Complete Online Game of NFL Blitz

Posted January 4th, 2012 at 4:15 pm

During the process of putting together impressions for the just released NFL Blitz (expect them late this week) there will be some gameplay videos going up of the various modes. The first is an online game between with the Seahawks @ Packers split into halves. Continue on to check out the vids and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

  • woster

    that int to fumble to recovery td was pretty crazy

  • why is the commentary in this better than madden…? ea and their priorities smh

  • Abc123

    If you go into this game with reasonable expectations, its pretty fun. I like my options for 15$, my friends and i are enjoying it!!

    • Jarod

      That’s the same way I’ve looked at the game and have enjoyed it so far.

  • Mason Drews

    This IS Madden Arcade evidenced by the unstoppable QB scramble of Rodgers. . . 

  • Jarod

    I think online mode is really fun, so far I’ve tried out Play Now, Gauntlet, and Blitz Battles. My favorite so far is Blitz Battles.

  • No more Madden

    People are probably afraid to buy this game because…haven’t you heard? Allegedly, Xbox Live accounts are being hacked when people play EA Sports games.

    Are you gonna try and act like you didn’t know this Pasta? Its been
    going on for far too long now without even the slightest peep from you,
    EA’s top salesman of the year.

    This should be your front page news. Nobody cares about this stupid Blitz game, no matter how much you continue to try and promote it. These gameplay videos definitely aren’t helping it. Looks like it would be fun for all of about 2 mins. Not even worth $15.

    • Anonymous


      LOL, I thought you were for the people Pasta….they have you hiding this type of stuff “You are not at liberty to discuss…”

      • Multiple articles on the subject, and having it in the “biggest stories of 2011” article, isn’t enough?

        • Anonymous

          yeah looks like some b.s.. The dudes that were hacking just happened to like FIFA.  Some dude hacked my bank account last year and bought a 2 year subscription to WOW. I got it cleared up, but at least the dude didn’t go ape shit with my money.

    • That’s definitely not the story. People aren’t getting “hacked” and its got nothing to do with EA Sports games. I’ve written multiple stories on the topic though and had it in my biggest stories of 2011 article so maybe pay attention to the site???

  • kc

    my N64 blitz game had better graphics than this piece of crap. I also saw a play called “da bomb” …really?

    • Abc123

      those are old plays. classics.

    • Da Bomb is in the original NFL Blitz from ’97, so yeah….Da Bomb.

      • do they have the classic “get shredded”  play where tony hawk jumps out of the stands and intercepts a pass

    • Coolcam28

      Uhm, no, the graphics are not worse than n64, even if they were, it wouldn’t matter. And “Da bomb” is from the original Blitz game. Quit trollin’

  • kc

    WTF! no defense would allow you to throw the ball 3 times in one play! ahahha

  • Blackpapi

    I’m going to step in and defend this game. All the talk of roster updates and Vick yhrowing right handed, defense letting you throw over and over. This is not a simulation it’s an over the top arcade take on NFL football. If you buy or not I could care less. I have this and jam:ofe and I enjoy both and have no complaints about either. Compared to their arcade counter parts they are leaps and bounds better. People need to stop complaining and accept these games for what they are….just plain fun! How many sports games can you say that about nowadays?

  • Twanman

    Game is fun…especially team online!  Unlike Madden 12, you can play a couple online games and not lose your entire day. 

  • Jwiggin1

    this may be small, but i dont like that there is no music in the background. Kind of makes it feel a little stale in comparison with the 64 version of blitz.

    • There is music in-game, it’s just turned down real quiet by default. 

      You can go into the options and increase the music volume if you want.

  • jackmeoff

    The sad thing is the gameplay looks better than Madden 12’s. Still EA is a piece of shit.

  • Bb

    Looks just like Madden, same physics and everything…

    • Very different from Madden.

      This plays just like the old Blitz games in the arcade and on the N64/Playstation/Dreamcast.