very exciting. hopefully it is smooth and the play online and the connections are good!

      • Quan

         I’ll find a way around it, to get my friends and family in my online association mode.

  • Josh

    I honestly didn’t have any problems with your reporting this time pasta.  Keep it up.

    • Anonymous

      Actually this was one of the few posts where I thought there seemed to be some unnecessary criticism… either way,  2K basketball over the last 2 years has puts all other sports games to shame as far as year to year improvement.

      Haters and EA fanboys will disagree but if all sports games could seek this type of improvement year to year we would be in the Golden Era of gaming.

      • Really? Having run, or participated in, online leagues/dynasties/franchises over the years I think I have a pretty good idea of how these things being structured in certain ways will affect their success.

  • EanDickerson

    What would be awesome is if you can take off the sorry guys and add the classic players to the bottom of the current rosters. Then have a user draft. Imagine the line ups there could be!!!!

    • Perrylarry44

      dumb idea most ledgends would retire after 1 year

      • EanDickerson

        False their info is based off of themselves during that season! I did this last year!

  • Luke

    nothing done to offline franchise is disappointing

  • Playstation3gam3r

    The picture looks somewhat intriguing….

  • Playstation3gam3r

    And…LOL at the people hating on Pasta saying he’s “corrupt”

    • Josh

      Never thought of him as “corrupt”.  “Corrupt” how?

  • Mac

    Thread at OS says that classic teams are completely uneditable. You cant add legends to current rosters or teams or trade the players between teams. This is what I was worried about and why I cancelled my pre order. At first, the legends sounded great. I even figured that the create your own shot feature would allow Barkley, Miller, etc. to be put on rosters with no problem. Now there is no possible all-time fantasy draft. An association with legend teams is much less exciting now with three or four generic players on each roster along with missing players. Beyond disappointing is all I can say and many of pasta’s comments about 2k hiding things and perhaps covering things up make a lot of sense. Maybe there’s a reason we haven’t seen any commercials for this game and secretive publicity from 2k. Hope I am wrong.

    • Perrylarry44

      idk bruh because that would be cheating having mj an association mode…thats like a 7”5 mplayer pg on 2k11 i hate cheaters.legends should not be an association…online,everybody fighting 4 mj in draft….and dont worry bout generic players bruh because after the 1st season draft ect….do u not no wat association is?…

      • EanDickerson

        Who care is you got Jordan there are tons of other players in the draft that would make going in the middle of the pack well worth it!

      • Modman

        Who cares if someone uses MJ in association mode? It’s their game. Who cares if someone cheats offline?

        • Perrylarry44

          i meant onine,i dont care wat u do offline with mj.

    • Josh

      You canceled the pre order because of a forum thread?  Once in awhile forum threads are wrong.

  • Mac

    Same thread on OS saying that legend teams simply can’t be used in association at all. Very disappointing.

    • muff diver

      so what I’m hearing is, even in offline assoc we wont be able to use a legendary team????….man i was hoping to use the 85 Celtics and the 90’s Warriors in assoc mode…..dissapointed

  • Muzz_Tech

    I’m very excited for this, i’ve been waiting for this since 2k9 and i’m ecstatic. I think this is a great start, and it can only get better from here.

  • Is the Madden team paying attention…seems like the 2K team actually listens to their customers….i bet the usage on this will be worth it

  • Mac

    Seems like now you can use legend teams in association but it is not like last year where you can easily edit the legend rosters.   You have to go into association and export and all sorts of crap.

    The problem I have with this whole thing is with only four days left until release, 2k has still not answered many of the questions people have about the game, and that’s not a good thing IMO.   Last year, there were advertisements, more information – I think we had a much clearer picture of what we were buying.   This year, it seems to be a lot of secrecy.  I don’t know why.   The only information being released seems to be from regular people that managed to get a copy early, not from 2k.  

    • Itsdaboiblizz

      The NBAPA doesn’t want them promoting during the lock out cuz of player likeness

  • Rightclickinc

    In online association are we able to invite a user to play as the CPU team. For example as if me and my cousing started an offline association and one of us played as the cpu to try and give the other a lost to their team?
    I remember 2k10 allowed you to invite someone offline to play as the CPU  in your association game. They took that option out last year. Any idea if it’s back in?

  • Anonymous

    no mention of the review from IGN giving this amazing game a 9.5??!! COME ON MAN!

    • tish

      IGN gives every game a 9.5

  • Buc

    The Online Association news is HUGE news. Again, it’s yet to be seen how the gameplay will fair online, but if it’s lag-free this game, despite the potential for the NBA lock-out, should easily coast to game of the year. It’s amazing how far this game has come in just a few short years.

    This fan doesn’t mind them not talking too much about the features, to me it means they are hard at work and have put in the time to improve the game. To move the offline franchise to online is a MAJOR feat, one that EA has refused to address in it’s Madden series which continues to hurt it’s sales, 2k has once again one-up’d the competition.

    If this feature works well, you can bet it will sell millions of copies.

  • Josh

    Offline or offline, the list of moves in the manual is where it’s at!  
    Only taking bank shots from here on out…

    • Josh

      oops..Online or offline

  • Djshag_69

    Reading this it makes me ask one question, can 2 people online play on the same team and complete a season, or is it one person per team?

    • aj

      Did you ever find out if you can do that? have a friend play co-op on the same team with an on-line franchise??