First Trailer for NFL Blitz

Posted October 22nd, 2011 at 11:15 am

EA Sports has released the first trailer for the recently announced reboot of NFL Blitz. Though much of the discussion since its announcement has centered around the NFL not allowing late hits – this footage of the game shows some big hits but shies away from violence otherwise (its E10+ rating explains why). In that sense Blitz starts to seem maybe too reminiscent of EA’s most recent attempt at the arcade-style game with 2009’s digital download Madden NFL Arcade.

The features and level of content though look to be drastically better with Blitz. There are also sightings of some of the more unique teams in the game such as the Zombies, Robots, and Bigfoot(s). Continue on for the trailer and leave any thoughts in the comments!

  • Mykal94


  • I just can’t believe they think/thought they were gonna make a hit remake without the damn late hits.

    • Coolcam28

      not their fault the nfl is owned by a bunch of idiots

    • Quan

       No late hits hahahaha.  Im not buying it.

    • Godzzilla94

      nfl took away the late hit rights after development was underway

  • Godzzilla94


  • Lookunderwater

    looks kinda like a cartoonish madden not like blitz

  • crazy_black_man-@PSN


    This is for kids under 12 right?

    • Flithy

      dude im under 12 stop hatin whats wrong wit bein 11?

    • Coolcam28

      did the original nfl blitz look like it was for adults?

      • zzz

        yah it did, way more than this

    • sheredia

      i’ll stick with the old blitz, thank you very much……

  • Newtonfb22

    that looks stupid…..

    I was hoping this was the trailer

  • No3456

    This isn’t Blitz, this is a toned down remake of Madden arcade with none of the cool feature that made either cool.  It’s a video game NFL, late hits don’t make anyone think less of your real game.

  • Coolcam28

    still looks fun for only 15 bucks, ill probably buy it.

  • Leo

    this trailer makes little big planet look like a 18+ game


    ZOMBIE and Team YETI

    SO NEXT GEN!!!!

  • Perrylarry44

    this is 4 kids..ea..smh

  • Perrylarry44

    arcade sports games gen is well over done nobody wants 2 play a sports game when a player overall is meaningless

  • Loneplaywright81

    It’s NBA Jam for the football fans.  Simple as that.

  • Tish

    This looks like madden with flames and players who can jump really high. Oh wait linebackers already do have 50 inch verticals in madden.

    • sheredia


  • Stvsolano54

    This looks like a sneak peak into madden 13

  • breon stockton

    ill stick to blitz the league 2 or madden arcade if i want my arcade football fix

  • SirFig

    Blitz 2000 has, and always will be one of my favourite games of all time. For that reason alone I will ALWAYS give this game a shot, it can’t be worse than Blitz Pro. 

  • When I was younger I use too get such a kick out of the late hits. The sounds the players would make was just so funny to me. Now the NFL wants to “clean” there image by not allowing late hits? Stupid NFL  decisions and EA is the only ones that can make it worst.

    This game won’t have late hits and it looks like Madden on steroids. I hate to say it but, I won’t want it at full price. Maybe if it goes on sale I’ll consider.

  • Del4ncor1692

    damn it actually looks pretty good

  • Aston Williams

    Man this is going to be a good game