NBA 2K12 First Round Rookie Ratings

Posted December 20th, 2011 at 11:30 am

All the first round rookies have been added to NBA 2K12 through the series of roster updates over the last week with the exception of Bismack Biyombo who just signed with the Bobcats yesterday so he should be in the next one. Jonas Valanciunas, Donatas Motiejunas, and Nikola Mirotic are expected to remain overseas and if so would not be a part of 2K12.

The biggest winners in having rookies added are obviously the teams that will have multiple contributors (Cavs, Jazz, Bobcats) but there are also some that have particularly high value. Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs is a good example of that. Drafted 15th he emerges with the 3rd highest rookie rating and slots in as the 25th rated small forward in 2K12. Nolan Smith with the Blazers and the Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried are also standouts from the back half of the round.

Continue on for a look at the full first round of rookies, their overall ratings, and ranking relative to position in NBA 2K12 and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

  • Mason Drews

    Nolan Smith is a 71 at SG but should be listed as a PG where he’s rated a 67. I just want them to add Chris Johnson to Portland already my gosh.


    Kanter at 63? That’s rough

    • ThatGuy

      He did miss an entire year of basketball.

      • Phil Shannon

        he still improved and practiced.

        • matt.berhman

          Lol and JaJuan Johnson is NOT better. Not now, not ever.

          • Phil Shannon

            at least the potentials show the difference If you go into association you can see that the good players have high potential

      • Dinhhuy98

        well kyrie irving misss almost entire year too and his rating is 76

  • hugh

    marshon brooks rookie of the year

  • Ovargas0607

    Shumpert at 69! Knicks are looking really good in 2K12. Waiting to buy the game along with a ps3 for christmas looking forward to using the knicks and they’re greatly improved defense ūüôā

    • Dan

      Since when are the Knicks improved at defense? They’re still going to be in the bottom 5 this year.

      • James

        I doubt that… just look what Tyson Chandler did for the Mavs, their defense was suspect until he came along. And he’s going to do the same thing for the Knicks, and with the addition of Shumpert we finally have a defensive presence on the court (not a dominate one but at least it’s there lol).

    • Marksullivan

      boo knicks are wack

  • Dan

    Can someone tell me why mediocre players like Reggie Jackson, Jimmy Butler, JaJuan Johnson, Jordan Hamilton, Marshon Brooks, and Nolan Smith are rated higher than Marcus Morris…….

  • Kemba Walker is a 76? Must have a UCONN alumni doing the ratings.

    • DMeehan34

      Ya because an undersized player who did everything for his team last year and led them to the national championship doesn’t deserve to be rated that high? And he scored 18 against a good hawks team

      • “Undersized” and “low shooting percentages” don’t translate well to the NBA. Look at his shooting stats in the Final 4. He doesn’t deserve to be a 76 overall.¬†Also, Mario Chalmers should have been rated a 76 after the 2008 title game if that’s how they rate players.

        • Cole Deshler

          Being a big 12 fan… there’s NO WAY you can compare Kemba and Chalmers. ¬†Two different types of players… and Kemba is more of a pure scorer

  • Jones25braves

    Derrick Williams is a 70? When he was considered by many as the best player in the draft? Smh

  • Captain

    What about Ricky Rubio? He is considered a rookie since this will be his first time in the NBA. His rating is? 

    • Phil Shannon

      he is a 67

  • hmmmmmm…..

    Do they have real faces for all the rookies?

    • matt.berhman

      Not sure, but Kanter looks great.

  • Devion_hinton

    What about Ricky RUUUBIIOOOOO?

  • All you guys complaining about the ratings for these guys, remember there is ‘potential’ rating that isn’t revealed in this article. ¬†Derrick Williams is only a 70 but his potential is through the roof. ¬†Some of these guys with high ratings but were drafted lower have limited potential and some of the guys who have lower ratings but were drafted high have a high potential rating. ¬†I think they did a pretty goods job with these ratings.

  • Quese

    Overall doesn’t mean much there’s guys with good offense and low defense and it makes there overall worse than a guy who is ok at everything.

  • NoFro904

    Crazy how Kemba is Rated that much higher than Brandon Knight

  • Basketballfan

    Kanter is a joke, Johnson will be the better player. 

  • Dymez

    Well, I can tell 2K hasn’t been watching the scrimmages or the pre-season games thus far because some of these ratings are just ridiculous compared to what these players are doing on the court.¬† Jimmer Ferdette has been blazing hot.¬† Iman Shumpert has been very impressive.¬† Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving (who I think will be a bust btw) and Kemba Walker have been horrendous.

    Also, they should have added in Ricky Rubio in some manner, he is still a rookie.¬† He’s also been a good floor general, too.¬† Although I wish he would look for his shot a little more.

    • Wazuptonight

       Kemba Horrendous only play one pre-season game and drop 18 points you act like you seen him played several pre-season games averaging 5 points lol stop watching ESPN and actually watch the game and Jimmmer three point rating is already at 85 thats great for a rookie so you can score pretty good with him on this game so cool out

      • Dymez

        Pay attention to the words…”2K hasn’t been watching scrimmages or pre-season”¬† Those words means I’ve watched him (Kemba) multiple times and the kid’s been bad.¬† ESPN actually talks the kid up because like yourself, all they see is “he scored 18 points.”¬† There’s only 2 pre-season games this year.¬† ESPN doesn’t cover scrimmage games and half-ass covers pre-season games.¬† The kid’s been horrendous because he shot 30% from the field and in the scrimmages, he’s been worse.¬† As far as Jimmer goes, his court savvy is off the charts.¬† This kid knows all his spots and has great shot selection.¬† Maybe you should stop watching ESPN and actually watch the games yourself.

    • cbi

      Kyrie hasn’t been horrendous.¬†¬† Not at all, actually.¬† He’s been okay at worst.¬† Above average at best.

      • Dymez

        He, like Kemba, has shot 30% from the field thus far.¬† He plays point guard and he only has a TOTAL of 6 assist in his 2 games with 5 turnovers to go with it.¬† He’s a donut from the 3pt line going 0/7. ¬† He scored 21 points in his last game but went 4/14 and you think that’s okay to above average???¬† Well…¬† there’s nothing else I can say.

  • Ellisj505

    I want the second round picks where are they? will they be added before the season starts?

  • Deshawnwilliams1991

    what about the  the players in the second round?

  • Deshawnwilliams1991

     I thought Marcus Morris would be better

  • cbi

    What you guys have to realize is that overall in this game doesn’t matter.¬† Sure, Jimmer’s only 63 overall but he’s gonna be crazy easy to use/hard to stop because of his shooting.¬† Meanwhile Burks is a 70 but it’s not like he’s anything more than a 7th/8th man in the game at this point because of his poor shooting.¬†
    What you really gotta look at is the shooting, defense, and athletic focused stats to decide if 2k is being “fair” or not.¬† They messed up on Derrick Williams because his vert. and dunking are lower than they should be, not because his overall is just 70.

  • John_arvieo5

    how to download here??

  • Spanky

    Spank Me!

  • Bigtdogg220

    certainly some strange ratings. It’s tough for them having to rate the players without seeing them play at all in the NBA, but come on why is Nolan Smith higher than nearly every other first round picks. I also don’t see how Reggie Jackson got a higher rating than Eric Maynor.

    • Bhicks42

      Kemba Walker- Right handed Jameer Nelson

  • Mason

    Derrick williams is better than Irving.

  • Dinnhhuy98

    why is jimmer at 63

  • Guest

    Jimmy Butler plays better than a lot of those ahead of him, but his minutes are extremely limited because the Bulls are so deep.

  • Chris Tsakonas

    how do you get the rookies on the wii

  • King Jawad

    this shit is retarded i wanted of the rating (shot inside , 3pnt ,etc.)

    besides brandon knight is at least a 74