Kinect Sports: Season Two Demo Out Now

Posted October 17th, 2011 at 6:45 pm

The demo for the upcoming (due out on October 25th – Amazon is offering $10 promo credit) Kinect Sports: Season Two arrived today on XBL. Kinect Sports launched alongside Kinect for Xbox 360 last November and it was generally well-received but as with most mini-game compilations eventually interest began to wear thin. Still it was well supported with both free and paid additional downloadable content and ultimately provided a good deal of fun. Table tennis in particular was a blast online.

Season Two brings in a slew of new sports: football, golf, tennis, skiing, baseball, and darts – while featuring new in-game (and for menu navigation) voice commands and enhanced motion tracking. The demo comes in at 1.21 GB and offers the opportunity to try out golf and tennis.

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  • pretty much what you’d expect from this after playing the original.   There’s really not much you can do in the demo, one hole in golf, one game in tennis.  Seems to control well, with the exception of the serve in tennis, which i could not figure out.  I’d throw the ball up with one hand, and start to move my racket hand up to start the serve, and my player would swing and serve about 50 mph.

  • crazy_black_man-

    “You are the controller.” No. I don’t wanna be a controller. I wanna hold one. But I hope you guys have fun with this. Whatever happened to Project Natal/Kinect’s image scanning feature that Microsoft used to brag about when they were promoting this thing? Was it smoke and mirrors again?

  • Anyone know if football is actually on the demo?  The calling of plays and audibles through the microphone could be a slight preview of what EA will do with Kinect in Madden 13.

    • crazy_black_man-@psn

      You funny as hell. They could do that now with just a headset. Don’t need no stinkin Kinect functionality for that. Dream bigger than that man. Kinect is a big deal. You mean its just a microphone? LOL.

      • For a team sports game I’d say audio is the best use of Kinect. 

        • I am going to agree with Pasta here, plus EA has already speculated on the calling of audibles via Kinect.  CBM, you can’t do that via the headset.  Kinect has voice recognition built in and the standard headset does not.  To the point of “dreaming bigger”, while motion controls could be cool in theory, they have failed on Wii Madden and EA reduces their role each year of the title.

    • Football is not in the demo, only golf and tennis.