2K Sports Shutting Down NBA 2K11 Servers

Posted November 2nd, 2011 at 8:45 am

An announcement of servers being shut down for past yearly sports titles is rarely newsworthy. Circumstances though this year makes the shutdown of services for NBA 2K11 especially relevant. 2K Sports has now announced that the servers will go down for good in mid-November.

Why does it matter more in this case? First of all it represents an especially short period of time that the servers stayed live – only 13 months. For comparisons sake the company shut down 2K10 after 15 months (happened without any notice) and 2K9 after 21 months. EA Sports has traditionally taken their games up to or beyond two years before ending their online services – for example Madden NFL 10 was just shut off last month and NCAA Football 10 in August.

More than that though it is due to the online problems, oversights, and design decisions that have plagued NBA 2K12 – something they finally addressed with public comments recently. There was a significant, though certainly not what would be considered large, contingent of consumers who have stuck with NBA 2K11. The lockout has also left those who primarily play online with less reason to buy the new offering when the rosters on 2K11 are essentially the same and the ability to play with historic teams wasn’t added. Those who were big fans of ‘Crew’ or Online Leagues were relegated to playing NBA 2K11 if they wanted to continue enjoying those modes since 2K12 did away with them.

The announcement immediately stirred up complaints in social media channels and on the forums. Ultimately it won’t make much of a difference – 2K desires to push everyone into their latest offering and per the Terms of Service they have every right to shut them down at this point. It just may not have been the best move to make in terms of customer relations.

  • Kid_Grime

    wow. 2k no this will not get me to buy shitty 2k12. no longer going to support this company after how theyve done things this year

    • Anonymous

      2k deserves it’s share of criticism for dropping a jacked up 2k12 (in terms of online) but are people seriously going to bitch about them dropping support for a year old game when the new version is out?

      This is not Windows man nobody is depending on this bs game to run their business or home office. Drop that $60 or swap over to another old game homeboy.  Break out that Assassin’c Creed 1 or Drake’s Fortune.


      • Hveem

        when last years game is actually better especially with online yea it bothers me. why would i spend $60 to buy something that doesnt work as good as what i already have? 

        • or when the rosters are the same.

          • Hveem

            no kidding. exactly

        • Anonymous

          I get that mayne, but come on- are you really still playing NBA2K11?!?!?!

          I stop playing sports agems about a month or 2 before the new one comes out.  Not because I’m anticipating the new one, but because the old one is stale and there are way too many games out

          • Sdot




          • Anonymous

            Anyone who tells me their last 4 releases were better than 2k8 is insane.

            I would pay 60 bucks for a roster update and online instead of the 200+ I spent on their last 4 games .

    • Quan

      This is BS.  Granted I have NBA 2K12 & my NBA 2K11 doesn’t work anymore, due to the perfect scratch circle of the Xbox 360 being moved.  But I may get another from a friend or whatever.  This is complete BS. NBA 2K12 online isn’t even working well, they should atleast keep 2K11 servers up until 2K12 online is fixed, at the least.  Now I’m forced to be patient for them to patch NBA 2K12 online.  🙁

  • Anonymous

    Jeezus, 2K. You could eff up a wet dream.

  • Man… between NBA 2K12’s online problems and this, it’s like 2K Sports doesn’t want all of the fans they gained with NBA 2K11.

    • Ghost of John Madden

      Anyone still want 2K to put out a football game?

      • DNA

        hell yes

      • Perrylarry44

        yeah dummy any company besides ur easports its in the trash i meant arcade games

        • Anonymous

          Madden has been better than 2k the last 2 years.

        • Tro

          2k12 is pure arcade. challenging nba jam for most arcade nba game this year

  • Froam

    2K Sports has become a complete joke. Bad decision after bad decision.

    • Ghost of John Madden

      Anyone still want 2K to put out a football game?

      • Jjstokes1486

        I do

        • Quan

          NFL 2K Football all day!!!

      • DNA


  • Anonymous

    I wonder how the fan boys will spin this?

  • Dymez

    LMAO!  They’re trying to force consumers to buy 2K12 just to play online; on their already garbage servers as is?  That’s a damn shame!  Last year, they came with their “This is our first and last patch” bullshit and left more than a few bugs in that game and now they pull this?  I’m sorry but I don’t need THESE guys developing my football game too.

  • ninnyjams

    I’m trying to think of any way that 2K could further kick fans in the junk with this latest outing. Here’s a few examples …

    “BREAKING: NBA 2K13 Soundtrack’s Exclusive Rights Acquired By Nickelback!”
    “NBA 2K13 To Forego Online Play For Favor Of Blazing Fast System Link Technology”
    “NBA 2K13 To Release As Facebook-Only Browser Game”

  • chicken rib

    i have 2k12 don’t care

  • fookdat2k

    Well I was thinking of picking up 2K12…but now maybe I will wait for 2K13…why they didn’t allow the legendary teams to be used online is just plain retarded. Now they are forcing you to chuck that old game…thats not cool…2 years is good…many people only buy every other year of some titles…but if its only good for a year…I see a lot of people dropping down to fewer titles. I used to buy Madden and NFL2K, Live and NBA2K, but now its only been Madden and NBA2K…but to me…without a season and new rosters…OR ONLINE SERVERS THAT WORK…I’m not buying the game.

    Maybe sticking with just EA titles is the way to go…at least they attempt to fix the bugs and provide updates regularly.

    I doubt I’d buy an EA NBA…at least not till its proved its a good game…but I can live without my NBA2K if they can’t provide servers that work. I don’t play offline, only online…so a game that doesn’t play online is a waste.

  • Perrylarry44

    lets se nba live10 or nba jams

  • Anonymous

    The photo for this article should’ve been MJ’s shrug.

  • Mavs4131

    Oh good. I read wrong and thought they were shutting down the 2k12 servers for good lol.

    • Singo3079

      Lol. I did too, then I text all my friends the wrong info and got them all pissed off for nothing

    • Anonymous

      They are already shut down. Who can get a game online.

  • Tetsuo25

    Honestly…2K is done for me. I’ve been one of their biggest supporters. I got dozens of my friends to pick 2K12 when it came out based off the demo and now I’m the first one trading it in. When I told my friends, they all started doing the same thing.

    The game is such a let down and 2K’s PR appoach to the game has been such a joke, that I just have no support left for them.

    • NdRooT

      You’re definitely not alone.

    • crazy_black_man-@PSN

      You probably ain’t got no damn game anyway.

      • Anonymous

        The people who really have  game have already given up on 2k. I ran leagues on 2k since the first game dropped on the Dreamcast.

        Last year was the first time we canceled a season. This year we didn’t even start one.

        My Madden leagues are going strong. I’ve been running Madden leagues since 92. Before that we ran leagues on Fourth and inches on the C64.

        We made the switch to 2k from the Dreamcast from NBA live in 2000. I ran NBA Live leagues since Bulls vs Blazers.

        I started with playing Bird vs Dr J for money.

        I have won multiple professional tournaments in Madden and 2k along with guys in my league.

        One of the guys in my league actually help writes the Madden bible.

        2k has sucked since 2k9. That’s from a professionals opinion.

  • Modman

    Maybe now the servers will work 😀

  • Brainofj242

    Never would I have thought last year that Madden 12 would be better than NCAA 12 and NBA 2K12. I can beat Madden senseless on it’s hardest level calling my own plays. But going through a playbook and ranking all the plays on offense then using the cordinator mode has been the most rewarding aspect of any game released this fall. Much more so than going into coaching tendacies, turning down help defense and increasing fast breaks. Then the game adjust your difficulty to counteract it. Thus, causing more turnovers by forcing you into stupid dribbling animations and making terrible pass decisions. On a fastbreak? We’ll make the computer force you into a lob pass, then your guy will take a slower first step to allow for the D to catch up. Not to mention quick 3’s from the corner with a late contested game that go in on a straight line. The clutch factor is about as bad as NBA JAM TE. Where the CPU hit every cross-court shot before the buzzer. NCAA 12, the complete lack of collision detection did it for me. Having the CPU run off a 80 yard play when the guy should have been tackled 4 times.   

  • Anon

    2k officially has been passed by ea in terms of EVERYTHING now. Sad sad day.

  • Del4ncor1692

    this sucks hopefully 2k12 will be like 40 bucks on black friday might start playing fight night champion again

  • Geeznutz

    Doesn’t effect me I have 2k12

  • In order to play online, you now have to buy NBA 2K12.  So, this is like a more expensive version of online pass to play NBA 2K11 online.

    • crazy_black_man-@PSN

      NBA 2k12 is a beast and I am online all the time dominating it. The competition online so far has been great and I enjoy playing just about every night.

      Great game and I for one am glad to see all you losers aren’t online playing it.

      • BRill

        only a 2k employee could write a comment like that lol

      • I have NBA 2K12, had it since launch day and I play online.  I’m just saying for those who still play NBA 2K11 and want an online mode, they’re being forced to buy 2K12.

  • crazy_black_man-@PSN

    You are all a bunch of EA bitches aren’t you? I knew it all along.

    • Perrylarry44

      lol they act like pasta pussy ass pays there bills 4 them so they agree with everything he says like he owns them.fucking growing man sucking up 2 some nobody that ant shit

      • this game just isn’t for some people. i don’t see anything wrong with that. not everybody has to like 2k games.

        • Perrylarry44

          i dont care if u like it or not but 2k dont have money like ea.there a small company get off ea nuts bum/and take pastapadre trash and wash his dishes why u sucking him up..lol pasta post all bad comments on none easports games its apart of being paid by easports fuck boi

          • “I don’t care if you like it or not, but 2k doesn’t have money like EA. They’re a small company so get off of EA’s nuts you bum. Take out pastapadre’s trash and wash his dishes while you are sucking him off. Pasta posts all bad comments about 2k sports and none about EA sports because he is being paid by EA. Fuck, boy.”

            this is what i think you meant to say. you didnt really make any sense whatsoever.

  • I don’ think it’s a good route to go in. The one thing about 2k is that the 2kshare feature is so in depth that if you wanted to skip a year it would be easier cause someone could just create a roster but, if 2k shuts down 2k11, it hurts the people playing 2k11.

    I am never really a fan of online and etc but, I do think stuff like the 2k share should be allowed to remain. Especially since 2k11 was the last game with Iverson but, that’s just me.

  • Anonymous

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s the last 2K game I buy.

  • CzIb

    2K is really messing up lately. Nice to see Kotaku write about the same thing today.


  • Anonymous

    can’t you still play quick match? though its just wont give you other features? I remeber playing NBA 2k7 not too long ago.

  • Arbbe

    and the scamming by 2k sports continues

  • Lbbdad0nn

    People are really cheap, like if you dont have $60 to buy an upgraded version of the game, you shouldnt be a gamer. 2k12 is the best game i’ve played yet despite all the online problems. I’ve been a 2k fan when most people were on the NBA Live bullshit. The lockout will be over before the end of this year, thats for sure. Get 2k12. You’ll love the gameplay and the realism. Only problem I have is Lebron scoring in the fourth and overrated shooting. (-_-)

    • Jorb

      2K11 > 2K12. 

  • Wilsoz

    All Pro Football 2k8 servers still work.   Just saying….

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think you guys are playing the same game as me, regardless of the state of the online, I can’t go back to 2K11’s gameplay. No fan-boyism here, and maybe it’s because I haven’t put in a lot of time into 2K12 yet (exam period), but I’ve found the offline gameplay component so fun.

  • Flockka

    yo fuck nba 2k12 bro my disc just broke and froze up and now wont play and when i bought it at gamestop they asked if i wanted to buy the insurance that comes with it. so obviously they new it was going to fuck up because i never bought insurance for another game before so fuck 2K they know what they are doing. They set up the game to start fucking up after a few months so then you get into the game and cant refund it so you end up buying a new one to play again. It is a simple market ploy for them to make more money because they new the game would not sell good because of the lockout so they atleast are trying to break even by getting ppl to buy 2 games since the first one is certain to mess up…

  • Woo2K

    Thanks for this timely article.  a group of my buddies and I recently came to the conclusion that NBA 2K12’s online services are disappointing, to say the least.  We were just about to consider going back to NBA 2K11 so that we could enjoy the online modes 2K12 lacks, but lo and behold!……the 2K11 servers are being shut down!  Let’s all thank 2K Sports for what is essentially a “bait-and-switch” into buying this year’s disappointing game.   

  • jk31

    yeah, now i got to buy a ps3 or xbo360 to play online? 2k sucks….we dont get a patch on pc, that fixes the online association. our whole 2k online league community is f***ed up, because we’re not able to play online!