Fight Night Champion Arrives on PSN; New Pricing Model Offers Modes Separately

Posted November 8th, 2011 at 3:30 pm

In an interesting development that suggests EA Sports may experiment with a similar pricing model in the future, Fight Night Champion is available now as a download on PSN – but with the added option of certain portions of the game being made available for purchase individually. Over on the Xbox 360 currently only the full game can be bought ($30 on both consoles). 

The M-rated ‘Champion’ story mode can be had for just $4.99. Many found the mode to be quite enjoyable despite being short – and beyond that FNC wasn’t all that compelling. That makes for a great option to consider with the ability to play through the story but not have to pay full price for the entire game and modes that may not ultimately be desired.

The new pricing scheme is being advertised as an opportunity to “customize your experience”. ‘Fight Now’ for $5, ‘Legacy’ (career mode) for $10, and ‘Online Play’ for $10 are coming options available for purchase on their own but as of yet only the ‘Champion’ mode and full game download are up.

I wouldn’t anticipate this to be a strategy for new releases but it makes a lot of sense months down the line in enticing those who passed on purchasing the full product or others who may be apt to make an impulse buy. FNC is over eight months old and at $30 isn’t going to demand a lot of attention. However by making portions of the game available for a fraction of the price it becomes much more appealing – and for the company the hope would then be that consumers who enjoy one mode may go on to purchase others or the complete package.

  • NameWithheld

    Champion mode is worth $5. 

  • Weareallfools

    So the game is $30.00 then the modes are seperate for additional $$.. Humm isn’t that just like when they release a game for $65.00 then give the people DLC for extra $$$.. LMAO they must really think we are fools

    • Nah, the FULL game where you get EVERYTHING in the game is $30 bucks…

    • Vancc2

      No. You can just buy Champion mode for $5. The full game where you get every mode is $30.

  • zzzeric

    bring too xbox. I would love to buy just the online play.

  • Samm

    love this idea. id buy games like this just the modes i wanted. id buy 2k12 legends mode and forget the rest which is worthless

  • Anonymous

    Give me prison mode and I’d be in for sure.

  • Coolcam28

    cool..the only reason i wanted the game is 5 bucks

  • E99

    I hope they do this for Xbox 360. I played FN3 for a couple years but mainly head-to-head. Playing UFC now  but not much interested in career modes there either. I would plop down $5 in a heartbeat for ‘Play Now” mode. Smart for EA to do this on old titles. Fighting games are fun vs. the computer but head-to-head they are timeless classics.

  • Skihawks

    When I first read this I was thinking, “Here we go.”. However, I think it makes sense. I dont play much online so to get the game modes I would play for $15 is a steal.

  • Weareallfools

    Hey Pasta,

    Do you know if the Locked characters will be unlocked along with all the DLC characters?

  • Tical2399

    This is cool they should so this with Madden and NCAA. I’d love to get the game with only Franchise and regual head to head and have the online and road to glory modes cut out.

  • Korhilkk

    I can’t find this game on psn and i’m getting pissed. Has it been removed or something?