EA Sports Yet To Follow Through With Roster Updates for NBA Jam

Posted December 28th, 2011 at 2:30 pm

EA Sports made the addition of roster updates for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition a big selling-point considering the original reboot from the company the year prior was not supported post-release. They used the disappointment and frustration with that title to market OFE with everything from roster updates to “Team Fire” and “Tag Mode” touted as hype-worthy additions given the disappointment over their omission from the original. 

The season has been underway for a few days now and no roster update for On Fire Edition has been provided. The top players for each team aren’t changing due to signings right now, and the trade market has settled down, so one should certainly already be out. Marketing mentions of roster updates in particular can be found in the original announcement blog and trailer but it has become notable the lack of reference to updates ever since.

Inquiries directed to EA regarding roster updates for OFE have gone unanswered – typically an indication that a response would not be a positive one. It definitely is not a good sign that the company is avoiding the topic for this game as well as the upcoming NFL Blitz – though to be fair the promise of roster updates for Blitz has never been made. That should only be taken into consideration when evaluating whether or not to purchase Blitz. Regardless the actions taken with Jam will reflect on Blitz considering the timing and perceived lack of dedication.

In the case of OFE an advertised feature has not materialized and EA needs to be held accountable for that until they follow through on it. If they dont eventually – and really it should be soon – then consumers who bought it will have a right to demand some form of compensation and certainly the company will take another a hit to credibility in the process.

When I went to the extent of warning about what message buying OFE would send that was with the assumption that EA would follow through on their advertised features. Should they fail to provide at least one roster update it might be smart to avoid any second-tier titles from the company until they prove over time that they will actually deliver on their respective promises.

  • Kjosby79

    That’s EA for ya! I wish people would just stop buying their product. I have not bought Madden in 4 years. As bad as I want to play a football game I cannot give in to EA’s lazy approach

    • Anonymous

      They make too many games I enjoy (especially when you get out of the Sports realm and look at things like Battlefield, Mass Effect and especially the Burnout series) for me to ever stop buying their products.

      • but battlefield and burnout blows, i can see you makin a case for mass effect though

        • Anonymous

          I completely disagree. The Battlefield games are fantastic and the Burnout franchise is far and away my favourite series of games ever. I put over 700 hours into Burnout 3 alone playing that one multiplayer on Xbox Live (plus over 100 hours each into the two iterations since, and NFS:HP which might as well have been Burnout 6).

          • Toad

            EA doesn’t make any of those games you stated. Bioware, DICE, Criterion.

          • Anonymous

            Bioware, DICE and Criterion are all studios that are owned by EA.

  • Anonymous

    As someone who isn’t really a basketball fan and wouldn’t really notice if they did put out a roster update outside of being made to download it, this doesn’t really bother me on a personal level (for the record, I did purchase OFE) but it will definitely be shitty if they don’t follow through on a promised feature.

    As for Blitz, I’m betting that the reason they’re not advertising roster updates as a feature is because they’re releasing it at the end of the season and don’t want to be expected to still be supporting it with updates when the 2012 season starts.

    • They did however release several roster updates for Madden NFL Arcade (which released in late November 2009). I believe the final one even updated it for the next season! Still the main problem with Blitz is that the rosters are a month or two outdated  as they stand right now. Even just one to pull it back in line with the events of the season would be worthwhile.

      • Anonymous

        Even late November 2009 there is still some time left in the season. When Blitz releases, there will hardly be any time left before the playoffs, if any (I really don’t follow football all that much so I don’t know exactly when the regular season ends… Heck, if the UFC didn’t always do an event on Super Bowl weekend, I wouldn’t know when that was either).

        I’m not in any way saying that they shouldn’t do roster updates. Especially considering how a lot of people feel about this new Blitz (if your poll from a couple of days ago is any indication, they need all the help they can get), even just a couple of updates through the end of the current season would be a great idea for EA (doubly so considering how out of date you say the rosters are) but considering when it is releasing, I can also understand why EA may not feel it is as important.

        • That’s why I’m not berating EA for not providing a roster update for Blitz (if they choose not to do so) because they haven’t ever stated there would be any. Would it be smart to have them? I think so. But as long as people go in not *expecting* one then its their choice and they’ll live with the benefits/consequences. 

  • Mike

    Wasted 60$ on this game because i thought it would let me relive my childhood, what trash this is…

    • Mssmcdillon

      Strange–how many copies did you buy? My copy was $15.

      Why don’t you guys wait until the NBA season is more than 3 days old before you start complaining? Arcade games like The Bigs and Madden Arcade typically receive roster updates a few months into the season. Relax and revisit this topic in late January.

      • It’s because they won’t address it at all. If the plan is to release one in a few weeks, they could tell me that, or post it to their Twitter or Facebook, or any number of options.

        Instead they are ignoring the topic. Which either means they are failing in regard to PR or they are trying to sweep the topic under the rug and hope people forget. 

        • Mssmcdillon

          Ever think they’re not ignoring you? You do know these guys work right? Plus it’s the holidays. Their world does not revolve around getting you answers. I’m sure there are about a million other more important issues for the Jam team to address right now. I just don’t get this entitlement mentality of “how dare EA not address this issue” when the season is 3 days old.

          Sorry it’s not a popular answer but cut these guys some slack–give them a month or two.I’m sure they’ll address both this and Blitz in due time.

          • Anonymous

            EA really need to learn from 2K in this respect. Before you jump on me for 2K FanBoy-ism, hear me out; this isn’t 2K vs. EA here. I’m just saying, it’s about 2 weeks since the Chris Paul trade which is about as big a transaction as they can get. Especially now it allows a CP3-Blake Griffin combination, and EA have failed to make any announcement or update the rosters, that’s not good enough when you promise roster updates in the first place. 

          • They haven’t discussed roster update for MONTHS man. Its not like I sent emails out yesterday and didn’t get a response. They’ve ignored inquiries from myself, other press, and consumers for weeks now. It’s their job to communicate.

          • Yeaaa

  • Pvott

    lol nice picture sums up the situation well

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  • sheredia

    way to bring this up, pasta….no one can accuse you of being an EA fanboy now. it’s only fair they follow through on this or at least address the issue. maybe they are including some rookies, which is the reason for the delay. let’s hope……

  • There sleezy with some of there stuff. They adverstised roster updates during the lock out. I bet they hoped for the lock out to continue so they wouldn’t have to actually any updates. After promised “roster updates” I expect an update before I even purshase the game. Especially when it’s not full teams you have to change up.

    I would still be playing NBA Street if it had an updated roster.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I still play a bit of NBA Street Homecourt on a rainy Sunday..

  • Oaf Hamper

    They seemed to add several teams to unlock over the last two months. It
    might be time release though like Tekken was back in the arcades. The
    teams are one of turkerys, one of Santa and his Elves, and another I
    can’t remember.

  • MoneyMayweather

    bait and switch.

  • Keith.

    The real story here should be about how EA has devoted the absolute minimum resources to improving in a meaningful way their football games for the last 7 years, since signing the exclusives, all the while bilking their loyal fans with crap like MUT, NFL Arcade, Season Ticket (which promised exclusive dlc and never delivered) and now Blitz. Too bad there’s not a gaming journalist who will write it. IGN, pasta, kotaku, etc are all on EA’s take.

    • Ghost of John Madden

      Pasta loves EA

      (except for all those anti-EA articles he writes)

  • Debenz

    Why Billups doing the stanky leg?

  • Anonymous

    The irony, of course, is that you had that scathing article about how
    this new “NBA Jam” will suck and nobody should buy it because their
    previous product was shoddy (prior to the game’s release).

    I mean you said you weren’t going to buy it, why are you worried about roster updates?

    even without getting on your case, wasn’t it accepted that the updates
    for NBA games were tied up in the lockout nonsense. Like they couldn’t
    make a move until the NBA and the player’s association were on good
    terms. I know it’s EA, but at least give the benefit of a doubt. But
    that doesn’t get you page views.

    • Because what I do is represent everyone and give them a voice, and hold companies accountable for their actions. Not just when it affects me personally!

      • Anonymous

        I understand that, but it doesn’t make sense in the case of “NBA Jam” that you get so vindictive. That article you wrote earlier about the “On Fire Edition” and how no one should buy it because the first one was bad didn’t make sense. We shouldn’t buy what turned out to be a solid game because the other one sucked? If that were true, we shouldn’t buy alot of games.

        Should EA be more open with what’s going on with roster updates? Yes. But you’re jumping down their throats less than a week into the season. I’d say if we don’t hear anything within the month, then we start worrying.

  • I refused to buy this thanks to the lack of support for the first NBA Jam they shipped. Glad I stuck to my guns.

  • Lswillaz1

    The game is super nice!!!!Although I quit playing when the rosters took a nap!!!! Good Job EA thats why  2k rules!!!!!!!!!!!