NBA 2K12 Online Issues Persist

Posted October 6th, 2011 at 10:00 am

Since release NBA 2K12 has struggled mightily in the area of online play – something that comes as little surprise to veterans of the series. Occasional updates from 2K Sports over the last two days have indicated work continues to get things operating properly and improve the experience but little in the way of results are being seen thus far. 2K12 has suffered from a wide range of online related issues leading to a great deal of consumer frustration.

•Required new My2K account registration process not sending emails for verification.
•Historic teams via insert code not appearing after completing entry process (server related).
•2K Share feature not working (server related).
•Struggle in finding quick match opponents as it constantly searches never connecting.
•In cases where games started up disconnections occur almost immediately or in first quarter.
•Once in-game poor performance seen in the way of heavy lag.
•A number of options has been removed.
•Head-to-head games in Online Association will not connect at all.
•Advancement structure in Online Association confusing and unexplained.
•Unable to connect to server when creating or logging into Online Association.
• website – which carries a number of advertised features – has yet to launch.

One suggestion making the rounds has been to avoid changing any settings or lineups before the game begins but it has not proven to be the sole culprit behind the in-game disconnections. The online experience will be monitored continually going forward with a full impressions article diving into performance, options, and features likely to come on Saturday or Monday.

  • Russmac316

    Shocked…as if the 2k servers have EVER worked. Naturally…lets add MORE features, charge people MORE money and then still not fix them.

    • Sdot




      • PretentiousPretender

        Why do you type like that? Are you mentally handicapped?

        • Sdot

          CUZ I IS MA’AM DATZ Y

      • Anonymous

        You already know what it is…

      • Crosby04roy

        what part of the servers are fucked dont u understand lol

        • Sdot


          • Spinx

            Sdot go grab a book and learn something.

  • JLK

    time to just face it 2k doesnt know what theyre doing online. weve known this for years. wonder why 2 years straight theyve lied and said an online insight was coming and mysteriously never did lol

  • GraceNBo

    and they want to charge people for DLC that has online features part of it. hilarious

  • 2KFail

    Of course no responses on the 2K Forum from them about any of this or taking out Crew.

  • Turn165

    Year after Year 2k refuses to listen to the customer. What the hell is wrong with this company. It doesn’t take a genius to see that online play is the biggest selling points in a game. You have the best basketball game out. Now lets have the best online experience. If the call of duty series can do it why not a basketball game. There is way more people playing Call of Duty than 2k. Stop wasting money on features nobody cares about. Without online play it is a waste of money.

  • Simo

    2k sports has some really nice graphics but the online is like 50/50 chance, and btw nba elite kind of looked cool and it had amazing comatators that 2k doesnt have. Shots were nice too, i would of gotten nba elite then 2k11. 2k12 improved but if u make elite just like 2k with some improved graphics and the online is always btter more people will buy!!!

    • Ceegee

      LMFAO that your even comparing NBA Elite to NBA 2k… You obviously don’t have a clue what your talking about…

      Just because is not up to par online “yet” doesn’t mean that its not the best Sports game Year in and Year out… Cut them some slack will ya?

      Also, notice how 2k went about dealing with COMPETITION… They didn’t BUY their way to victory, THEY MADE A SUPERIOR PRODUCT which forced the competition to FOLD… Don’t even compare the two games or companies for that matter…

  • Anonymous

    2K for a long time has had very good games…yet one of the biggest draws to new age gaming, online, continues to be it’s achilles heel.

  • Bakes

    not a nba live fan boy, but they do have amazing servers. i rented both live 11 and 2k11, and almost bought live because i couldnt stand how sloppy the servers were in 2k11. and hearing now that the servers are still terrible, i will be sticking with 2k11 and my roster with rookies for now

    • Dfalconer11

      Pretty sure “NBA Live 11” does not exist…

  • Anonymous

    so what we need is madden online team working with the 2k game developers
    easports online games are normally ok 2ksports seems to have problems since 2k9

  • TvD

    obvious how reviewers are either bought off or have no idea what they are doing. a lot of problems with 2k12 even other then online. gameplay is far from perfect

    • Aman128ok

      NOT really 2k’s GAmeplay is extremly solid and its nice stop hating sir theres NO major problems with 2k’s gameplay if there was it wouldnt have gotten 9.0+ on every single game rating website…. Have U ever thought that U might Just SUCK

      • That’s an interesting choice as support for your argument. The most gaming media has never been able to accurately review, describe, or understand sports games. The good sports centric gaming blogs are a bit better with that initial critique, but it’s only when they look back or continue to report over time that you get to know whats really going on. Sports games should be reviewed like MMOs. With a slow release of impressions as content gets covered, gameplay gets dissected, and stability gets accessed. Plus theres some defense from the patches that often come along and completely nullify whole parts of the original critique for better or for worse. It’s such a mess that i don’t even know why people bother giving those ratings any merit. Just the general bloated numbers for the industry alone should be a red flag.

  • Pretty peeved about the removal of my player pick up games and crew. Seems to me they decided to just give up. A lot of quitters this bunch is. A lot of quitters.

    And apparently they don’t have any network programmers either because this netcode sucks. It always has sucked but they won’t change it. I don’t even have to see the code and i can tell ya whats wrong with it.  

    • Did not know this! What a deal breaker. This was a favorite part of the game for so many players. Looks like the hackers really ruined it for everyone.  Any chance they patch this function in or add it as DLC?

  • Dominator

    This is another reason to just continue to play 2k11 for my basketball fix…no season, no rookies, no roster updates and online for 2k12 still sucks.  No thanks 2k12…

  • Clintbeastwoods

    With all of the online issues that Madden has had over the past 5 years I do not ever recall EA PADRE ever being this harsh in an article towards them! Who could ever forget the famous qb walk glitch that EA refused to even fix in madden 09 and 10? Who could forget people quitting in madden 11 to avoid a loss? Who could forget all of the dc glitches and ultimate team scams that people were getting away with? What about all of the huge glitches that ncaa football has? Cmon EA PADRE! 2K sports has the best sports game of all time right now and you seem desperate to try and create a negative spin in order to discourage people from purchasing it! It is obvious that the people who comment on this site work for EA you morons are not fooling anyone! Nobody like EA no matter how many lies you attempt to feed people!

    • Megaman781

       “Create” negative spin? Online is a disaster, its a major issue. What is Pasta “creating” here?

      • Megaman781

        Also, what does EA’s failures have to do with 2K? I could give a sh!t if Madden’s online works/doesn’t work, I just want 2K’s online system to be adequate…which its not.  

    • Arrow

      Yes, a glitch is exactly like a server not connecting. Except you can still play the game with a glitch but other than that, it’s exactly the same.

      You can call padre EA padre all you want, ignore his very negative review of ncaa all you want, it’s pretty clear for everybody who’s being a partisan here.

    • How quickly some people will ignore my post-release coverage of other games. Most recently – NCAA Football 12. 

      Believe it or not there were people commenting on whether I had an agenda against EA because of how I held them accountable for the issues there.

      Doesn’t matter what game/company it is. When features don’t work, you better believe I’m going to be all over it. 

      • C’MON PADRE

        Complete Lies. Start calling out Madden for what it is and I will believe you. Feature an article tomorrow at how terrible the commentary is, how glitchy the game is, how features don’t work on madden, and how cheesing online ruins the online portion of the game, and document the absolutely game breaking bugs when importing roster classes from NCAA and you will then be telling the truth. Until then this is only a frail attempt by you to appear non-bias.

        • Anonymous

          And this relates to this article…how? If you have beef with Madden, then post it in Madden threads. This is a thread about 2k, and their continuous sub-par (being generous) online functionality. Considering the fact that they have no new rosters, and their main selling point for the game was the Legendary teams, and then they decided NOT to include those teams online for free, one would think the online experience would be improved from previous years.

        • Madden actually works. Does it excel in every area? Of course not. My impressions mention a whole ton of em. Hell look at the Hits and Misses review where I cite commentary. Here with 2K12 we have half of the game – with advertised features – that are still inoperable. The two topics are not even comparable. 

          Again deflecting the issue at hand. Its important that I hold all the companies accountable for living up to their promises. That’ll always be done here because I’m not afraid to give a voice to consumers!

          • Beginningsmike

            You right Pasta you cant compare these games in any way 2k is on a higher plane than madden. Every site on the planet is calling 2k12 a classic even with online issues, in fact the majority of gamers don’t play online.

          • C’MON PADRE

            Alright padre, if “actually” works is your only yard stick then I can hardly argue with that can I. But I am pretty sure you know exactly what I am talking about. Madden might work, but it’s stripped down to barely doing so. The commentary does not work, in terms of functionality, which makes it more than just a “hit or miss” scenario. 2k doesn’t have invisible players in its game play…but madden does. Is that your definition of working? How about stat tracking, Running backs don’t have their pass catches and total yards tracking, is that working?

            Padre I am not trolling you, I am hoping to reveal to you a conscious or subconscious tendency you have to gloss over issues with madden, as opposed to issues with 2k. I won’t pretend to understand the reason why this is but at the very least I will call it what it is, and that is bias.

          • Arrow

            Again, the problem isn’t that you have no arguments but that the issues you talk about are so small that they can’t possibly compare to online servers not working.

            For example, I agree that the commentary is atrocious (the worst I’ve heard in a long while) but I can turn it off and the issue goes away. I’m lucky enough I never had to deal with invisible players (how widespread is this?). I didn’t noticed the stat tracking issue but that can’t be a deal breaker to anyone.

            I own both games. I my mind, it’s clear that NBA 2K12 is the better game of the two, and by a wide margin. It’s also clear that Madden 12 has no issue big enough to compare to servers not working.

          • C’MON PADRE

            Ok arrow, so your premise is because the online issues are more important (extremely subjective) to the issues I pointed out (which could be equally important to me and others) then only the online issues should be given notice? You don’t see the logical fallacy in that?

          • Arrow

            No, I do not.

            First of all, it’s not true that only NBA 2K’s online issues were given notice. Padre’s review of Madden 12 was extensive and he did point out the awful commentary and other flaws the game had. He didn’t mention them much after that but that’s where the importance of server connection vs. other glitches comes in play. Now, let’s talk about the “extremely subjective” aspect of it:

            Personnally, the only sport game I play online is NHL; Madden and NBA I play offline and single player, so I’m not affected by who’s better between them. But NHL, I play online a lot, maybe 50% and 60% of the time, with my friends on the team we created. Cut me off from the server and the experience is seriously hurt for me, to the point where I would wonder if it’s worth buying the game at all. I try to put myself in the shoes of the gamer who mostly play his games multiplayer and online and who’s forced to play single player because the service he paid for is not available, those people have every right to feel ripped off. 

          • C’MON PADRE

            Yet you make declarative statements that suggest ALL gamers feel online is more important than commentary as opposed to an unknown portion of gamers who feel that way. Is it a safe bet? Maybe, maybe not. Bottom line, you can’t put value on these things, you have to treat them equally simply because different people view and value these issues differently, and padre doesn’t do that. All you have done is sell my argument further by pointing out just how and why he does that.

          • Anonymous

            C’MON, all you want to do is argue! I’m sitting here having played 1 online game in 10 tries! No matter your arguement the bottom line is this in unacceptable. It doesn’t matter if it’s NBA, Madden or NHL if the online experience is bad they should fix it! They’ve had years to get it right and it’s still awful. And yes, in the large scheme of things, online is much more important then commentary and other things you mentioned. If you can’t even play, who cares about anything else? EA may not be perfect but at least I can compete online with little problems anytime I want. Stop defending this game and focus on the topic, online play and when it comes down to it, 2K12 gets an F minus!!

      • Y Pasta Hate 2k

        Pasta – you do seem to call out 2K games more. Madden is broken, the online lags, people cheat and get away with it and the game has been the same recycled garbage for the last 4 years. Madden is by far the biggest rip off to customers, yet you always turn it into positive spin “improved, fixed, enjoy, value” are all words you use when it comes to Madden.

        No game can be perfect, but 2K and FIFA are the best sports games out there.

        • Madden is not broken. Its quite a good game this year. NCAA on the other hand had busted features – and I of course covered that heavily.

          • Finestmbeatz

            but you do tend to ride 2K a lot harder when we all know they aren’t the ‘Big Fish’ that EA sports is. Give them a break, the next patch will fix the lagging. In addition they make the best basketball game on the market the last 4-5 years running, and EA is so scared they had to ‘delay’ theirs, and it looks awful. Just don’t play online is my advice. Pasta, not attacking you nor the sight, just stating how it looks when you go off on 2K sports with a beatdown while EA gets a slap on the wrist. 

        • Russmac316

           Yeah except I’ve literally never had a problem connecting to a FIFA game. These companies make too much money from these annual releases for the online features not to work…they’ve had years to figure out the server configuration…they just don’t care.

  • Clintbeastwoods

    I smell a rat oh wait it’s just EA PADRE!

    • Anonymous

       Nah probably just some residue from where stay up 2K’s ass

      • Clintbeastwoods

        So Jbl72 what is your position at EA? Janitor or lead game designer? I am guessing there is not much difference between those two positions at ea judging from the poor quality of their games the past 7 years!

        • Anonymous

           Neither but I’m sure even a troll like you could work on 2K’s servers

    • I’ll never understand loyalists who refuse to acknowledge issues. Doesn’t matter what the game/company is. They need to be held accountable for delivering on advertised features. 

      • Rfedekid

        Like I have been saying on your previous post about 2k is that no one should have loyalty to any game company! If EA decides to get off their laurels and build a basketball game that knocks out 2k ‘s then how will loyalists to 2k react? At the end of the day all we want is for game producers to give 110% percent in whatever they put out the masses, so keep doing a good job by keeping us informed Pasta if they are not delivering what they promise to consumers. 

      • Rcm264

        I dont usually agree with you Pasta but i have too on this issue. Its a great game but they got to get a handle on this online situation. Because online gaming is where it is at COD while not perfect is still good along with Battlefield. If there servers are functional with all the players that play these game than its no excuse for 2k because they dont have as many people online as these games.

      • C’MON PADRE

        I refuse to accept you don’t understand how this works, seeing as you yourself are guilty of the same thing they are for not acknowledging the terrible issues madden has.

        • Russmac316

          Madden has GAMEPLAY issues, not SERVER issues. Apples and oranges…

          Madden’s realism is certainly in question…but you can’t deny that EAs servers destroy 2Ks. That being said…I’d much rather play NBA online…trust me…but if it’s the difference between me getting to play something or me looking at a menu for hours because the servers don’t work then I’ll just play Madden…simple as that.

    • Abeled

      lol ronnie2k

  • Buc

    In all fairness this article is fair criticism, but the online experience has improved greatly as of last night. I played one online association game and you could not have told me it was being played online if you were watching. It was that smooth.

    My friend and I also jumped right onto a private “Team Up” match together on the same team against the cpu. Little to no lag was present in that game as well. If the game plays that way from this point forward, I’ll completely change my opinion towards the online experience of this game. I do believe they ARE working on fixing the problems and I do believe there is a good chance they will get the job done. It’s not been done in a timely manner, but if it’s fixed everyone will forget about the slow start after the release date. The game itself is that good, which is a great thing for 2k.

    • Joseph

      I’m upset because I had a four game win streak going then the network conditions were to poor. Man 2k can’t you just fix the online please??

    • Alwilli2

      bro what system do you play on cuz i play on ps3 and it takes for ever to get a match and then when i get one it disconnects at the beginning of the game. i love 2k and its so frustrating 

      • Scott


    • Ice

      Even if it was/is getting better all of those problems are still present. Its like saying hey online works about 20% now so lets get off their backs. Just because we paid for a product doesnt mean it has to work 100%. Thats a cop out. Things need to work.

  • Barryb121

    Bring back pickup games GOT DAMN!! 2k

  • It’s a known fact that online play is a major portion of a sports games, you’d think they’d realize if it doesn’t work properly out of the box, they’ll get bad community response, so they better really make sure it works properly.  But, every year it’s the same at launch and then some afterwards.

    • Yeah, problem is they won’t care till reviewers knock em for it. Instead you get those sites negotiating the “exclusive” early review and others rushing them out without even testing online play.

      If online was completely broken (which it basically is in this state) how much should that reflect on a review score? After all one of the main features this year is Online Association. IMO it should knock off a minimum of 20%. 

      That’s why though I give them time to iron things out. My full impressions/review won’t be out till mid-next week. If online is working properly by then it’ll be taken into consideration that things are on track. 

  • Penny12

    2K failure yet again. How long till people realize they dont care about us? Never have. They lucked out with Michael Jordan and EA going stupid trying to change Live to Elite. Downhill from here for 2K.

  • Josh

    If 2k doesn’t have the online mode running smoothly within a month,  people should be upset. But, the rest of the game is sick!  2k12 makes the EA series laughable.  I’m taking bets on how 2k13 will be better than elite/live 13.  Just compare running the pick & roll on 2k12 with 2k11.  the 2k11 system has become obsolete.

  • D

    no issues with online here. There is not even a single ounce of lag to me, if i was to play a game i could honestly not notice a diffence from online/offline. It feels even better than Madden to me. I am surprised, as a big 2k online hater in the past 5 years in all their titles I feel it’s been a way better experience already

  • Woop

    Lol @ some of the 2k fans that can’t accept the truth. I’m a fan of the game too but i don’t bash on Pasta just cause he posts true facts. Anyways, won’t be getting the game this year cause of this.

    • Josh

      LOL @ at people not playing because of pasta’s opinion.  Give it a month and online will be as great as the rest of the game.  You’ve never enjoyed a patched game?  You only like games that are perfect right out of the gate? 

      • Woop

        Since when have they fixed online? I think, never?

  • Clintbeastwoods

    NBA 2K12 and Modern warfare 3 are two must buys this year!


    Dear Padre, where the hell was your list of Madden 12 failures? Oh wait…

    • shadowman

      shut up!!!!

    • I’ll get right on writing a story about what you don’t like about a given game!

  • sheredia

    the online play leaves much to be desired…..however, it has gotten some 10 out of 10 scores anyways. it is a great game, but 2k really needs to address this.

  • N_buck16

    Where are the lobbies ! I was on the lobbies everytime I played ! HALL OF FAME RIP this game is shit trading it in for madden or forza sport 

  • ErrorOfTimes

    glad I skipped the game this year. the lockout made it easy but ive been sick of 2ks arrogance and refusal to fix online so it feels good not to give them a sale

  • Anonymous

    Pasta, how long until we see a proper write-up about your impressions on 2K12? I’m not an online player, my Aussie internet connection is bogus so no point in playing online for me so it would be great to hear your thoughts on more than just how crap the online is…

    Thanks man!

    • Josh

      Good Question!    What about the rest of the game?  Rookies and online are not the whole picture.  People still play games offline.  Finding faults in the game can be useful.  But why not just write 1 good, in-depth article about how not having rookies affects the game, and move on?  I don’t mind pasta’s opinions, but he keeps saying the same thing over and over and over…  He never talks about the gameplay.  So basically, he’s a guy who really can’t enjoy 2k12 because the rookies aren’t in yet. That’s fine, but why write so many articles about it?  It’s not 2k fault that there’s a lockout, and I’m grateful that 2k didn’t take a year off.  Imagine how mad people would be if they had to wait for 2k13.

  • Buc

    Played three more games last night and ZERO lag online. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but three online association games and you couldn’t have told me whether I was playing online or off had you been able to watch. I cannot speak for team up play, as I’ve only done that one time, (two nights ago) with only one friend and things played fairly smooth there as well. There is little doubt in my opinion they ARE fixing the online servers. I could not be any happier at this moment. They need to launch the website soon. That’s my beef now.

  • spoon

    lmaoo  thats why im glad i didnt buy it this year

  • ralphredimix

    This happens every year and idiots still buy the game and say WAIT FOR THE PATCH. Whatever, man, stop paying this corrupt company to put up a game they refuse to fix and only improve moderately every year. They will do anything but fix their game engine, that’s the online problem. Works great offline, but take it online and oh wait I guess having 900 billion polygons in our poorly modeled arena is a bad idea and our engine is so old and poorly optimized that it lags out, not to mention we have no security in place to keep people from using hacked players online.. they wont fix it. This year let’s add Jordan, let’s add historic teams, let’s remodel Kobe’s face, lets add David Sterns voice this year.. BUT NOT LETS FIX THE BROKEN ENGINE.

    • Ralphredimix

      PS the fact that blacktop mode usually works online tips me off that the stupid arenas and the locker room and all that crap like parked cars and stuff is what bogs down online team play.. why is that even modeled for online team play? unneccessary!!! they could make online versions of all the arenas that are super low polys and they could prolly fix that right up with a patch but someone would have to think of that first..

  • ralphredimix

    OK, I’m a programmer so let me explain why 2K won’t ever be able to fix team play without building a new game engine from scratch.

    The game engine is like the physics core and the camera core that basically is the meat and bones of the game. It’s a program.

    The engine for this game (the whole NBA 2K Series) was initially written for the first entry 2K6 back in 2005. Now, since that time all the stuff they have added to this game over the years has been added onto the game engine. That’s seven years of development on the same basic program. Seven years of all the programmers who have come and gone at 2K working on this thing, adding functionality, adding online team play and adding crew, adding all the stuff they’ve added from a gameplay perspective, new shot controls, all of that, have been added to the code for seven years.

    Now, I can imagine that the code for the game engine looks like frankenstein’s monster. It’s probably got bits of code here and bits of code there all mixed together and not properly commented or optimized. That’s why now it’s not able to run well online when you introduct bandwidth problems and suddenly having to accept 10 player inputs and coordinate between 10 systems. Suddenly the antiquated program with all the extra add-on code is not able to perform at acceptable rates. That is what is happening here.

    It would be like if Modern Warfare 3 was trying to run on the old MW1 engine. Not gonna happen. This isn’t 2K Sports NBA engine 7.0 it’s more like 1.9

    I’m not suprised that 2K is scared to death to build a new engine because 2K fanboys want the 2K engine and they would be essentially forced to reprogram every feature they’ve introduced since 2K6 because we expect all the latest features. NBA Elite’s failure showed us how difficult it can be to make a good sports engine from scratch because theirs obviously was broken and they didn’t even know it until the demo hit.

    So they’re between a rock and a hard place because their piecemeal game engine gets older every year and is never going to work for online team play but trying to start over would be giving up all the people who still buy this game every year regardless of how small the improvement over the last version is.

  • pissedoff

    this is b.s . online mode was really fun when it worked in nba2k11 but is unbearable to play. I cant believe they keep putting out new games with broken online modes. I ended up returning my game after I bought it because of the online mode. fix your servers or let someone else make a f’ing nba game.

  • Celtic43

    can any1 tell me if they have had problems like mine? Horrible trades in myplayer i got traded to celts(along with a 1st) for green bradley. And we traded almsot they whole team after this and i dont really want to play anymore. our lineup is no gilbert arenas j crawford pierce me 65ovr and nene with wilson chandler on bench doesnt rlly make sense

    • That’s happening to everyone. Its a big problem in My Player.

  • Krube2

    Ok, this game is far from terrible, but it really needs some help. I’m trying to figure out what the ” Quick Match” settings are. I’m tired of watching everyone shoot 80% from three. It seems like they set Q.M. to rookie. I hope they address that, as well as the lack of lobbies. So far, there is no such thing as simulation type basketball online. That really frustrates me.

  • Wlmerriweather

    2k12 is garbage im tradin it in and waitin for NBA live!!!!!!!!

  • Dvdzarracino45

    it is ridiculous i been tryin to get a quick game for freakin 3 hours and nothing this was a waste of money fifa its like instantly works 2k online is garbage

  • Amurdainc

    2k really need to fix theyre network. all the money they earn and can’t get a decent online network is crazy!!!

  • Dprieto760

    I accidently put todays date n the 2kaccount & now i cant play online because it says im not 13. IM 21 and need some damn help…I cant figure out how to change it?????????